The day it all changed

the boys of one direction could go for a break so they decide to go on vacation together what happens when they end up in Forks, Washington? who will they meet and will they ever get back to their family? what will happen to the band will One Direction ever perform another concert? find out in The Day it all Changed. Please read because it is my first book and i really want everyone to like it


4. Unexpected Call

*Madelines POV*

           I got a call from my mom so I went outside since my friends were being loud and obnoxious as usual. I had no idea what she would have to say. I told her that I had been turned into a vampire. I know I know you usually have to tell your parents and everyone you know your dead and never make contact with them again right? Well, not in my case, my mom had been turned into a vampire when I was about eight. I thought she was dead of course and so I lived with my aunt since my dad had actually died. I lived with them until I got to my senior year in high school that's when I met Bella me and Bella were friends until about the end of senior year and that's when she turned me into a vampire. I never told my aunt that I had died she just thinks that I went off to collage. 

            Getting back to the point, my mom called me and she asked me if my cousin and some of his friends could stay with me for a while since she knew we were staying here. I had only been a vampire for a few weeks so I don't know how I could handle being around humans for a long time even though I had the power of self control and to block out everyone else's powers just like Bella. I was the last one she turned and all the other girls wee used to only eating animals and they could be around humans without sucking their blood. But me on the other hand I still had the craving for human blood and I would sometimes go after them. Of course being around Carlisle helped. 

              Taking all this into consideration, I said I would ask Bella if they could stay. Bella said That it would be fine as long as I always carried around a cup of blood so I didn't attack them because we didn't want them to find out about vampires. So i agreed and I called my mom back and told them they could stay I couldn't wait  to see Zayn he was always my favorite cousin.

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