One Direction Kidnapped Me!

Yeah that's right. I was kidnapped by the famous '1D'. Every girls dream right? Well, not this girl. These guys messed with the wrong chick and I'm getting the hell out of here.


28. Chapter 25



Liam's POV

I finally called a meeting with the rest of the boys. I had Harry stay home Ky, I'd tell him about it later.

I hadn't even told Niall about what I was about to say. I hope he'll agree.


"So Li, what's up?"

 Zayn didn't beat around the bush.


"Well, its about Kylie." I took a deep breath and looked at the boys. Louis twiddled his thumbs, looking back up every little bit. Niall leaned forward with intense focus as soon as I said the name Kylie. Zayn was texting that Claire girl. Ever since the break up with Perrie, he'd been a mess. Of course, it didn't show but I knew Zayn. This Claire girl would be good for him.


"Guys, just be open to this okay? Kylie has gone through a lot. Then we just take her life away. Then, the thing with Harry happened. Now, the poor girl is pregnant.All because of us. She almost DIED." I paused.

"Wait, are you saying what I think you are?" Louis asked me.

I nodded.

"We have to let Kylie go home."


And, then all heads jerked up and faced me.

It was all silent. No one said anything. No one breathed. No one even blinked.


"What about One Direction?" Louis asked quietly.


"I love the band as much as you guys do and trust me, Simon can't just end One Direction? Do you think the fans would let that happen?" they all nod, but I'm just trying to convince myself.

"Soooooo....?" I rock on my heels.


Lou sighs. "Kylie has always been like my little sister. I say she goes home." Louis got up and walked over to me. I smiled.

Zayn was next. He slid his phone into his pocket and walked over to me.

"Kylie is one strange girl. But, no one deserves to have her life taken away from her. I want her to have her life back." my smiled faltered as I saw Niall.

Niall was sitting with his fist on his lips, a worried look in his eyes. He got up and slowly walked towards me, looking at the ground.

"I love Kylie. I want her to be normal again. Get her life back. But, I also want her safe." he paused.

"What about the person Simon owes? Why does he want Ky? And even if she goes home, what stopping him from coming for her himself?" he whispered.

 We all stopped smiling.

Then, with determination in my voice, I spoke.

"Then we'll protect her."


(a/n) ITS NOT OVER! We got up to like, 5 more chappys. Then, SEQUEL! Hey, so can you guys do me a favor?? There is this awesome writer, one of my best friends in real life, she just started writing on here. She thinks shes a terrible writer, but shes really good! Her name is megster34. Go check her out! She only had one movella up, so read it! Please??



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