The Champion: The Legend of the White Magnolia

(("I love good and pleasure, I hate evil and pain, I want to be happy and I am not mistaken in believing, that people, angels and even demons have those same inclinations."
- Nicolas Malebrance))

Demons and Angels have always fought each other, ever since the first sun rose up, they have sought to kill one another. In every single history book, they will be mentioned shedding the opposites blood. It is inevitable.

But also, in such history books, a single person is mentioned. A Hero. A Savior. A Champion.


11. Chapter 3 - Livi, Uriel, Dominic





Livi, Uriel, Dominic


Livi was finally up and walking again, yet she had begun to skip school. She did have to wear the uniform, because they couldn't afford clothes. Even Uriel had to wear the clothes he could fit from Dominic's wardrobe.

The three of them were downtown shopping, with what little money Livi's mother had managed to scrape together from her job.

“So what are we serving for dinner?” Dominic asked, he was usually the one cooking as he had quickly gotten taste for the culinary world.

“Well what do you feel like making?” Livi chuckled and looked at a pack of noodles.

“Something with meat for once,” Uriel said, and him and Livi smiled at each other and laughed at Dominic's displeased face.

He didn't have anything against meat, he just found other things more entertaining to cook. “Well well, excuse me for not being afraid of exploring other aspects of food!”

“Have you ever explored meat then?” Uriel said and ducked when a pack of pulverized sauce was thrown at him.

Livi shook her head with a smile, as the two of them began throwing around lighter items of the store. Everything suddenly grew quiet and tall shadows stood above them.

Livi and Dominic walked up next to Uriel, as three tall Angels approached them. The Angels had finally gotten wind of the battle that had been won and had arrived at Dockmoore.

“Uriel,” one of them said short.

“Yes?” Uriel answered with and knew what was going to happen. Or he thought he knew.

“Vir Fortis,” another said and all three bowed to him.

Livi gave a curious look, and whispered to Dominic: “Why are they bowing to him?”

Dominic knew only a little Latin, it came with his genes. “Vir Fortis means Hero in Latin. They're bowing to him as to show respect.”

They weren't the only ones confused by this.

“Stand, please. I am no Vir Fortis, I am just a simple Bellator fulfilling his duty.”

Again, Livi looked at Dominic. “Soldier,” he said and then looked back at the Angels.

“Ducibus begs to differ, Vir Fortis Uriel,” the one in the middle said and stood again.

“Leaders,” Dominic quickly said to avoid the question.

Livi looked around and noticed how the Humans either send death glares or were shaking in fear. Everyone except the Angels remained quiet.

“Am I to leave for Landhall now?” Uriel asked and stood with a straight back, and his wings were spread as wide as they could in pride of his new title.

“No, you are deemed much more important now,” the one to the right said. “You are to go to Orestes. Ducibus needs you, Vir Fortis Uriel.”

Uriel was confused, but if Ducibus had asked for him, he had to abide. He turned around and looked at Livi and Dominic, whom both looked puzzled. Despite only having been with them for a week or so, he felt close to them.

“I will. If I can bring these two as my Sociis,” he spoke to the three Angels and hinted at Livi and Dominic.

As the Angels looked at them, hate filled their eyes and they all pulled out their weapons.

“ODIUM! ODIUM!” They began shouting and aimed at Dominic and the sound of their weapons charging were heard.

“No! If you hurt Odium, I will refuse to go to Orestes!” Uriel said and jumped in between Dominic and the laser-rifles.

Both Dominic and Livi was caught by surprise when Uriel jumped into the line of fire. The instant that the weapons had been aimed at Dominic, Livi had grabbed his hand, which was now having a firm grip on Dominic's hand.

This was a moment of decision that took more than a few seconds, as the Angels decided as to how important Uriel really was. Uriel send them hard looks as he glared into their eyes where they stood taller than him.

At last, the weapons were lowered. “...You're regarded as too important for the Angelus. We will not hurt Odium, but know that he can't enter Orestes. If he does so, you will be executed. Your Mortalis Sodalis too.”

Livi sank hard and felt knots tie themselves in her stomach, as she then felt Dominic give her hand a squeeze and they looked at each other.

Uriel kept his hard stance. “Understood.”

With no other words, the Angels left them, although not before they had sent Dominic glares of hatred, and for some reason, when they came from Angels, they hurt that much more.

“...You gotta teach me Latin, I didn't know you knew that language...” Livi was the first to speak.

“It comes with the genes,” Dominic said.

“Although a lot of it have been lost during time,” Uriel said and finally turned towards Livi and Dominic again, after having been standing and looking the way the Angels went.

“I can't believe it... I'm... Vir Fortis?” he looked down at his hands, that were shaking with excitement and his wings were spread in pride.


Back home in the kitchen, which was where they spend most of their time, Dominic began cooking, and the two others sat by the table.

“Uriel... why did you decide to bring us along?” Livi asked. “I mean I'm up for it, I'm just... curious as to why...”

“Well for starters, Orestes is on the other side of the planet, so that's a long road best traveled with Sociis-”

“Wait. Before you continue, could you please translate your Latin for me? Humans don't speak that...” Livi asked as she interrupted him.

“Of course. Sociis means companions. You're also one of the only Mortalis, Human and Humans, that I have met that openly supports my people, Angelus. I am in a desperate need of your assistance the most, amongst the other Mortalis!”

“What about me?” Dominic suddenly asked, yet he kept his look down at the noodles that were boiling.

“Well I'd never dare separating the two of you!” Uriel laughed and Livi felt a smile coming up. 

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