4 girls, 4 boys and a whole bunch of tests.

Gemma, Holly, Amber and Jess are in a struggle of friendships, boyfriends and GCSE's. Please comment your thoughts, any thing, please!


1. Gemma ~ Alright Sexy?


Shoot. I need the loo. Oh whatever, I think to myself as I sip at my Diet Coke. "Gem-Gem?" my best friend, Amber, "Whats that?" She asks me, shoving a large black 1000 paged book at me, "That there!" She points at the book, I look up at her. "Ugh!" She yells, spinning around and falling face forward into my single bed.   

"I'm back!" My other best friend, Holly, says reaching into her plastic bag and holding out a diet coke for me and Amber, "How's the studying going?" She raises her eyes at Amber, who's whimpering into my sheets. "Not good, come on! We have to do this!" Holly falls into Amber's swirly chair, taking off her coat to reveal to the same-ish flannel PJ's we're all wearing. (TIP: Flannel PJ's and diet coke with a few dance breaks are very good for all  nighters!)

Holly is the peacekeeper. She's amazingly talented at English and Science even thought she  'hates' science. She'll try to stop the  row but normally stays out of it. She'll only have an arguement if she knows she's correct. She won't make a fuss about nothing. 

Amber got up and said, "Diet Coke!!" She glugged down a whole can. "Fizzz!" and suddenly fizzed started coming out of her nose. Aha. 

Amber is the sweet hearted, the innocent one out of us (as much as she can be). She's clever in work but she needs things to be expressed loud and clear.

Jess walked in, somehow looking gorgeous and well rested, "Got the Doritos!" She places a wooden bowl of Tangy Cheese Doritos on the table, Amber shoves some into her mouth, laughing hysterically. Jess nudges me and whispers, "I've got RedBull as well, but I don't think Amber should have any..." We both look at Amber who's opened the window and is yelling 'Alright, Sexy?' at random strangers. 

Jess is sarcastic , gorgeous and loud. She'll get excluded if a stupid boy messes with us. (i.e she'll threaten him, she not harsh!! unless, your harsh first. Then its your fault) Holly normally calms her down before Jess does anything drastic. 

My phone started to play 'Drunk' by Ed Sheeran, when the song got to 'I wanna be drunk when I wake up' Jess said, "Aha, me too!" The caller id, Dad. 

"Hi Dad!" I say, walking out of my bedroom and into the hallway,

"How did you know it was me?"

"Caller ID, dad." I say asamatteroffact tone of voice,

"Bloody technology!" Dad mumbles, "How's the house?" You see, GCSE tests are tommorrow and I have to study, so dad, mum and my little brother have gone to my Auntie Jo's. "Not a complete wreck?"

I look around, seeing crisps packets, a few of Holly's cigeretes (I don't smoke, I can't stand it) and diet coke cans. "Okay, just a few cans that's all..."

"Of?!" my dad asked, questionally

"Diet Coke, God!"

"Good, Got to go, sweetheart, bye!"

"Bye..." I waited for him to hung up,

"Yes darling, she's fine." Oh he's talking to mum, "Backrub, please!" I dropped my phone, ugh.

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