Forever and a Daley.

Tom and Ellie have been going out for around seven moths now, but could a new face spell disaster for them?


1. Onsie

Tom sat at the end of my bed in his great britain onsie. He was just perfection. His brown eyes melted into me like butter. Ugh.

'Stop looking at me!' he joked as he threw a pillow into my face, sending me backwards. I yelped and pulled him down with me.

'I was looking, but only in disgust', I giggled, pushing my fingers back on his shoulders and climbing on top of him. He stared at me in sadness, so i leant down, only for him to twist me round.

'I win' he smirked, showing his perfect white teeth. He leant down onto me, pressing his lips against mine, sending shivers all down my spine.

He pushed his body closer to mine, 'tom' i whispered, he glanced up at me, his deep brown eyes flickering, gazing at mine, 'love you' he smiled, a perfect smile.

'love you too ellie' he said, and my heart bounced out of its chest.

I pushed him backwards, sending him into the wall, and he shot back up onto the bed and frowned like a child 'jealous of my strength?' I said playfully, showing of my muscles.

'very jealous' he mimicked in a girly voice. 'jealous of my medals?' he said, much manlier.

'could win them in my sleep!' and with that i jumped of my bed to pick out something to wear. 'I need new clothes!' i moaned, looking through the dull option i was faced with, brown, brown, black, beige, navy, burgandy. 'Why are all my clothes so depressing?!' i whined, just as tom grabbed me from behind and said,

'because you have me to brighten up your life,' i blushed, my cheeks searing red, 'and anyway, i like what you're wearing now!'

'Im wearing pyjamas!' i said, looking glumly onto my attire,

'Oh you're right, maybe you should take them off!' and with that he walked out of the room and left me giggling to myself.

'Having a shower,' he shouted from across the hallway.

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