One Direction Kidnapped Me!

Yeah that's right. I was kidnapped by the famous '1D'. Every girls dream right? Well, not this girl. These guys messed with the wrong chick and I'm getting the hell out of here.


13. Chapter 12

Kylie's POV

"STOP IT!!!TURN IT OFF!!!" I screamed at Niall. Liam and him were bursting out laughing as Niall went to take the movie out.

"I thought you said you LOVED Paranormal Activity Four!" he said chucking. I slowly took my hands off my face.

"Can we PLEASE just watch a different movie?" I asked pleading.

"Alright Alright, how 'bout Tangled?" he said holding the movie up.

" I'd rather watch Toy Story." Liam mumbled to himself, arms crossed like a 5 year old.

"Liam, we've watched those movies like two times each in the past 2 days." I said, now laughing while patting his arm. Niall popped in the movie and motioned me to sit next to him. I scooched over to him and we started the movie. 

Has she gone insane? You may be asking. Hahaha. No. Its been two days since Niall punched Liam. And every morning and night, I check the windows and doors to escape but they're always locked. I still lash out at them, usually Harry. The guy creeps me out

My feelings have changed on how the guys are. I still would leave in heart beat. 

I like Liam and Niall, they're pretty nice.

I don't see much of Louis, he's usually with Eleanor. But hes just kinda normal. Treats me like a random person he sees at school. A little spastic though.

Zayn, on the other hand, is like the school jock. Mr. Cool. He has a huge ego and I usually end up mocking him when he inst around.

And then, there's Harry. Like I said before, he creeps me out. I stay away from him.Everyday he says something that offensive so I either hip his ass or insult him back. He stares at me like me like I'm something to eat.


The movie finished and by the end of it, there was food everywhere. Niall spilled popcorn and Nando's chicken and didn't bother to clean it up. He also was asleep.

He was saying something earlier 'bout crazy fans bombarding him at Nando's. I don't really know bout that part...

But, He fell asleep with me in his arms. And wouldn't let go. I tried to wake him up and get out but he's a heavy sleeper. And heavy. 

Liam left me chuckling. Ugh. Well, might as ell get comfortable. I sighed and snuggled closer to Niall.


I woke up ith the feeling of  nausea. I pushed it down and yawed, stecting. Then I felt something coming up and broke out of Niall's rms and bolted to the toilet where I instantly puked my guts out.



*(a/n) Hey guys sorry I didn't get a chappy out sooner but when I finished this one earlier, my stupid laptop deleted it all and I had to start over. Sorry it's short!

Love ya'll!


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