One Direction Kidnapped Me!

Yeah that's right. I was kidnapped by the famous '1D'. Every girls dream right? Well, not this girl. These guys messed with the wrong chick and I'm getting the hell out of here.


16. Chapter 14

No one's POV

Kylie sat on her bed, arms rapped around her knees. She slowly rocked back and forth, staring off into nothingness.

Kylie's usually flush of color of determination on her cheeks was gone, replaced by a pale white mask.


She was broken.



Niall's POV

We ended up going to a party after that interview and didn't get home til about 2:30 a.m.  When we got home, everyone went straight to sleep.




I woke up with a yawn and went to go get food.

I looked at the clock and was surprised, Ky is usually up by now. Oh well, it's probably just those medications.



It had been about 2 hours and she still wasn't up. I went to go check on her.


I knocked and  when I didn't get an answer, I walked in. Kylie was sitting on her bed, staring at nothing. Her once bright face was now pale and her eyes. Her eyes, her once beautiful eyes, were hollow. I almost gasped out loud.

I went over and sat next to her on the bed. I put my arm on hers and she flinched away. She scooted farther up the bed and kept staring.

"Ky, what happened?" I asked, horror struck.

She didn't reply, just stopped staring, looked down, and shook her head.


I walked back into the kitchen to find only Liam.

"Liam, somethings wrong with Kylie." I said nervously.

"Mate, it's probably just the medication." he said, not even looking up.

"I highly doubt any medication could do this to her." I said, "C'mon, lemme show you." we walked into Kylie's room to find her the same way.

Liam looked horror struck and we both sat on the bed.

"She won't even let me touch her." I said to Liam.

"Ky, please tell us what wrong!" I said urgently. 

She then looked straight passed me and stared at Liam.

"Liam, help me. " she whispered. He looked like pure horror.

"What happened Ky? I need to be able to help you." he said back. She looked away and stared at nothing again. Then, after a while, she spoke.

"It's like I'm 12 all over again."

A look of horror masked his face, then pure rage. He stormed out of the room, me following.

Liam went right up in front of Harry and punched him right in the jaw. Everyone gasped as Liam continued kicking him down. Liam was shouting obsentities at him, things I choose not to repeat. Eventually, Lou and Zayn pulled him back, Liam still screaming.

Basically, thw whole argument went like this:

Liam accused Harry

Harry denied.

Liam tried to hit Harry again.

And then it repeated.

Until I finally piped up.

"Look, why don't we go ask Kylie?" I said, still worried about her. We all stormed into her room, not even knocking.

The room was empty.

"What?!" we all screamed. We started looking all around the whole house.

"Shit shit shit." Zayn mumbled as he ran his fingers through his hair. Liam was sitting down, tapping his foot while Zayn and I paced. Just then, Louis ran in.

"She left a note." he held it up. Harry then walked in. "It's adressed to Harry." he looked over at Harry's shocked face. I growled . I was holding back the urge to strangle him. 

Harry grabbed the note, flipped it opened and scowled. Lou snatched it back, looked it over and laughed. He passed it to me. I almost laughed too.

The note was written ion fancy script. It said:

Dear Harry,



Go Fuck yourself.



Love, Kylie J.


The note was passed around and Lou and Zayn both laughed. Harry scowled and Liam and I were stressed out.

Where'd she go?


Kylie's POV

I'm sick of these bastards. One fucking raped me. I could hear arguing and screaming in the living room and I decided now was the time.

I picked up the hobo bag that I had packed with stuff in case I managed to escape. There wasn't much, just my iPod, a knife, and money I had 'borrowed' from the boys' wallets when they left them out. I had started doing that since day one. I had about 25,000(american dollars). Hey, they're rich. They have plenty more. I also snuck into the kitchen and grabbed 3 water bottles, 3 bags of pretzels, and my brush and toothbrush/toothpaste. I changed into some sturdy clothing that still looked normal. I zipped up my jacket and put on my shades. I tied the laces on some expensive sneakers they had bought me and wrote a quick note to the number one bastard.


The boys were still arguing. Good thing you couldn't see the front door from the living room. 

The door was luckily unlocked. I quietly opened and closed it. As soon as I couldn't see the house anymore, I started sprinting as fast as I could. Luckily, the house was only about 2 miles from civilization. Hey, I wasn't on track for nothing!


I finally reached the city. It was a nice one too, cute neighborhoods, clean schools, and perfect, a little hotel right next to a Starbucks and what looked like either a gym or studio. 

First, I went and bought a bike. Nothing too nice, just a beach cruiser with a big basket. Then I went and payed for a room at the hotel. I payed for 2 weeks. I know its long but the first place they'll go to find me is my home so I'm gonna hide out here for a little. After putting the hotel room under a fake name (Victoria Williams) I dropped off my stuff and went and got some nesseties: groceries  some clothes, and some pain medication.

I then cleaned up the room I was staying in, put away everything, and went to sleep.


Today had been a long day.

Maybe tomorrow I would go and try out karate. I also need to change my look. 


* (a/n) sorry bout all those details! But just want to clear things up. Gosh, that was a long chapter.



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