The day it all changed

the boys of one direction could go for a break so they decide to go on vacation together what happens when they end up in Forks, Washington? who will they meet and will they ever get back to their family? what will happen to the band will One Direction ever perform another concert? find out in The Day it all Changed. Please read because it is my first book and i really want everyone to like it


1. Vacation

*Harrys POV* 

      I was so excited to finally go on vacation with the boys that DOESN'T include all the screaming fans chasing us through the streets. I just hoped that they don't figure out about our little vacation. I really just wanted some free time. Don't get me wrong I love all the fans but sometimes I just can't deal with the headache. Well anyways we were going to have a guys week or two and we were going to the Caribbean so nobody should bother us. I heard Louis yell at me from downstairs , " Hurry up Hazza, we don't wanna miss our flight."

    I groaned but got up and started carrying my bags downstairs. I saw that Eleanor was there with Louis. I almost ripped his head off I was so angry it was supposed to be guys week so I called him over to talk to him," You better not be taking Eleanor I thought it was supposed to be a vacation just for the guys?" I said trying my hardest not to yell at him.

      He seemed offended but replied, " I wasn't going to take her! She was here to say goodbye."

      I felt bad but I had been in a bad mood all day I couldn't help get angry even if it was pointless but i again tried to control my anger and apologized," I'm sorry I just wanted to have some guy time I mean you can't blame me for that."  

       "Well why would you care if she came anyway its just Eleanor. It's not like she would tell anyone she's just like one of the guys."

       "ya ya I know I just get jealous sometimes I mean you and Eleanor are so perfect and I don't have anyone.You can take Eleanor if you want." I said giving in. 

     "Aww I'm sorry mate I didn't mean it and Eleanor isn't coming." You could tell he felt bad

      I tried to cheer him up so I jumped on his back and said off to the airport and so we did. We all pilled into the car and started singing Live While We're Young from our new album. After singing about five songs from our new album we decided to play truth or dare. Louis went first and asked Liam truth or dare.  Liam, big surprise, said truth. " Aww come on mate Truth is boring." I exclaimed

      "Fine. dare." He said quite nervously.

       "Okay," Lou said, "I dare you to yell spoons are scary at each car we pass."

        It was hilarious watching peoples reactions to Liam Payne yelling at everyone about spoons. Truth or dare continued until we got to the airport. By then I was in tears because I was laughing so hard.

        When we walked in it was pretty quite because not a lot of people knew we were going to be there and so we didn't get mobbed and only had to sign a few autographs. We were really tired though and trudged through the airport until we got to the right plane. Or at least what we thought was the right plane... 



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