Secret Notes

17 year old Aurora Winterhill was a shy and beautiful she was deadly smart and lived in a large house with her family. When Aurora started getting love noted from a secret admirer she received various of things. But Aurora is falling for Zayn after she meets him and his friends. What will Aurora do when valentines day comes will she finally meet her secret admirer or will she fall head over heals for Zayn


1. Chapter 1


Ugh as I look into the mirror I see my reflection looking back at me, my piercing dark hazel brown eyes looking at me and my wavy jet black hair looking as always. I grab my obey snapback i'm wearing my ripped up dark grey jeans and my mickey mouse top. I take my skateboard and camera, I head out to my usual hide out my little area at river-dale park it's a small area with a peaceful lake and trees that hover over you like an over protective boyfriend and beautiful flowers that smells  sweet it could make you stand there and smell them forever. While i'm taking some shots I see five boys messing around with water guns they looked very familiar maybe I've seen them around somewhere like school. When I take a couple of shots I walk over to a tree and sit under the shade I start to close my eyes and then I feel a rush of cold water hit me. I'm shocked and look up to see a smirking curly haired boy with emerald green eyes holding a bucket, as I stand up I feel every bit wash over me then that's when I snapped  "Why in hell would you dump water on me!?!" he still smirked like the nerve of that kid!!. That's when I started walking away and he followed me I walk over having such a bad thought come to mind he came beside and me "So I guess you don't have thing for surprises  he says and smirks again that's when I decided to push him in I couldn't hold it in I just burst into laughter and so did his four friends. When the curly haired boy came out he was dripping wet "how nice i'm wet too", he said that's when he stuck out his hand "i'm Harry and toughs are my friends as you can tell", they all said there names one by one so there names are Louis, Liam Niall Zayn, Zayn he kept looking at me and I couldn't help but blush that's when Louis came to me put his arms around me and said "I see you're blushing I know I know i'm irresistible but i'm taken love" I couldn't help but laugh, they weren't a bad bunch.

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