One Direction Kidnapped Me!

Yeah that's right. I was kidnapped by the famous '1D'. Every girls dream right? Well, not this girl. These guys messed with the wrong chick and I'm getting the hell out of here.


4. Chapter 4

Kylie's POV

"Kylie, are you going to kick me this time?" oh haha Louis. I opened my eyes everyone was looking at me, probably scared I was going to lash out again.

"Where are we now?" All I saw was a very big, very posh, and very modern house.

"We're at our house. It time to go inside." Oh hell no. I dare them to try me. Everyone was getting out. 

"Kylie, we can do this the easy way or the hard way." Liam was at the door, trying to get me out. Hehe. They so should NOT have given me a second option. I planted my feet down and I put all my weight on the seat.

"Hard way it is." I could hear Liam mutter to himself. He started to reach in to pick me up. I swear if he touched on my butt, I would slap his ass to next Tuesday.

Wow. I think he actually thought he was going to get me out. Idiot. I've learned a few tricks from Penn and Teller Tell A Lie. I simply resisted his every move. When he tried to pick me up, I suddenly felt like a thousand pounds to him. I just smiled at his face. Priceless.

"Lads, I'm gonna need some help here." Liam gave up. 

"Wow Liam, you can't lift a like what, 90 pound girl?" I could hear Harry laughing at him. Oh this was going to be good.

"Let me see you try then" I could see Liam distraught.

"Easy. See, it eas-" Harry had tried and was shocked with the same results as Liam. All the boys tried, they even tried doing it different ways, even two at a time. I literlly laughed in there face. You DO NOT mess with Kylie James.

I was still laughing when Niall tried to pick me up from my stomach. He pulled right on the scar. I stopped laughing and kneeled over and screamed in agony. Memories came flooding back to me.

Dave stood right above me, dagger in hand. 

"Next time you tell Julie, I will aim for your heart." he said. Julie was my mum.

Dave plunged the dagger deep into my stomach and I screamed. He moved the knife back and forth, only about 4 cm apart.

I came back to the present, panting. The boys were all staring at me. I didn't care. I put on a scowl and I looked for Naill. Found him.

"You try that ever again and I will kill you." I meant every word I said. My voice had never sounded more angry. Niall backed away and the rest just stared at me. I didn't have the strength to fight right now.

Liam came forward and tried to pick me up again.

"No," I started coming out and paused at the opening."Please untie my ankles so I can walk." I said, no emotion at all. All the remaining boys looked at me like I was an alien. Liam was the first out of his trance and untied me.

I got out of the van and Louis and Liam flanked me as I walked up the stairs. I stared at my feet the whole time.

Once we got inside, I heard the door click behind me. Of course they locked it. Zayn came up and untied my wrists silently.

"Where am I supposed to go?" I asked. I really didn't care, I just wanted to be alone. Niall was in the living room, watching TV while all the boys just stood around me.

"Um, I'll show you your room." It was Louis. I followed him, defeated. He showed me a room with two twin beds, a closet, TV, a lamp, nightstand, CD player, dresser, and a bathroom with a shower/tub, loo, and a sink. 

I went in and Louis followed me. I turned around and looked at him.

" May I please be alone?" I asked with once again with no emotion. H ejust nodded and closed my door.

I looked around for a while. Inside the closet were bunches of shirts. The dresser had pants,short,tanks, and pjs. Along with underwear of course. After exploring for about 2 minutes I went on the bad farthest from the door and layed down, facing the wall and silently cried. I cried from being kidnapped and from the memories. Most of all, I wanted to be home, or with Ally. I cried myself to sleep.

I wanted to be out and away from these kids.

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