One Direction Kidnapped Me!

Yeah that's right. I was kidnapped by the famous '1D'. Every girls dream right? Well, not this girl. These guys messed with the wrong chick and I'm getting the hell out of here.


10. Chapter 9

*A/N Hey ya'll! Sorry I haven't updated in a couple of days!!! You know, school in junk just always have to interrupt me :P. Hey, but better late than never right? Now, I need your help, ya little cuties! Who should find out about her past first? And no, it cannot be Niall. Deal with it. Sorry, but just no Niall on this part.

Well, where was I........*

Kylie's POV

After I cried for a bit, I went into the bathroom. God, I looked terrible. my eyes, when I cry, get super red and puffy. Ugh. I cleaned up a little and listened to a little of my iPod music. Leggo House by Ed Sheeran came on and I hummed along.

After a whole album of songs had passed, I felt terrible about before. Well, only about tackling Niall. The other I mean, they had kidnapped me. But Niall wasn't doing anything that bad. He was just trying to calm me down. And he did give me back my iPod. I'll apologize . 

I went outside my room and Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Louis were sitting out on the couch, watching the telly.

"Where's Niall? I need to-" Harry got up and cut me off. He looked pissed.

"Oh, so the bitch comes out." he sneered. Wow. Was not expecting that one."I don't get why you keep trying to escape. Its not like you had friends back home or anything. Oh, well execpt for that Ally chick. Probably is just a bitch, Just. Like You." he poked me hard with each word."I don't know why we even tried being nice to you." He was fuming  I could tell he meant every word. The other boys, apart from Niall, who was no where to be seen, looked up at Harry in shock.

He probably could see the shock on my face. Which then turned to hurt. And then to anger.

"Fuck. You" I sneered at him, real meaning behind the words. "You have no idea the hell I've been through the last four years of my life, while you're just sitting back, only having to deal with little girls not liking you. And that 'bitch' Ally, she fucking idolizes you. She was the only one who gave a fuck about me. And then, when I start getting back on track after four fucking years, you guys pick me up and take my life away from me, and I have to fight to freaking stay sane. So fuck you and your whole little band. And you know what, I was coming out here to fucking apologize  So don't you act like you know ANYTHING about me." I made him back up, his face shocked, probably thinking I was going to cry from his little speech. The rest of the boys were still on the couch.

"Kylie, I'm sorry, I didn't know." Harry started coming forward, towards me, real emotion on his face.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" I screamed at him.

"YOU'VE RUINED MY LIFE! I WANT TO GET OUT!" I screamed at them all. I ran back into my room, slamming the door behind me.

Those guys were dead to me.


Niall's POV

I placed the iPod on her bed with the note and pulled the guys onto their beds. They were still unconscious. I left a note for the boys saying that  I was going to Nandos. I was starving.


-----3 hours later-------

Eating didn't help like it usually did. The whole time I kept thinking about Kylie. She was so beautiful and still a mess-with-me-and-I'll-kick-your-ass kind of girl.I picked up some grocries from Bi-Lo and headed back.

"Hey guys I picked up some-" I stopped myself when I saw all the boys horror-stricken faces. Especially Harry's.


"What happened?" I asked.

*A/N Hey gurlies. So I know Harry isn't like that but it is a FICTION after all. Don't forget to vote!


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