The Champion: The Legend of the White Magnolia

(("I love good and pleasure, I hate evil and pain, I want to be happy and I am not mistaken in believing, that people, angels and even demons have those same inclinations."
- Nicolas Malebrance))

Demons and Angels have always fought each other, ever since the first sun rose up, they have sought to kill one another. In every single history book, they will be mentioned shedding the opposites blood. It is inevitable.

But also, in such history books, a single person is mentioned. A Hero. A Savior. A Champion.


15. Chapter 4 - Livi, Uriel, Dominic





Livi, Uriel, Dominic


She already missed her mother and sister, as she was laying on a bed in an inn that they had passed by outside of the fields of Dockmoore. They hadn't made it as far as they had hoped on their first day, and now the morning sun was smiling through the window.

Livi turned around in the bed so that the sun wouldn't bother her eyes, and as she saw Dominic sleeping next to her, she gave a sweet smile and caressed his wing that had been holding her the entire night.

She didn't wish to leave his warm embrace, but neither did she wish to stay. Her stomach was growling from hunger. And Uriel was the last that used the backpack when he ate late dinner.

With care, she removed his wing holding her and stepped out of the bed. Luckily she didn't wake him up, as he was no morning person.

She took light steps as she sneaked out from their room and into the one Uriel had been sleeping in. They didn't need to pay for the rooms, as the keeper of the inn didn't wish to accept any money from the Abomination, but he couldn't throw them out as they were in company of an Angel.

She was surprised to find him awake, when she looked into Uriel's bedroom.

“Bonum mane. Good morning,” he said and kept his gaze at the wall. He looked thoughtful.

“Good morning, Uriel,” Livi said and entered the room and sat next to him, whereafter she too stared at the wall.

“So what are we looking at?” she asked with a serious tone.

“Who knows. A long travel. A continuous war. A lot of death. A bit of everything.” His voice was heavy with sadness and guilt, and maybe a bit of worrying.

Livi nodded a bit as she had nothing to say to all of this. She dug her hand through the backpack and found half a loaf of bread. She broke off a large piece and began biting off of it, as she listened to Uriel worry.

“It's just... I hope they find Vindicem soon to end the war. Vindicem means Champion.”

“I'm still not sure what the Champion has to do with any of this?” Livi asked after having swallowed the dry bread.

“I'm not sure I'm the one to tell you this, as I don't know entirely myself. Scolaris, a scholar, could tell you more. But I can try if you want me to...” He looked at her and let out a puff as she nodded.

“Okay then. How do I begin. Vindicem is... Vindicem is a holy person. Only one can exist at a time. They're a mix between Daemonum and Angelus, with feathered wings yet in black, magnificent horns and a glorious halo, and a tail. That's the only certain characteristics of Vindicem. I used to look a lot at the pictures of Vindicem from different wars. They're so majestic and sublime!” He sounded starstruck as he spoke of this Vindicem.

“One exists each war. But mind you they're not born as a Vindicem, they're born as a Mortalis. At least no other examples exists or are remembered in the history books. Now, don't ask me how this works, because I'm not completely sure, so don't hang me up on this! When the Vindicem is chosen or “found”, the war is to end, on Vindicem terms. All I've heard and understood, Vindicem decides when and how the war ends. If Vindicem wishes the war to continue another hundred years, then it'll first end once those hundred years are done, although Vindicem doesn't live that long, as they will still have the life span of a Mortalis, I believe. Once Vindicem dies, another war will most likely break out.” Despite him claiming not to know much about Vindicem, Livi still thought he knew plenty, and she was greatly intrigued by this.

“I don't know much else though. Like I said, you'd have to go find a Scolaris.” He smiled lightly and looked at Livi.

“I think you know plenty,” she said and smiled back at him.

They looked to the door as they heard footsteps, and Dominic approached the doorway.

“Good morning sunshine,” he said and smiled at Livi, whom mimicked his expression. “And morning to you too, Uriel.”

“Bonum mane,” Uriel said and gave a nod.

“Uriel was just right telling me about the Champion.” Livi put the bread away and swung the backpack over her shoulder. Uriel quickly duck so that he wouldn't get hit by the backpack.

“Solis, uhh the sun, have been up for a while, we should move now,” Uriel said and stood up too. They could all agree to that it would be best to travel under the sun rather than under the moon.

They left the inn in a hurry, and as they traveled down the broken and holed road, Dominic ate a bit of the same bread as Livi had.

“Where will our next stop be?” Livi asked as she was walking behind Uriel and next to Dominic.

Uriel was stretching his wings and bending them in every direction he could to make sure they wouldn't grow weak from not being used. This was of course only a myth, but Uriel still believed it.

“We don't have a map, do we?” he asked.

“No, we didn't have one at home that we could bring with us.”

“Well then, we'll just have to see.” Uriel folded his wings on his back again and then stepped back, so that he was afoot with Livi.

“How do you know where Orestes are?” she asked in curiosity but kept looking down and elegantly jumped over the holes in the ground.

“How does a migratory bird know which direction to fly in when winter comes?” he asked and sounded rather wise.

None of them could answer this. “Fair enough,” Livi laughed.

As they walked down what once was a highway, they sighted a large sign. Elisac Settlement.

“Maybe they have a place where we can buy a map?” Livi asked and looked from Uriel and to Dominic.

“Well why not, as long as it doesn't stray too far from our road.” Uriel shrugged and Dominic agreed with him.


The town was more of a long and dirty road, with smaller roads spreading from the main road and lots of buildings on the sides and all around. Not a single building had more than one floor, although some had basements. They looked fragile and Livi got concerned just by passing the buildings.

All three of them were surprised not to see any Demons nor Angels going about.

“Why do you think here's no Demons nor Angels?” Dominic whispered, as he feared that this could be a touchy subject.

“That's a good question...” Livi said and noticed how everyone send warning and hard glares their way, but they weren't directed at Dominic this time.

They were directed at Uriel.

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