She Wolf

Boanka thoght that she was normal because in her family only the men can shape shift into the power of the wolf. One night she goes into the forest and meets a strange boy. Before she can leave the boy steels her first kiss and from that moment they fell deeply in love.
Only now as she finds out many family secrets does the meaning of love really show it's self to her


14. Closer



"Bo stop!" Jaygo though but was too late I had already leaped in to the clearing and was running after my brothers. I pushed my legs to a sprint and my paws pounded the earth beneath me. Maybe if I could catch them up I would be able to talk to them through their minds but they were running so fast. I pushed myself to run fast and faster, I could see them. If I could only get close enough for them to hear my thoughts. Suddenly something swiped at my back legs making tumble hard on the floor. I lifted my head to see my brothers fading in to the trees

"Jaygo! Why did you do that?"

"Lord, your fast Bo" he stopped to catch his breath "what do you think they will think when they see use together. One they think I'm dead and two if they see you as a wolf they won’t be happy" though Jaygo

"But I haven't seen them in years"

"I know... You can see them tomorrow I’ll take you back to the house but I can't be seen and you can't be a wolf"


"You have my word"


"Look maybe we should skip the hunt. It's goanna take at least an hour to track the deer again and we run the risk of meeting your brothers"

"okay" we started walking back to through the trees to the lake where Wolf was sitting looking over the lake. is ears pricked when we came to shore and he looked over to use.

"Anything good" Wolf thought

"Nothing much" i thought back and walked past him. i didn’t want to talk to anyone at the moment i wanted to be alone so i went to take a walk round the lake but before i leafed came Jaygo’s voice

"You will turn back to a human by sun rise" i thought nothing back just keped walking.

How would my brothers reacted when they see me. Will they be happy or shocked or angry? i didn’t know and in some ways i don’t want to know but i have to see them they need to know I’m okay and I’m safe. i just don’t know how to.


I woke the next morning to something wet and soft touching my face. my eyes opened a little and bright sun light hit them harshly.

"Wolf!" came Jaygo’s voice he sounded really angry with something. i lifted my head and open my eyes properly. it was oddly cold too cold. Like i had nothing...on. Oh my god. i quickly tried to cover myself with my arms

"Wolf Piss off" i yield i just sat looking longingly at me. just then Jaygo appeared

"You little shit" he spat. Wolf ran off with jaygo close behind. i smiled and rummaged through my bag for my clothes quickly putting them on in time for jaygo to come and hug me from behind "i hate that dog" he mumbles into my neck

"I know but he’s a kid" i said trying to not take sides

"i don’t care only i should see you like that" i frowned and turned to him

" but you haven’t seen my like that"

"Well there’s a first for everything" he said with a sly half smile. i smiled and leaned my head on his chest.

"I want to see them" i mumbled

" i did promise"

"so we can go"





"Bo i gave you my word"

"aren’t you worried about meeting the in-laws" only when i said it did i realize what i said

"In-laws?" my eyes widened and i turned away, before i could go he grabbed my arm "You said in-law’s"

"Yeah so"

"that’s implying that we are getting married"

"i never thought of it that way" i said with a shrug

"yes you did that was a proposal"

"accidental but i guess so" he pulled me in to one of his massive bear hugs and hid his head neck kissing it a few times. Then his voice came in my head

"when the time is right i promise i will." my heart gave i tight squeeze at his words.


There it was my old home it looked no different excepted my the last time i saw it, it was cover in a three foot blanket of snow. Jaygo was crouched beside me his eyes darting everywhere and wolf sat contently by my side slightly leaning on me.

"you ready" jaygo muttered to me. i nodded not saying anything. "good I'll stay right here with wolf but if anything happens I’m getting you out of there, Okay" i nodded again and rose from my crouch brushed the dirt off my knees and walked slowly in the the garden. the grass was lush and soft a few leaves scattered the floor and air was sweet the smell of the cherry blossom tree. no thong had changed . i stopped in the middle of the garden and surveyed the large house that was my home. i sighed and took another step, just then there was a hassle of footsteps and laughter as the front door swung open. Seth was at the front laughing at something Will had said with John, Vayna, Conner and Millow. Seth saw me first and stopped making all the boys behind him stumble over each other then they all looked at me. Jhon pushed his was forward to so he was standing right in front of me. they had all grown at these a foot each and they had all filled out a bit more all had a bit more muscle to them and they were all as silent as the dean tucked in their graves. they all just stared at me frozen and totally silent, so was i as a matter of fact. then as if nothing had happened as if i had never gone away, John bent down and gave me a massive hug. relief washed through me in great waves as i forced myself not to cry.

" where have you been" he mumbled. i didn’t reply scared i would say the wrong thing and make every one angry. i was too happy to do that so i staed silent sain nothing and focused on not crying. he pulled away with the biggest grin "really Boanka where have you been" i shrugged

"out and about "

"no shit Sherlock" said Seth from behind John

"Oh Seth i said and ran to him to hug him. my emotions where bouncing off the walls in my head was feeling every emotion under the sun but most i was scared. i was scared of what Will would do and then what Jaygo would do if Will did what i was thinking he might do. when i hugged Seth, Millow shouted group hug and the all came round me and Seth and hugged me. my smile broadened so much it hurt. when i was finished i turned to find Will glaring at me. he sniffed ones then started walking away in the direction i had just came from. then i realized the direction i came from where i leafed Jaygo and wolf




HAAAAYYYYY. im back and im sorry that i took so long i am try to eright but it take so long fo me at the moment hopefull i will gir the next chapter on soon love lots

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