Caught in between

Lexie Johnson is a teenage girl who goes to south high school. On the last day until winter break she's reunited with her favorite cousin, Harry styles. He introduces her to his friends Zayn, Niall, Liam, Louis, Eleanor, and Danielle. But when lexie falls for zayn, Niall, and Liam, she had to choose who is the right guy for her.


3. Secret Kiss

Chapter 3

RIINNGG!! The bell rings. End of the day!! No school for 4 whole weeks! Even Better, Harry just moved down the street so they can hang out. I shut my locker and say bye to my best friend, Nicole. "Bye Nicole. I'm gonna miss you! Text me as soon as you get in Florida!" I say hugging her. "I'll miss you too! And of course! Have a merry Christmas!" I walk outside and it's so cold. I'm shivering while I'm walking home. A black SUV stops next to me. I look over and Harry's driving. Zayn's in the passenger seat "why are you walking in the cold?" "Because my house is down the street." I say. He chuckles. "Get I'm the car." He says. I giggle. "No it's okay." Danielle rolls down her window. "Get in the car lexie!" She says. "Fine." I sit in between Danielle and Eleanor. On the way home I exchange phone numbers with everyone. "Which on us yours?" Harry asks. "This one." I say pointing to me house. "Okay here we are!" He says stopping the car. "Thanks so much for the ride home!" "Anything for my favorite cousin." Harry says. "Text us!" Danielle and Eleanor say. "Text me!" Niall says. "And me!" Zayn says. "Hey me too!" Harry, Liam, and Louis say. I laugh. "Sure thing!" I say.

I run into the house to find suitcases scattered in the living room. I also find a tent with canned foods. "Hey honey how was school." "Great... What's all this for?" "Oh Jordan and I are going on a camping trip this Sunday." "Okay. Guess what!" "What honey?" "Remember my cousin Harry? He goes to me school!" "Oh I know." "How'd you already know that dad?" "Your aunt Anne called while you we're at school to tell us." "Oh. Cool." "Yeah. And you'll be staying at her house while we're camping." "Oh.. Great!" I say. I'm about to go upstairs when there's knock at the door. "Honey could you get that?" Dad yells from his room. "Sure thing." I open the door. It's Harry, zayn, and Niall. "Hello!" They say in unison. "Hey. What are you doing here?" "Oh my mum told us that you were staying with us while your dad and brother are camping." Harry says. "Oh yeah." "So we wanted to help you pack." Zayn says. "Oh thanks so much! Wait where's Liam and Louis?" I ask. "They just got here." We hear a car door slam shut. "Hello everyone!!" Louis yells. "Hey!" I yell back. We go upstairs to my room. "This is my room." I say. "Woah... It's huge." Harry says. "Not really." "Yeah it is. Just wait till you see my room.. You'll think the same thing." "Where's your suitcase?" Liam asks. "I'm my closet." I say. I pick out the clothes I want to bring and my laptop, laptop charger, and phone charger. "Do you need anything from this drawer?" Niall asks. "Wait.. NO! Don't open that!" I say. But it's too late he sees my undergarments. "Oh.. Sorry." He says. I go into the basement to get some snacks. I hear a noise "hello? Is someone there?" I say. "Oh hey it's me, zayn." "Oh hey." "Sorry I was just-" "oh it's okay I don't care." There's a long awkward silence. "So.." I say. "I really like your house." "Thanks." "You're really pretty." He says slowly leaning forward. He kisses me softly. "Hey lexie are you down there?" We quickly pull away. "Yes Harry. Be up in a minute." He Comes down. "What were you two just doing?" He asks. "Nothing." Zayn says quickly. We make our way upstairs. I smile at zayn as if saying "it's our little secret."

"So looks like you're all packed." Liam says. "Thanks guys. See you all on Sunday!" I say. I give them all hugs when I hug Liam he doesn't let go. "Liam, c'mon." Harry says. Liam looks back winking at me. I've noticed Harry's been protective lately. I ignored it. I ran back upstairs and checked my phone. A missed call from Nicole. I call back. I have to tell her about what just happened between me and zayn. "Hello?" "Nicole!!" "Lexie!!" "Guess what!" "What?" "I.. I..." "You... What? Lexie spit it out!" "I.. Kissed zayn!!" "Omg! When?!" "Just like five minutes ago." "Aw that's so sweet! You sh- hey lexie I got to go. I'll call you later." "Okay. Bye." I hang up. I must have fallen asleep because they next thing I know I wake up to dad waking me up.
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