One Direction Kidnapped Me!

Yeah that's right. I was kidnapped by the famous '1D'. Every girls dream right? Well, not this girl. These guys messed with the wrong chick and I'm getting the hell out of here.


2. Chapter 2

Kylie's POV

I woke up in the back of the van. Fun right? My mouth was taped and ankles and wrists were tied together. I stayed quiet and pretended I was still out cold. I could hear those bastards LAUGHING. Ugh. I looked around and saw that this was one of those vans with the back doors in.

Now, before I tell you how I did something stupid, you're probably thinking, wow Kylie, you're really good at staying calm! Well, no. On the inside I kept on having to slap the part of me that was freaking out.

Anyways, I knew I had to open the door. Once they came to a red light, I was gonna tuck and roll, hopefully getting the attention of the car behind us. I slowly rolled over to the door so when they stopped, I'd be ready.

When we finally were about to stop, I heard something really not good that came in an Irish accent.

"Lou, pull over. We might wanna check on Kylie." shit. How'd they know my name?! Oh right stupid, your wallet with your ID. Crap. Plan B then.

\They pulled over and they all got out of the van and started to open the back doors. My feet where towards the back and my knees were bent. I kept my eyes closed.

They opened the back.

"She's still out. I'll wake her up." Lou? maybe. Lou tapped my knee and I extended my legs at full force, knocking him to the ground. I rolled out but before I could get up,two arms caught me. Crap.


Now I was squashed between the Irish one and the sailor.Yeah, it was the sailor one I hit. I was sitting up right and was quite pissed.

"Alright lads, Ima gonna take the tape off her mouth now." the blonde one said. The rest murmured their agreements. Thank God. He put his hand and gently pulled off the tape.

I bit his hand.

He yelped and the one up front turned back and looked at me.

"Now Kylie, we do not bite people." he said sternly. It was Liam. Ally's favorite.

"Now Liam, we do not kidnap people." I said, mocking his voice. He turned back around, clearly upset by my words. I looked around the van. After consideration, I believed that Harry was the one driving and Zayn was the one sitting in the back.

I looked at.. Niall? Yeah I think that's his name. He was still rubbing his hand. I felt kinda bad. He was just trying to help. 

I faced him. "Sorry." He looked at me, shocked.

"What about me? Don't I get an apology for you KICKING ME IN MY STOMACH?!" Lou said, clearly upset.

"I would apologize if you hadn't KIDNAPPED ME!" I screamed at him. He looked pissed. I smiled.

Niall was looking at me weird.

"What?" I said.

" What did you mean back there, when I told you I was in One Direction?" he seemed upset. "Are you a hater or something?"

"God I hate it when people use that term." I face him."One: I'm not a 'hater', I just simply don't care for you're music. I never had anything against you guys personally. And Two: I said shit because not everyone wants to be kidnapped by 5 dudes she doesn't know. It doesn't matter if I'm a fan or not, I'd say the same thing if you guys were the Beatles." I stared him straight in the eye the whole time, not caring how he felt. I realized then that everyone (except Harry, he was driving soo..yeah. But he had listened) was staring at me.

I glared back.

"Wake me up when I'm home." I closed my eyes, quite upset.



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