One Direction Kidnapped Me!

Yeah that's right. I was kidnapped by the famous '1D'. Every girls dream right? Well, not this girl. These guys messed with the wrong chick and I'm getting the hell out of here.


27. Chapter 24


Kylie's POV

2 Days Later (Sorry for the time skip!)


Things have been going pretty well. Ever since the news about the baby, I had a little bounce in my step.


Wow. I sound insane.


Trust me, I still would like to go home. More than anything. Sadly, ever since I DID escape, they've been locking the windows. And the doors of course. I still end up punching some one at least once a day. And I still ask everyday when I can go home. I always get the same answer; a shrug and then they walk away. 

And I'm not to happy to be 16, raped, and pregnant. The only reason I'm keeping this baby is because it didn't do anything. And if anyone takes my baby away from me, I will murder them. This child is going to have the life that I never had. And I'll raise it the best I can.


I yawn as I wake. I check the clock, 11:48. Wow, I really slept in. I was just about to go and eat when a yellow sticky note attached to my iPod. I walk backwards to it and pull off the sticky note:



The boys and I went out to an interview. Now, we're not idiots, Harry stayed behind. Yes, Yes I know what ahppened last time. But now you two need to hug and make up K?



I groan involuntarily.


Then there's a arrow to turn it over. I flip it over :


I'm so sorry! This was all Lou's idea-I had no part in this what-so-ever. We'll be back around 3.

Love you



I put down the note and went out to face my doom.


No One's POV


Kylie sighed as she pushed open the door.For a second, she stopped in her tracks; she smelled waffles.

Un-intensionly, she ran into the kitchen, to find Harry whistling to the radio making waffles.


He turned around and saw her just standing there, mouth open and he smiled.

"Morning." he said. Kylie mumbled hello, still  staring at the waffles. He handed her a plate with two waffles on it. She grabbed the plate and sat down, saying a quick prayer, then digging in.


Harry was nervous. Actually, beyond nervous. He anxiously twiddled his thumbs, until he finally blurted out what he had been wanting to say.

"Kylie, I'm sorry."

Kylie stopped eating, still staring at her plate.

"Sorry doesn't solve anything." she quietly mumbled. It was all silent, except for the awkward radio in the back ground.

Then, Kylie got mad.


" Do you think saying sorry will solve everything you put me through?!" she stood up, looking him in the eye. " I'm pregnant! With your child! This child, this BABY, will never know what it's like to be born into a normal life! But you know what?! I'M going to be there for it. And I'm going to take care of he or she. Not. You." she sneered the last words. She started wiping her eyes in anger.

"You've made my past come up all over again. Don't you think I've had enough in my life!?" she laughed, a little hysterically  " Well, you're not the first. My  mum's boyfriend raped me too, so I should be used to it." Then she broke down. She sunk to the ground, head in her hands, sobbing.

Harry went down next to her and pulled Kylie into a hug, letting her to cry.

After a while he spoke up.

"That night, The night that it happened, I had gone over to one of my best friend's houses. I had known her forever; we had lived next to each other for as long as I could remember.I had always thought I was going to marry her when I grew up, she was so perfect. Unbelievably beautiful, smart, and kind. I loved her with all my heart. I never told the other boys about her, she was my little secret." he sniffed. Kylie had stopped crying; she was listening quietly, still in Harry's arms. "That night, I was going to finally ask her out. But, when I got to her house, it was surrounded by police cars. I had started running up to her house, only to be stopped by a police officer. I asked her what was going on, she said that she, Becka, had flipped her car and died. She was killed as soon as the car flipped, no pain. I just sat down and cried. Her mother came up to me in tears, she told me how much Becka loved me, how much she cared about me. She also told me Becka was bullied alot. Becka had told me this of course, but I never realized how bad it was on her. When I came home, crying, I checked my phone. There was a text message and a missed call from her the text said that she really needed me right now. That the bulling had got to much. The call was her in tears saying she was going to come over to our house. It even- "he choked on his words "It even had her scream form when she got hit. She was on the phone with MY VOICEMAIL when she died. It was all my fault." then he grabbed Kylie's shoulders and held her at arms length, "Kylie, I was upset and angry. I took my anger out on you. But that's no excuse. Please, PLEASE forgive me."


After a while, Kylie slowly nodded.

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