The Perks Of Being A Directioner

*based off of the movie PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER* Niall is coping with the suicide of his best friend Justin and the death of his Aunt Anne. To lessen the anxiety of going to a new high school he begins to write to a stranger that he has never met before but seems nice. He finds a friend and mentor in the school english teacher, Liam. He befriends Louis along with his step-sister, Hannah. During the course of the school year, Niall deals with bullies, drugs, friendships, and love. He soon uncovers the disturbing secret that makes him have mental break downs and flash backs.


1. Chapter 1

Nialls P.O.V

My Supras squeked on the shining school floor as i made my way to my new locker. I ran my fingers through my blonde, brown hair, keeping my head down and trying to go unoticed. Girls in tight shorts and expensive shirts hugged eachother and squeled as if they hadnt seen eachother over the course of summer break. Boys in varsity jackets and jerseys fist bumped and high fived.

The air was filled with a buzz of excitment as long term friends greeted eachother. I, on the other hand, didnt know anyone that ran across the hall or leaned against the lockers. I was the new student, all the way from Ireland, starting my first year of high school in Pittsburg.

I dont know what my parents were thinking, dragging me all the way here. It doesnt really matter, they never asked me about my day when i walked through the door. Or bother to ask where i went when i get home after walking alone in the dark.

I finally found my locker, 357. A few lockers down a small group of girls, wearing black and yellow cheerleading uniforms that showed there thin, tanned stomachs and smooth legs gave me nasty looks as i stopped infront of my assigned locker.

I let my bag slip off the one shoulder it was suppourted on and onto the ground next to my feet. I reached my hand into the scratchy material and began shoving the new binders and books into the rusty locker. As i slipped my hand into the bag, a jock in a red and white varsity jacket, black spiky hair and a football in one of his big hands shouldered me against the locker, earning a couple of flirty giggles from the girls in uniforms. The jock and his buddy jogged off, laughing.

I sighed as i put the last of my materials into the locker, also grabbing what i needed for my english class and slamming the door shut. I glanced down at the peice of paper with my schedule printed on it and headed to room 593.


I sat at a desk right next to a girl with straight blonde hair and black eyeliner riming her dark blue eyes. She kept glancing over at me, giving a few small laughs and eyeing looks as i look notes on what the teacher Mr.Payne was teaching us. Apparently, we had to write a 5 page essay on a book of our choosing by next Friday.

School led on as i sat in silence, trying not to draw any attention to myself as i sat alone at lunch and on the bus. I didnt say a word at dinner as my parents discussed the new sights of Pittsburg, acting as though i wasnt even there, not even giving me a glance.

I sat in my room and wrote a letter to my "Friend" telling them about how i sit alone, never talk, dont have any friends, and that im trying to cope with all of the depressing things going on.

After i was done i closed my journel and put it away in the drawer of my desk and started reading the book of which i was writing my essay.


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