Me,My Friends and One Direction

This is story about a girl who has a birthday party and she gets loads of presents by her friends and family but her family had one last surprise for her which are tickets to see one direction but what she don't know is that she gets to meet them before and after the show.They all get to know each other but will two of the boys fall for the same girl and will she choose one of them or not?


1. My Birthday Party

Melissa P.O.V


Well today is the the day... IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

I'm so excited that I get to spend my birthday with my friends and family who I love and who I spend my time with.I'm now getting ready, hmmm..... what should I wear today... I think I will wear my loose purple top with black leggings, pink and black converses and on top a one direction hoodie (so I don't get cold) and I'll put on some purple eyeshadow,pink lipstick,some blush and for my hair I'll curl it and thats pretty much it."Melissa,come and have some breakfast please" shouted my mum from downstairs "Okay I'm coming" I replied.As soon as I opened my door there was banners and balloons saying happy birthday and I was so happy, as a walked downstairs there were loads of presents and my family said happy birthday to me and gave a kiss on the cheek apart from my older brother of course. As I finished opening all my presents my parents both said "Melissa we have one last present for you" I was so excited "What is it" I said not wanting to wait any longer " IT'S..... TICKETS TO SEE ONE DIRECTION" they both shouted and all I could do was scream and shout"AHHHHHH!!! OMG THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU BOTH SO SO SO SO MUCH... AHH IM SO HAPPY" I hugged them so tight. I knew this will be the best birthday I will ever have-EVER.



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