She Wolf

Boanka thoght that she was normal because in her family only the men can shape shift into the power of the wolf. One night she goes into the forest and meets a strange boy. Before she can leave the boy steels her first kiss and from that moment they fell deeply in love.
Only now as she finds out many family secrets does the meaning of love really show it's self to her


10. Finding


                                                               2 and half years later...


i opend my eyes to the summer sun filtering through the thicket of trees above. The warmth danced across my face with the cool breeze and pace filled me with happiness. I slowly sat up and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. Wolf opened his big brown eyes and yawned loudly then got up off the floor and streched his back and sat back down to wait for me. Wolf is the thin male wolf that I met on my first night. I just named him wolf, it seemed to fit. I sat up and stretched my arms, then got up off the floor and packed the animal pelts into my bag. I hid it under a bush to keep it safe. Many times I had, had my bag raided by raccoons are squirrels there's not much you can do about it. 

"Come on let's see what our snares have got" I said and started walking off to surch for them. Me and Wolf have become very close hunting partners. I would chase them out of there hiding places and Wolf  would be waiting for them, this way we both go more food and I always mad sure he had half of everything we got. We came across the first snear and hit the jack pot. There was a bit fat rabbit and for the secon one a larg squirrel. I held them both up by the hind legs in front of Wolf. " witch one do you won't, the rabbit are the squirrel" he licked his lips and steared intently at the rabbit. I sighed and tutted in disappointment "dam you I wanted the rabbit" I say and start walking back to the little came we made for the night. I put the rabbit and squirrel on the floor and turned to make a fire. In ten minuets I had a roaring one and then I prepared my squirrel. I don't know why but skinning an animal always gave me the shivers, just the though of havering the skin ripped of you body I just could not do it, but I was fine gutting an animal so I quickly skinned and gutted the squirrel then chopped off its head and tail and gave them to Wolf along with the entrails. I made a little make shift spit roast and leafed the squirrel to cook. Wolf sat and looked at his rabbit longingly and I rolled my eyes at him

"Pathetic animal" I muttered and tossed the rabbit at him. He reared up on his hind legs to catchit then started wolfing it down. When my squirrel was done a ate half of it with some walnuts i found on a near but walnut tree and stamped out the fire. Wolf had eaten the the hole rabbit bones and all, he'll be coughing up the fur in a few hours time. I put the rest of the squirrel in my back pack and put it on. Then we head for the stream where I fill my water bottle and Wolf could take a long dink. When he's done we star to walk along the stream down to the lake and on the way I see the little trails that small animals make to get to the water. I knew if we followed them we would come a cross a rabbit borrow or something for Wolf to eat.

When we got to the lake it was so pretty with the sun dancing on the water and the trees swaying in the breeze. Wolf set off running full pelt to the water ,he was more af a dog than wolf but he can turn when he has to. One time I the winter last year food was hard and we spent the hole day hunting and only got a small squirrel. When we got back to the camp there's was a female Montana lion look around for food. As soon as she saw use and tuned on the attack, Wolf flipped to the genial dog to a protective wolf. The lion was no going to risk fighting both of use and backed down. When I see Wolf like this splashing and snapping at the fish in the water. My mind turned to when I was with...with him. I spent two years looking for him but now I have just given up. i still miss him so much, i long to be in his arms there not a day that goes buy when i don't wish i could just feel his arms around me, his lips on mine, the warm touch of his skin. I can't go back home so I'm just living my life out hear and it's nice enough the winters are a bit harsh but I can cope. Just then Wolf comes proudly trotting up ti me with a fish flapping about in his jaws. He dropped it by my feet and looked up at me for praise. I up gave it to him willingly. 

"You good boy, I say we cook that right up" I say in a cooing voice and giving him a scratch behind the ear "right I'm going for a swim" I strip down to my vest and under sorts and walk up to the waters edge. Slowly I walked in, the water getting deeper and deeper and dived under the  water. The world under water is so peacefully. Every thing is clearer, I can see the fish swimming around my body. Pike, trout and now that it's summer the salmon are spawning but that Does mean more grizzly bears. I have bean lucky enough not to have an encounter with one andhopefully I never will. I swam up to surfaced for air and pushed back the hair that covered my face. I spotted Wolf paddling towards me 

"Haha hey Wolfy" I called and he swam up to me and licked my face "you soppy dog" I said and started swimming back to sore. I dried my self off with one of the blankets i got from home and laid it on the floor. Wolf came padding out the water and shook him self off. I was just happy to be out of the splash zone. then he came and sat next to me on the blanket. Something was wrong i tried to relax but I felt very on edge. I sat up and looked around. This was wired. I got up and walked over to the edge of the forest then I started walking along the perimeter being draged by a force that I had no control over. Then I spotted someone walking out of the woods, too the water. It was a man. He looked out at the lake the tuned his head slightly to me. My legs lost the strength and fell on my knees. It was Jaygo. He had changed so much, he'd grown so much. He must be about six foot five or something, He's grown muscle of his arms and but they where not overly big.  I forced my legs get back up and only then did I see how much I was shaking, my hart pounded in my chest as if it was trying to escape from my rib cage. It hurt. I  had not felt like this in two and a half years it  was such a welcoming feeling even if it was pain full. I moved closer to him.

"Jaygo" I whispered but he did not hear me he just looked out at the water then the took off his surt and trough it do the floor. I cold have melted at that point. He started walking to the water and waded in to wast hight witch was a lot deeper than me. Then he sated swimming, cutting through the water perfectly. I ran to the the spot where he dropped is shirt, picked it up and pressed it to my nose. it even smelt like him 

"Bo?" My head snapped up to find Jaygo still in the water looking at me with a mixture of shock and joy. 

"Jaygo" I squeak. I smile crosses his face and he started running through the water to me. With out thinking in running to him too, through the water as fast as I could in until his arms where around me. His warmth envelopes instantly "I knew, I new you weren't dead"   


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