She Wolf

Boanka thoght that she was normal because in her family only the men can shape shift into the power of the wolf. One night she goes into the forest and meets a strange boy. Before she can leave the boy steels her first kiss and from that moment they fell deeply in love.
Only now as she finds out many family secrets does the meaning of love really show it's self to her


4. Dirt

Death. Dead. Dying. I am one of those thing but i'm not sure witch one. It's nice, peacfull, tranquill like being under water but there's somthing missing my heart feels empty. Jaygo. I let his name run around in my head. What is it about him, I would die to be with him. I have died to be with but I'm not with him I'm dead. I'll just stay in he forest and become the forest. I like that idea, being the forest. Its my real home and jaygos too. I wish he could be hear with me but I will just have to wait for him, if that is how it works, I hope it is. Hang on if I'm dead then should I be feeling these things. should I be thinking. Maybe I'm not dead. I try to open my eye witch takes more fors than needed but they Do. I'm still in the forest I can smell the pine trees but I can't see the sky just a woven roof of twigs and ferns. I am vaguely aware of a body lying next to me, holding me. I look up to fine Jaygo sleeping head just above mine and from the look of his face he had bean crying. Only then did I see the scar that just mist his eye. the cut would have needed stichew but they where not stiched. I traced my finger over it and was surprised at how hot it was he must have a feever. I trace my fringer lightly down his face to his lips, the lips that stole my first kiss. I smile at the memery thinking how much i love this boy and I hardly know him. I shuffel my self so I'm only back but the movment wakes Jaygo. He moans slightly the slowly he opens his eyes, he looks at me and his eyes widen so quickly I think they are about to pop out of his eyes, then he throes him self at me in to one of his spine crushing bear hugs then he pulls awayand kisses me with so much force it almost knocks me out

"I thought you where dead" he says when he finaly pulled away " you heart stop beating you where dead"

"I know" I whisper "I thought I was dead too, I thought I wouls never see you again" I felt a tear role down m cheek and I wiped it away quickly only to let it be replace by even more

"count your lucky stars my love" he said pulling me closer to him "you have many of them"

There was along paws and then he whispered in my ear "don't you ever scare me like that again"

"I'll try" mumbled in to his chest rumble as he giggled 

" I'm not kidding' I love you too much to let you go" his words made my heart flutter in my rib cage. Suddenly I jolt up 

"Hang on what time is it" 

"It's about ten at night" he says propping himself on his shoulders 

"oh crap!"


"My brothers and mother will be wondering where I am" I say putting on my boots as quickly as

possible "I'm sorry I have to go" he gets up and walks over to me 

"will you come back tomorrow" 

"Of course I will" 

"good I'll be waiting for you" he said a d then kissed my cheek. I blushed, turned and walked away

As I walked what happened hit me like a slap in the face. I died today, my heart stopped but the thing is is that I can't get out of my head that it was because of Jaygo that I still live but that's just silly. I think.  As I walked through the forest I felt the sense of being watched and it got stronger and stronger. I here'd a twig snapping and heavy breathing, it gets louder and louder. I spin franticly trying to see through the darkness. A hand clamped down on my shoulder. I span around surpassing a scream 

"Boanka where have you bean" cames Wills voice

"gods above Will you scared me" 

"sorry but-" he stopped and caught a whiff in the air and frowned 

"What's wrong" he leaned in and smelt my hair

"dirt" he spat quietly 


"you. You smell of dirt" 

"I have bean in the woods all day"

"no I mean you smell like a dirt" 

"What do you mean I 'smell like a dirt'" he grabbed my arm 

"Why do smell like a dirt" he demanded. I tried to pull myself free

"I don't know what your talking about" 

"DON'T LIE TO ME" he shouted 

"Will please let me go, I don't know what your talking about 


"let her go" came a calm but ferm voice. We both looked in the direction of the voice. We also both new that the owner was John "Will, what are you doing" 

"she smells of a dirt" Will spat. John frowned 

"let me talk to her" he said just as calmly, Will let's go of my hand and walked off and as he past John he muttered

"I'm not having my only sister become one of them" 

"you know I would not let that happen with out a fight" John says back. They say nothing more

and Will walks back to the house.

"what was all that about" I say rubbing my arm 

"He's just sensitive

"about what"


"but what did he mean by dirt" 

"it's..." He stops and thinks about it "its a name we have for a family we have. There not very nice people and Will thinks you have bean hanging around with a dir- with one of those people but I know you, and you would not do a thing like that if you find anyone in the forest that live there stay away from them don't talk to them just come home and tell me. Okay" 

"Okay" I squeak. Should i tell him. That I have bean seeing a boy that lives in the woods and may well be a dirt as he says but that can't be right Jaygo had no family he lived on his own 

"it's okay I know you would tell me if anything was going on" he put his hand round my shoulder and we walked in to the house. When I came in every thing was normal apart from Will 

"I'm gonna go straight to bed" I said to John 

" are you sure, you don't want dinner?" 

"No I'm okay I feel a bit sick" I leave before he can say anything more. Running up stairs

 in to my room  and slamming the door behind me I sit on my bed out of breath and in pain.My heart was already longing for Jaygo and I new that I was in for another rest less night, I just had to lie in my bed with the promises of seeing him in the morning

T g

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