One Direction Kidnapped Me!

Yeah that's right. I was kidnapped by the famous '1D'. Every girls dream right? Well, not this girl. These guys messed with the wrong chick and I'm getting the hell out of here.


11. Chapter 10

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Niall's POV

Harry really pissed me off. I can't beleive he said that to Kylie. After they told me I began pacing back and forth, not saying anything. This whole thing was starting to really break up the guys. We needed a night out.

"Guys, lets just forget this whole thing happened and go out tonite. There's a new club down the street. Lets go out tonite and stay at a hotel or something." I said, quickly. I need sometime away from Kylie anyways. Harry seemed releived I wasn't mad at him anymore.

"But what about Kylie?" Louis piped in. Shit. One of us would have to stay here and watch over her.

"I'll stay." I sighed, I really wanted a night out but I could do it.

"Uh, no. You're to soft on her.I'll do it" Harry piped up.

"Really Harry? I don't think thats a smart idea." Man sometimes Harry doesn't think.

"I'll stay. I don't drink anyways." Liam said. I think he was right. He should be the one to stay.

"OK, so we'll leave at 5 and Liam will stay here." I said, finalizing the decision.

Kylie's POV

I slammed the door and jumped onto my bed. I heard the door open, it must be Niall. I did not feel like hearing them talk about me so I jumped into the shower while playing some Beatles music.

I got out of my shower, changed, and listened for noise out side my door. All was quiet exept a movie playing. I think its Toy Story.

The shower calmed me down a bit so I stepped out.Looking around, I didn't see any of the boys. I shuffled into the living room where Liam was watching one of the Toy Story sequels.

"Where are the others?" I asked, completely curios. I think Liam hadn't seen me walk in because he jumped a little when I spoke. He paused the movie and turned to me. 

" They're out for the night. It's just me, but don't try anything funny." I think he actually thought saying that would make me scared not to try anything. Ha. These boys are so funny sometimes.

"Relax, I just want to chill for the night," I said, not completly lying. It's nice in bad circumstances to relax once in a while, "Can I join you?"

"Uh, sure." Liam seemed a bit shocked but I just plopped down on the grey sofa and got comfortable. 

Liam was at the beginning of the movie when I came in so I sat there for about 2 hours til the movie ended. I said good night to Liam and went to bed, not really that tired though.


Dave plunged the knife over and over again into me. I tried to scream but nothing came out. My blood was every where but Dave kept smiling where as I just wanted to die, the pain unbearable.

Dave took the knife out, grinning like he was insane, which he was. He slowly pulled the knife up to my neck.

"Goodbye, Kylie" He wispered. "See you in hell."

---------End of Dream----------------

I woke up gasping, that had not happened, it was just a dream, just a dream, just a dream. 

Suddenly, Liam crashed through the door, holding a base ball bat. He was only in a T-shirt and his boxers. I giggled a little in side my head, he looked pretty funny.

" I heard screaming." he said, still looking around the room.

"Oh, its okay. I just had a night mare." I said, all humor gone.Liam put   down the bat and came and sat down on my bed.

"About?" he asked.

" I don't want to talk about it. I've been having it since I was 12." I said. I hated keeping that part of me inside, not telling anyone. The only people who knew about it were Ally and my mum. Its hard keeping it in so long and if he asked again I might just tell him the whole story. Thinking about it, I started to  cry just a little.

"You can tell me." he said. This was not the Liam who had kidnapped me. He seemed sincere. After 4 years of not telling anyone, I realized it was time to tell someone, anyone.

I sniffed up my tears and began telling him.

Liam's POV

"When I was 6 my dad left for the war. He had promised that he'd be back. Before he got one his flight to go, he had given me my iPod, saying to remember him while he was gone. I was crying because I was scared, I didn't know if I would be able to keep my dad. He was the best dad ever. He and Mum always got along, they were in love. The only thing they loved more than each other was me." Kylie smiled at the memory. "He had promised that he'd be back for us, that'd he'd never leave us. But he did. My dad was killed in combat. Apparently  he had been helping bring back a wounded soldier when he was shot in the back. He kept on going. But by the time he got back with the soldier, there was nothing they could do. On the run back, he had lost too much blood. He died." Kylie wiped away a few tears. "The president came to meet me and Mum, telling us how Dad was a hero, and he gave us a medal. It really hit me hard. I cried for what felt like a decade. Mum was worse. She started drinking. Alot. But, after two years, we all were getting better. Mum stopped drinking and I started going back to my usual self. I met Ally. Ally became my best friend. We hung out all the time. I was really getting better. We never forgot Dad but we continued living our lives, Mum and I." She was smiling a little, but still had a few tears coming down. "The next year, I was 9, Mum got a boyfriend. His name was Dave. I really liked him. He was super nice and I wanted to have someone like Dad, I wanted someone who could look after me. I thought it'd be him." Kylie started frowning. "Dave and Mum stayed together for a while, he even moved in with us. But then, when I was eleven, he changed. He started coming home every night drunk. He would hit me and my mum. Mum started drinking again. I started staying at Ally's most of the time." She was crying a little then "But then, when mum wasn't home, he really started abusing me. Hitting me, trying to take my clothes off. I always got away. I never told anyone, not even Ally. But then, one night, he-he raped me. I was only 11 and he raped me. He started doing it more often, and I kept trying to get away. I eventually told Ally. She tried to tell her mum, but I wouldn't let her. I didn't want to be taken away from my mum, and that's what would happen if the police found out." She was really crying now. I was shocked, who would do that to her?! " When I was twelve  I tried to tell mum. When I did, she had been drunk and didn't know what I was saying. Dave had heard me." She started balling. 

"Go on." I said lightly.

"A week passed and one day, I came home from Ally's and mum wasn't home, like usual. I thought that he was going to rape me again, but no. He did much worst. I came in and he hit me. Hard. I fell to the ground and he lowered down to my level, holding me down. He pulled out a knife and held it above my stomach. He said 'Next time you tell her I'll aim for your heart'. He stabbed me in the stomach and I screamed. He moved the knife around, smiling as blood came out. " Kylie started shaking "I had left something at Ally's so she came over to give it back. When she came inside, she saw me blacked out, knife still in my stomach, Dave over me. She ran out side screaming for help. She called the police while my neighbor, Mark, came in and pulled Dave off me. Mark brought a gun. When Dave tried to fight him, Mark shot him in the leg. Dave fell to the floor and Mark and Ally came to my side. They stayed with me when the ambulance came and got me. Ally's mum came too. They couldn't get a hold of mine and when she found out, even though she was drunk, she ran to the hospital. She, Ally's mum, Ally, and Mark stayed with me the whole time. They told them that I probably wouldn't make it, but I did. They also said that I wouldn't be able to walk, but I can. They said that the scar would be there forever, and it will." She whispered the last part. "Dave went to jail and mum stopped drinking. Mark became my father figure in my life. He and Mum are dating" She smiled. "He told me he's going to purpose. I love Mark, I know he will never do to me what Dave did. And him and Mum are very happy. But even though my life's back on track, I still always remember my past and it haunts me almost every night " She whispered the last part and fell into my arms, crying her eyes out.

We can't do what we're doing to her.


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