She Wolf

Boanka thoght that she was normal because in her family only the men can shape shift into the power of the wolf. One night she goes into the forest and meets a strange boy. Before she can leave the boy steels her first kiss and from that moment they fell deeply in love.
Only now as she finds out many family secrets does the meaning of love really show it's self to her


1. Bother Wolf


Mother!" My brother shouts down the hall

"AAAAAGGHH... Mother it's happening" he shouts again

"hang on sunshine I'll be there in a sec" she calls back. I burst in to his room with an icepack in one hand i press it to his forehead he was burning up so much it did not make a dent. I abandon the it and grab his face in my hands

"Conner...Conner look at me you can do th-" but before I can finish my sentence he pulls away from me and screams slamming his fists on the desk and braking it. my mother comes in flustered and out of breath.

"Get him outside" she says as calmly as possible. we both grab one arm and lead him outside. it's dark but the snow on the ground makes things seem light we cross the garden. the whole time he gives out yells and whimpers of pain. we head in to the wood where we find a   wide open space. this is where we take all the boys in our family when the have there first transformation because the first is almost always the worst, it always happens on their 16 birth day. We both retreat to the other end of the space. It's hard for me to be standing here unable to help my brother when he is in so much pain but it's not my first time. I have watched every one of my 6 brothers have go throw the same hardship because the woman in our family can't become a wolf so we have to show that we can be strong in other ways like hunting when the men can't or just having the heart of a lion. Me I am the beast at wrestling in our family. I can take on my 25 year old brother without a scratch and I'm only 15 so that how I gained respect from my brothers.

"He's started" says mother. I look back to my brother. He's on all fours and how’s in pain and breathing heavenly. hair starts growing from his back his nails turn in to long deadly claws his teeth grow to a sharp point. After 5 minutes of this he is transformed in to a perfect wolf only twice as big. he gives out a long high pitch howl that is picked up by my other brothers that are waiting for him in the woods for his first hunt. he pricks his ears and heads off in the direction of the others.

Me and my mother look at each other and sigh

"come on lets go home and I'll make use some hot milk" see says heading back to the house. I give her a nod and follow her back. When we get in mother puts a pan of warm milk on the stove and adds some honey to it

"well that’s all my boys grown up" she says with a sigh

"well not really they still depend on you there still all mummy boys" i say sitting on the chair in the corner of the room

"yeah well they have all got girlfriends and John is getting marred so they can all look after then self" she says string the milk John is the oldest of the brothers then it's Millow, then Sheth, then Will, then Vayna, and then Conner.

"Hardly" i mumble back

"Look Boanka i know that you want to be a wolf but we can't do anything about that" she says with a tone of anger in her voice. but i just look at the floor. She  sighed and puts the mug of hot milk in front of me I mumble mu thanks and take it up stairs my bed room is simple panted an off white but is covered with photos of me my broths human form and wolf from. There a pitcher of me about 4 years old on Johns back he is ten years older than me so he’s twenty five now and fitting married to a old friend of his called Reeba a girl that lives quite close to use. She’s nice I get on with her but she had a shock with she found out about the family secret. Our family has had the wolf gene since the family can remember my dad had it and his dad and his dad on so on. We live in this tiny little house at the edge on a forest which came in handy. I run my hand over I pitcher of Vayna and me my head is pressed to his and he’s in wolf form, I have power. It’s quite hard to have a conversation with a wolf but if I touch one of my broths in wolf form we talk to each other with thoughts. In this pitcher Vayna is telling me a joke, I can’t remember what it is about. Just then I hear a small bark outside my window and run over to it pulling there curtains apart when I get there. Its my brother Seth in wolf form. He has I gray coat with white patches. I open the window and climb out of it sliding down the drain pipe and land softly on the balls of my feet, turning to Seth I place my hand on his head

“what is  it Seth”

“I’s Conner he’s freaking out we don’t know what’s wrong with him”

“take me to him”

“Boanka we have been trying to talk to him but he keeps on snapping at use. I don’t want you-“


“Fine get on”

I climbed on his back and he turned and ran in to the woods. The winds tangled my long dark hair and made me squint in to the darkness finally we came in to the clearing where i saw all four of my brothers in wolf from standing around Conner. he had his tail tucked between his back legs and was howling in pain. i jumped off Seth and ran to him and he started to calm down when he saw me but I knew whatever was going on he was scared out of his wits. I placed mi hand on his head

“What wrong Conner”

“Boanka! Help me it hurts please make it stop”

“What hurts”

“Everything please help me”

I take my hand off his head and to John who is the biggest of the wolfs and plas my hand on him

“What’s wrong with him John”

“his body can’t cope with the transformation. He can’t cope”

“so what do we do”

“he has to change back before it kills him”

I run back to Conner and place my hand back on his

“Conner you have to change back now!”

“I can’t”

“yes you can you have to concentrate on going back to your human form and quickly”  he then lets out a loud yelp as he try to concentrate. He starts to grow smaller and his fur starts to vanish and his face starts turning human again. And before I know it his crouching butt naked right in front of me. He groans and tries to get up falls again

“Conner? If I help you on to Seth can you get home” I said getting him to his feet again. He nodded and Seth crouched down so he could get on with ease and they ran off in to the forest  I run back to John and put my hand on his head

“what was all that about”

“I don’t know but you need to get home climb on and I’ll take you” I don’t argue, just get on his back and head home    

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