Me,My Friends and One Direction

This is story about a girl who has a birthday party and she gets loads of presents by her friends and family but her family had one last surprise for her which are tickets to see one direction but what she don't know is that she gets to meet them before and after the show.They all get to know each other but will two of the boys fall for the same girl and will she choose one of them or not?


2. The big party (with everyone)

Rashaan's P.O.V


As me,Shyanna, Awa,Dylan,Ollie,Kane,Franklin,Lola,Tarana and Phoebe walked to Melissa's house all dressed up and with our presents for her we saw loads of people walking into the house and greeting Melissa's mum and dad.We were so pumped and excited that we got invited to her party and get to know her family and other friends - so we walked up to the door and there stood her mum and dad, we all greeted each other and put our presents down somewhere so there safe then we went to go and find Melissa who was out in the garden with her older brother and younger brother who were all dressed really nice. "Hey Mel we're here!" we all shouted out, "Hey guys im so glad you came" she replied while hugging us. " I like your garden" I said " Thanks" she replied " Mel wheres Andy" Franklin asked "Um... he's somewhere in the garden, you can go and find him if you want " she said and with that all the boys apart from Dylan and Ollie went away to go and look for her older brother Andy"Don't you two want to go" Mel asked "No thanks... um wheres your little brother Alex" they asked but before she could answer her little brother Alex appeared from behind her with a cute little smile,"Oh here he is - Alex this is Rashaan,Shyanna,Awa,Lola,Tarana,Phoebe and these two boys are Dylan and Ollie who are going to play with you" "Yay, come on lets go inside and play with my toys"Alex said to the boys, she whispered to their ears "If he says something weird and strange or even tells a random story then just agree with it okay" "Okay" they said back to her and with that they were off.So now it's just me and my girls,Mel showed us around the house and introduced us to each and everyone of her family member which took about an hour because we had chats with them.Then her mum told people who were inside to come outside so we could sing Melissa a happy birthday and enjoy the party. As soon as everyone come out Melissa's mum counted down from three "3,2,1" then everyone sang "Happy birthday to you,happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Melissa, happy birthday to yooooou" then her dad said "hip hip" we all said "hooray" ect...



Hey guys this is my second movellas and I'm not sure what else to put in. If you have any ideas then please let me know and if it's a really good idea then I will put you in my story. Thank you so much from Melissa Styles xx

P.S I published this on the 24th November which is my birthday not the 25th November.xx



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