Caught in between

Lexie Johnson is a teenage girl who goes to south high school. On the last day until winter break she's reunited with her favorite cousin, Harry styles. He introduces her to his friends Zayn, Niall, Liam, Louis, Eleanor, and Danielle. But when lexie falls for zayn, Niall, and Liam, she had to choose who is the right guy for her.


2. New friends

We walk into drama class and I sit in my usual seat, in the back. Harry sits next to me. I see a blonde hair boy walk in. He looks lost. "Hey Niall! Over here!" Harry says. "Oh hey mate! This is drama, right?" "Yes it is." I say. He looks over to me and held his hand out. I shake it. "I'm Niall and you are?" "I'm lexie. I'm hi-" Harry cuts me off "she's my cousin." "Well she's very beautiful." Nial says kissing my hand. He has the cutest Irish accent ever! "Niall!" Harry says. "Sorry." Niall says laughing. The bell ring and Mr. Henderson walks in. "Good morning class!" He says. Niall quickly sits in the seat next to me. "I see we have our new students today! Welcome Mr. Styles and Mr. Horan!" He says procceding onto class. When se are watching a movie Niall passes me a note. I quietly open it:
do yoυ нave a вoyғrιend?(;
I smile. I'm about to reply when the bell rings. "Wanna eat lunch together with us?" Niall asks. "Sure. I'll meet you there I have to go to my locker."
When I walk into the cafeteria I spot Harry and Niall. I sit next to Niall. "Hey what's u-" I'm cut off by a group of people coming our way. They all sit at our table. "Hello guys!" Harry says. "And who might you be love?" A boy says. "I'm lexie, Harry's cousin." "I'm Louis!" He says. A girl holding his hand says "I'm Eleanor. Nice to meet you lexie!" I smile back to her. A boy with beautiful eyes and long eye lashes says "I'm zayn. Nice to meet you gorgeous." I can't help but blush. "I'm Liam and this is Danielle." She smiles and says "I'm his girlfriend." I get up to get me some utensils "I'll be right back everyone."
*Harry's POV*
"I'll be right back." Lexie says. As soon as she leaves I say "listen up everyone!" Everyone looks at me. "So since lexie is my cousin and all, I don't want any of you guys hitting on her." "Okay." They say. Lexie returns and we stop talking about it.
*Lexie's POV*
I sit back down in between Niall and zayn. My hair moves off my shoulder. "What happened to your shoulder?" Zayn says. "Oh.... Uhm..." I say quickly put my hair back to one side. My eyes fill with tears. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.." "It's okay zayn. I'll tell you another time." I say. I rest my head on his shoulder trying not to remember the horrible memories...
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