The Champion: The Legend of the White Magnolia

(("I love good and pleasure, I hate evil and pain, I want to be happy and I am not mistaken in believing, that people, angels and even demons have those same inclinations."
- Nicolas Malebrance))

Demons and Angels have always fought each other, ever since the first sun rose up, they have sought to kill one another. In every single history book, they will be mentioned shedding the opposites blood. It is inevitable.

But also, in such history books, a single person is mentioned. A Hero. A Savior. A Champion.


13. Chapter 4 - Livi, Uriel, Dominic



Chapter 4



Livi, Uriel, Dominic


Her mother was very displeased by the decision, but Livi didn't think she'd like it.

Sure she trusted her daughter, she had already been through so much, but she was only 20 years old! But she knew her daughter too well, and a no wasn't going to stop her.

“I don't really have a say, do I?” her mother asked as she sat with her hands folded and looked at the table. She was shaking a bit and tears had begun to fall.

Livi went over to hug her mother and the embrace was tender and loving, as her mother sobbed.

In the doorway stood Dominic, Uriel and Merrill.

“We should give them some space...” Uriel said and stepped into the living room, followed closely by Merrill.

Dominic took a second or two before he moved away from the doorway. Livi's mother was just as much his mother. Ever since Livi was 12 and Dominic was 4 when they met, and they took him in.

“So you guys are leaving for Orestes today?” Merrill asked and sat down in the couch next to Uriel.

“Yeah, it's a very long trip. I'm glad that your sister have said yes to come with me. Dominic too, of course.” Uriel sighed as he ran a hand through his hair.

“When will you come back?” Merrill asked and then began stuttering, as she noticed the look Uriel gave her. “I-I mean you, as in all of you! Not only you, as in you yourself, haha...” she avoided his tries for eye-contact and blushed a bit from embarrassment.

“That's a good question... I don't really know...” he hesitated to answer; there were chances that they wouldn't make it back at all, but he couldn't tell the family that. Even if they survive, they might not come back before the war was over.

“How are we going to get there? I mean Livi doesn't have wings, and mine can barely carry me. We don't have a car either nor a license for driving one.” Dominic leaned against the back of the couch and looked at its passengers.

“That is a problem, yes... I don't know, in all of my life my wings and legs have been my only way of transportation...” Uriel stared blankly at a picture hanging on the wall before them. It was a family photo, yet the fathers face had been burned out. He chose not to dwell on it.

“Just because Livi doesn't have a license, doesn't mean she can't drive,” Merrill said and Uriel looked at her.

Dominic weren't surprised to being told this.

“What? She's been driving without a license? That's illegal!”

“And harboring an Abomination isn't? She's done plenty of illegal things! Driving without a license isn't the worst one.” Merrill shrugged.

“What do you mean by that?” Uriel hissed with clenched teeth and stared at Merrill, whom seemed untouched by his hard glare.

“Why don't you ask her?” Merrill said, and in that moment, Livi entered the room.

“I-I think that... it'd be best if we left now, before I change my decision...” her voice was shaking and she choked a cry.

Dominic offered his open arms, and she willingly walked into them, although she still held back her tears.

Uriel still had his questions, but could see that this was not the time for it.


Once they had packed what little they could, some food and the small amount of money that both Livi and Dominic had saved up, into a backpack that Livi was going to carry, they were ready to leave.

Livi hugged her mom whom was still bent over the table in tears.

“I-I'm sorry mother... But I... I have to do this...” again she had to choke back her tears from bursting.

Her mother didn't say anything, she just kept sobbing as Livi took quick steps out from the kitchen.

By the front door stood the others. Merrill embraced Dominic in a long hug, as they whispered their goodbyes.

“Where's your armor?” Livi asked as she approached them and looked up at Uriel.

“It's too damaged, it wouldn't do me any good. I'm sure your family can sell it for a good amount of money,” he spoke calmly with a soft smile, and Livi smiled back.

Merrill too had tears in her eyes, yet she didn't bawl like their mother. “Take care sister! Come back home alive!” She sobbed.

“I will. I promise. You take care of mom, okay? She's still broken after... you know...” Livi said and couldn't get herself to say it, not whilst Uriel was so close.

“Yes, of course sister...” Merrill then turned to Uriel. She felt saddened to see the handsome Angel leaving her too soon.

“Watch out for my sister, she's the only one I have.” She chuckled lightly and wiped away a tear.

“Of course. Ut Deus tecum sit,” he said with the same smile on his lips as he laid a hand on the youngest sister's shoulder.

“I don't know what that meant. But it sounded beautiful,” Merrill said and felt her heart beat by his touch.

“May God be with you,” Dominic said and looked at Livi as she took on the backpack.

“We'd best get going now...” Livi said and sounded none too enthusiastic.


Outside were Angels flying around, both civilians and military. They had been quick to occupy the city, and none of the Humans enjoyed their new neighbors one bit.

Uriel stretched out his back and wings, as Livi and Dominic's home had been too cramped for him.

They waved to Merrill as they began walking down the street. These were their first steps on their long travel till Orestes to meet Ducibus.

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