Forever and a Daley.

Tom and Ellie have been going out for around seven moths now, but could a new face spell disaster for them?


2. Car journey

After he had a shower, we decided we'd go to his for a while. After all, the whole of my family was in and i have 4 very annoying brothers. We took his mini, even though he wanted to take my Ford, his is so much cuter though.

We sat in the car messing around for a while, mostly because he wanted to hear if there was any news on the Olympics!

'you're olympic mad' i said pushing his hair back with my hand,

'not the hairrr!' he moaned and fluffed it back up with his hand, 'some of us try and look good in the mornings!' he joked.

i pulled the car mirror onto my face, staring at the messy bun lying on the top of my head.

'is it that bad?' I tried to shake it around a bit, but it stayed in that same limp position on the top of my head. Looking like a shredded mushroom.

'i'm joking ellie, you're beautiful!' he took his hand and ran it across my face, and then gently pressed his lips against mine. 'don't let anyone tell you different!'

It only took around 15 minutes to drive to his house, and on the way we messed around and listened to the radio, no news on the olympics, but some music?

We listened to One Direction, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj, and danced around like crazed idiots. But i didn't mind, because it was with Tom, and that was what we always did.

He looked so cute when he drived as well, his eyes staring at the road, eyes fixed, at least then he couldn't see me staring at him, maybe through the corner of his eye though?


The car journey didn't seen to last very long today, not even 15 minutes! Ellie sat next to me, i don't think she knew that i knew she was staring at me, but i didn't mind, because if she was driving i would stare at her.

I don't know why we had to take the mini, she KNOWS i like her car better, mostly because i smells like her. My car just smells like the chlorine from the swimming pool, or sweat from the gym. G R E A T.

Oh well, maybe she likes my sweaty chloriney smell! she did once got to sleep in the mini, so it can't bother her that much.



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