4 girls, 4 boys and a whole bunch of tests.

Gemma, Holly, Amber and Jess are in a struggle of friendships, boyfriends and GCSE's. Please comment your thoughts, any thing, please!


2. Holly~

When Gemma came back, I lit a ciggerette and blew out a puff. I relaxed. Amber calmed down, she had her face in a book, scribberling down on her notepad. "Wow, hard core!" She looks up, I nodd at her pad, she'd written seven pages.

"Well, I realised, my dad would go so mental if I fail geography, Drama or Maths. He wont let me eat mash potatoes..." Jess gave her an 'Please explain, now!' look,"Okay, I just love the mash. it's sooooooo yummy it's like kissing....BUT BETTER!" She waited, "You don't get the feeling of suffucation! Unless you choke, then you do."

"Oh-kayyyy.." Gemma smiled at me. I love Gem Gem, she's my best friend. She has long blonde hair with crystal blue eyes. She's not thin but not fat, not even chubby. She's like perfect weight. Boys love her, she doesn't believe it since most of them don't say I LIKE YOU directly. They'll say it too anyone but her.

"Guys, I'm tierd out..." Jess yawned. I love Jess, she's my other bestfriend. She has long brown hair which has loads of volume, she hypnotising green eyes, boys fall at her knees. She'll go to her chemist in a nightie and get chatted up by the boy behind the till.

"Hey, lookie, so theres a cat....ahahahahahaha!" Amber laughs- she needs some sleep. Amber's weirdness draws boys in, people just love her cuteness and innocence. She's almost had more boyfriends than Jess. Amber has bright red hair and cute round brown eyes.

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