Mom Why did you have me? I would really like to know.


1. Mom

Mom, I wake up.  I want to eat.  There's only cold



I want a hug or kiss, all I get is a slap on the face.  I go

to play, you tell me I'm making to much noise.  I ask a

question, you  tell me to shut up.  No matter how hard I

try.  I never seem to do anything right.  So you say, I

ask you to play with me, your always to busy.


I ask for lunch.  You tell me to make it myself.  I come

home from school, you never ask me how my day was or

what I did.


I want your attention but I never have it.  Your to busy

with boyfriend or someone else.  I try hard to do good.


But you never give me praise.  Just yell at me or turn



Mom, I ask you to take me somewhere.  Your always to

busy.  When will it be my turn


I'm going to sleep now.  No hug or kiss for me.  Another

day gone, no love to share with you.


Mom, why did you have me?


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