The day it all changed

the boys of one direction could go for a break so they decide to go on vacation together what happens when they end up in Forks, Washington? who will they meet and will they ever get back to their family? what will happen to the band will One Direction ever perform another concert? find out in The Day it all Changed. Please read because it is my first book and i really want everyone to like it


3. Big Mistake

*Niall's POV*

        I was enjoying the ride and laughing with the boys until I hear the pilot announce five minutes till we land in Forks, Washington, please buckle your seat belts and remain seated until the flight is over and turn off all cell phones. I couldn't believe it we had gotten on the wrong plane! Where are we going to say? I started flipping out 

        " Wake up boys we got on the wrong plane this plane is going to Washington!" I screamed at the boys which attracted quite a bit of attention to us and we were now getting fans coming up to us.

         I tried no to get frustrated with them but I couldn't help it I was now cussing like crazy I was so stressed. The boys tried to calm me down good thing Zayn had cousins in Washington so he said we could stay with them. 

*Authors Note~ sorry bout the short chapter it will get better soon just keep reading*

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