She Wolf

Boanka thoght that she was normal because in her family only the men can shape shift into the power of the wolf. One night she goes into the forest and meets a strange boy. Before she can leave the boy steels her first kiss and from that moment they fell deeply in love.
Only now as she finds out many family secrets does the meaning of love really show it's self to her


3. By the Lake


I wanted to ignore my mother so i turned over and sighed. it felt like only a minuet when i turned back over but in fact it had bean i full two hours

"Oh crap" i mutter and got changed in to some new cloths. when i got down stairs, all five of my broths where sitting round the table

"Well look how got up" says John

"Finally!" says Seth over dramatically "I'm starving"

"so you couldn't make your own breakfast" i say putting my hands on my hips

"Well we could" says Will "but you make the best scrambled eggs" i roll my eyes and go to the pantry picking up a box of muffins. i throw one at John and he catches it with one hand then Will then Conner and set hand Millow and Vayna then i get a big box of eggs and a pan. the boys are trying to figure our what happened with Conner’s transformation last night, I why it did not work but i tune out when i see someone enter the woods. Jaygo. I feel instantly pulled in his direction. I takes me off guard making me lurch forward in to the in to the work tops winding me for a second

“are you okay” asks Seth. I turn and smile

“yeah im fine I just have to go somewhere you can make your own food” I say and run out the kitchen not waiting for a reapply. I skid to a stop then as quickly as possible put on my hunting boots and jacket and ran outside. It was cold. Too cold for the snow to melt but I still tried to run though the knee high white wall in front of me but I did not care I was so fixed on finding him I had to. The snow thinned out as I got nearer until it was just dotted about on the forest floor. I could still feel him pulling be. Leading me deeper in to the woods. I was not aware of the snow biting my  legs and cheeks I just had to get to him. I stopped when I found this little wooden hut made out of branches bent over to make a dome then topped with ferns for water proofing. Me and my broths did something similar but not as good as this it was faultless. In  side there where animal pelts and a little cercal of rocks where the remains of a fire where, still glowing a little. I bent down and ran my hand over the a soft bear pelt .

“fancy finding you hear, Bo” says a soft voice behind me. I jump out of my skin and tune to find Jaygo standing at the entrance to the hut with a pile of wood in his arms.

“I’m sorry” is the only thing I can think of saying . he smiles and walks over to the fire and puts the wood carefully on the floor

“I’ts okay. How did you find me?” he asks and then I have to think. What did make me feel the sudden ague to find him, now I think of it, running out the house with no explanation was I bit of an overreaction but even then I decide not to lie

“It was weird I could sort of feel you if that make sense” I stop because it make no sense what so ever but I see his face light up and he puns up to me and gives me a massive bear hug

“That’s amazing” he mumbles into my hair

“okay, okay Jaygo I can’t breathe let go” he lets go quickly

“sorry” he says and smiles 

“why are you so  happy that I could ‘feel you’” I ask

“err no reason” he says making me think he has something to hide

“Tell me” I say in my cutes voice I can manage

“tell you what there’s nothing to tell”  he says and turns to the fire and starts putting logs on it

“come on I know theirs something your hiding”

“there’s nothing” he say but he smiles so im not convinced

“Tell me” I say and lightly kick his boot with mine.

“Don’t” he says with a light smile, I go to kick him again but he grabs my ankle and yanks it making me fall on my bum.

“Ow! What was that for” I say but he just smiles at me. I get up off the floor a and he gets up with me

“What you goanna do about it” he asks, challenging me. A smile grows on my lips, quickly I grab his right arm and twist it around his back then push him up to a nearby tree outside the hut

“ha” I say in feeling a bit cocky but then Jaygo hooks one foot around my leg and then slimes his back against my chest taking me off balance landing on the floor again. I’m just about to get up when climbs over me and pins me to the floor and we both start giggeling

“get off me” I say through my laughter. He leans down and kisses my cheek and I get up off the floor and

“I want to show you a place” I say still giggeling a little

“where is it” he asks

“ down by the lake”

“Bo, I live in the wood I have seen the lake”

“no not the actual lake”

“then what”

“you’ll see”

okay fine lets go" he say and i roll my eyes . we walk thought the wood in quietly his hand keeps on brushing against mine but i just smile to myself we walk for what seams like minuets until i can feel the cold air from the lake we walk along the edge of the water. we walks up to my massive willow tree that was right by the water. i started to climb the ruff bark unstill i got to the best branch to sit on it dangled over the water that had frozen over. Jaygo smiled and then started un buttoning his shirt

"oh god Jaygo what are you doing" i say not abele to not look at him as he pulled off his shirt

"swimming" he says

"what! the water is iced over and even if you could swim the water is so cold it will kill you" he does not stop smiling when he says

"I'll take my chances" and with that he jumps from the branch and brakes through the ice in to the water. my heart rips and i have to follow him. shaking i take off my jumper and top and trousers then jump in after him.

The icy water enveloped me froze me to the spot. i could not move my libs they felt stiff and cold. when i finely came up for air the harsh wind gave me no warmth. i was good at swimming but when move it made hurt my stiff muscles. my teeth chattered as i scrabbles at the ice to try and get out but my hands slipped. i was just about to give up when i felt something burned around my waist. Whatever it was it got me out of then water and dragged me onto the hard dirt floor but it burned whatever it was it burned

"g-g-get o-off me" i try to say but my chattering teeth could not hold still but what ever was burning me stopped

"Bo what where you thinking" came Jaygos voice i tried to open my eyes to see him but they where fused shut

"J-J-Jaygo" i whimpered

"I'm hear" he whispered. his hand brushed my side and i jerked back it was Jaygo that has so hot. i lay there for what seems like hours trying to game some warmth from the icy wind. i don't know where jaygo went he could be right next to me and i wont notes. i started feeling drowsy and sleepy and that when i started panicking. I'm going in to hyperthermia. my hart tried to pump harder but my body was too week. so this is how i'm going to di, because i was stupid enough to jump in ice water. i could feel my eyes drooping and my hart slowing down until it all went black...

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