The day it all changed

the boys of one direction could go for a break so they decide to go on vacation together what happens when they end up in Forks, Washington? who will they meet and will they ever get back to their family? what will happen to the band will One Direction ever perform another concert? find out in The Day it all Changed. Please read because it is my first book and i really want everyone to like it


2. House of Vampires

*Bellas POV*

       I have been a vampire for quite a while but still couldn't believe how powerful I was. I had turned a few friends and so I was a lot less lonely. Edward died a few months ago the Volturi killed him and still won't give us a reason. Well I've turned about five friends and we are all really close now. I live with them now so I don't do anything drastic and make sure they stay on their diet of no human blood.The girls are Lauren who is my best friend she has wavy long blonde hair with brown low lights and brown eyes, Jillian who has hair just like Lauren's and she has Hazel eyes, then there's Jessica who bugs pretty much everyone in the house she has long straight black hair and blue eyes. The only one that doesn't hate Jessica is Kelly and everyone loves Kelly so we let Jessica stay. Kelly has curly golden brown hair and green eyes. Kelly just has that effect on people that just makes everyone like her. The last one is Madeline  but we call just call her Mads or Maddy. Maddy is really shy she has redish hair but she doesn't have hair like a ginger it looks good on her. Anyway her hair goes down to her belly button and is naturally wavy but she always straightens it.She has bright blue eyes with just a little green around the outside. Well that's the house anyways we were going to stay with the Cullens for a while because they have an extra house up in Forks, Washington and I missed them I haven't seen them in forever. Anyway we were going to stay there for a few months and I couldn't wait until we got there so I yelled at the girls to hurry up and we literally ran all the way to the Cullens house from where we lived in Colorado.

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