The day it all changed

the boys of one direction could go for a break so they decide to go on vacation together what happens when they end up in Forks, Washington? who will they meet and will they ever get back to their family? what will happen to the band will One Direction ever perform another concert? find out in The Day it all Changed. Please read because it is my first book and i really want everyone to like it


5. Saved

* Zayns POV*

          "Yes!" I screamed in the middle of a crowded airport. Not my finest moment.

            "What? where are we staying?" the boys asked as they were trying to get me to shut up since now people were staring.

           " My cousin Maddy said we could stay with her and her friends for the weekend. She's so fun I can't wait to get there!" I said still yelling but not as loud as first.

          "ooooo! is she cute?" joked Harry.

          we all laughed and got in the cab. I was so excited to see Maddy I was literally shaking. The boys could tell and started making fun of me. I just laughed it off and sat back and waited to get there.

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