One Direction Kidnapped Me!

Yeah that's right. I was kidnapped by the famous '1D'. Every girls dream right? Well, not this girl. These guys messed with the wrong chick and I'm getting the hell out of here.


7. Chapter 7

Kylie's POV

I think the boys were surprised  It took them almost a solid three seconds before they leaped to help him out. Harry held onto Niall while the rest tied to pry me off. After a while they got me off, I was still screaming and kicking as Harry pulled Niall away from me.

I swear to God if they tried the cloraform on me now, there would be four out cold bodies in this room.

The whole time they were dragging me to my room, I kept cursing and yelling at them. Then, when they were about a foot from my door, I thought, 'Oh hell no.'

I leaped up and landed a solid punch on the guy in front of me, knocking him to the ground. It was Zayn. He was still on the floor when two sets of arms grabbed me from behind. I turned around and kicked both of them in the chest, knocking them out.

Someone picked me up. Crap. Liam was going down. I kicked him right hard on the stomach and he just let out an groan and dropped me. He was getting up when I kicked him right in the face. Hard.

Wait. This was it! My time to escape! I ran towards the door, knowing it was unlocked, I had seen it cracked before I had tackled Niall. I started running towards it, desperate. 

A door opened and closed some where behind me but I was still running, only two yards away from my freedom.

But then some one tackled me from behind and my head hit the ground hard.

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