The Champion: The Legend of the White Magnolia

(("I love good and pleasure, I hate evil and pain, I want to be happy and I am not mistaken in believing, that people, angels and even demons have those same inclinations."
- Nicolas Malebrance))

Demons and Angels have always fought each other, ever since the first sun rose up, they have sought to kill one another. In every single history book, they will be mentioned shedding the opposites blood. It is inevitable.

But also, in such history books, a single person is mentioned. A Hero. A Savior. A Champion.


16. Chapter 4 - Adrian







“Dux Kahan! The Daemonum are ready to atta-” a Demon burst through the curtain to Dux Kahan's bedchamber, but she froze in her chain of thought, when she found a naked Dux and a naked Nuntius cramped together in a one-man bed.

“Yes, thank you, I will be right there...” he grunted and sat up in the bed.

Kahan looked down at Adrian, before he stood up and woke up the Nuntius from his sleep. Dux Kahan put on a pair of pants and went to look through the curtain.

Outside it was still a bit dark, the sun had begun to rise and the sky was in a dark red hue. Demons were dashing around outside as they had to make ready for the next battle.

“It's time for you to go...” Kahan said as he kept watching the racket outside.

Adrian was quickly out of the bed and began dressing up in his leather armor. He kept a watchful and admiring eye on the Dux, as he too got dressed, but in his glorious and obviously worn armor, with scratches, bruises and dried blood stains.

Adrian always had difficulty with getting his wings through the tight leather armor. Dux Kahan walked over to where Adrian stood and helped his batwings through the slots in the back of it.

“Have the battle-drums sounded yet?” Adrian asked over his shoulder and zipped it up on the front of it.

“No, not yet. They wont sound without my permission,” Kahan said and Adrian turned around in his place.

Dux Kahan caressed his thin chin and looked him in the eyes. “We'll win. No worries Nuntius Adrian.” Kahan read his expression easily, as Adrian looked worried.

“I don't doubt it, Dux Kahan...” Adrian stood on his toes to reach the lips of his superior.

“I'll see you soon again...” Kahan said and then stepped away from Adrian, and over to where his large plasma-rifle hang on the wall.

Without any real goodbyes, Adrian walked backwards out so that he could watch Kahan in all his pride with his weapon in his hands. He easily took off from the edge and shot into the air with quick flaps of his wings.

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