The Champion: The Legend of the White Magnolia

(("I love good and pleasure, I hate evil and pain, I want to be happy and I am not mistaken in believing, that people, angels and even demons have those same inclinations."
- Nicolas Malebrance))

Demons and Angels have always fought each other, ever since the first sun rose up, they have sought to kill one another. In every single history book, they will be mentioned shedding the opposites blood. It is inevitable.

But also, in such history books, a single person is mentioned. A Hero. A Savior. A Champion.


12. Chapter 3 - Artemis







Her large and strong wings carried her better than any other regular Demon. But Hunters needed that for when they were chasing their prey.

It barely took her a day from the desert to the harbor of Ceruleanbay, which was a hidden city inside of the Bluecliffs. Hidden, but not secret.

Ceruleanbay used to be an ambush location used wars back, by the Angels, as the waters here were traveled through a lot back then.

Then it turned into a city as the Demons found it six wars back, and now it was used by anyone. Civilians from both Demons and Angels could be found in here. Humans too.

As she was hovering in the air before Ceruleanbay, she saw that a mark had been burned into the cliffs, where the comet had landed and left its mark for all to see.

With a devils smile, she entered the city inside the Bluecliffs. What she saw was a disgrace; Demons and Angels and Humans living together. Even though they were avoiding each other, they still walked side by side, and even a few were talking. Not all Demons and Angels fought each other, but that didn't mean they lived in peace and harmony.

There was a bright glow inside of the cave from the street lamps that emitted white light. As Artemis walked down the streets in between the broken down houses, that had been patched with scrap metals, everybody, both Demons and Angels and Humans, scurried to the sides and hid in their homes. Hunters were either greatly respected or greatly feared by civilians; which one didn't matter to Artemis.

Between two houses stood a staircase made by the rock in the cliff, which lead through a larger hole up into the more sinful part of town. The Servants Escape

As Artemis walked through, they send her fearful glances as they kept to the sides of the Servants Escape and hid in the darkness. A few tried to approach her, but when she looked at them, they jumped back like a scared animal and clung together with others. They were all the less pleasant types: Prostitutes, thiefs, murderes. Any kind of scum you could find.

The Indigo Highwayman was the most successful brothel around the Ceruleanbay. And it was where Artemis was meeting with the other Hunters.

The stench of alcohol attacked her nose when she walked through the metal door. It was surprisingly empty, but it had probably been closed down for the night.

The keeper of the brothel stood behind a bar in the next room. He was polishing the tankards, yet they would never become clean and probably never had been. She didn't even have to say anything, because when he noticed her, he stopped his practiced rhythm and glared at her for a while.

“What is the password?” the Human asked and placed the tankard and the cloth on the table.

“In Diabolum nos fides,” she said with a straight back, her head held high and her magnificent wings spread.

He sent her a few cautious glares, but she looked the part and he began walking to a larger casket, which had been claimed as “just for decoration”.

The Human looked around the room they stood in to make sure that they were alone. They were.

He punched a brick in the wall next to the casket, and its front opened up.

“Hey Master, I found the cheese-” a younger Angel walked into the room with a big round cheese in his arms.

Everyone froze as the kid watched the entrance to the hideout open up. Artemis could see right away how the kid quickly became scared. His legs were shaking and he could barely hold the cheese up anymore, his eyes were clinging to her.

“Interficerent eum!” The keeper shouted and pointed at him.

Despite not understanding entirely what he had said, the kid still dropped the cheese and began running with his wings flapping in agitation.

Artemis was quickly behind him after she dropped her plasma-handgun.

When they came outside of the Servants Escape, the kid of an Angel quickly took to the air, although it didn't look nearly as elegant as Artemis, when she shot through the air like a proud eagle.

The kid kept crying and screaming, and everyone below them looked up, yet no one did anything. There were no police, no militia, no nothing in the manner of fighters, and everyone were too horrified by the Hunter, to try and save the poor kid.

With a few and strong beats of her bat-like wings, she reached the Angel, but didn't slow down. As he kept on crying, she kept on flying.

At the end, the blue cliff walls were painted red.

When she entered The Indigo Highwayman, the keeper handed her a cloth, so that she could wipe off the blood of the Angel.

“I'll find a new apprentice. He was a fool anyways,” the Human said with no sign of sorrow, as he gestured her to the entrance of the hideout.

“Artemis! I thought you'd never come!” Rahos said and quickly stood up with his arms spread.

Rahos was an old friend of Artemis, they had been in quite a few fights together through their years as hunters. They were close enough to be beyond titles.

“Well we couldn't possibly do this without her, so of course she'd show up!” Bozom, the tallest one in the room, said with a tankard in his hand, and raised it towards Artemis as a gesture.

She wasn't one bit hesitant to embrace her old friend.

“Oh Rahos! How's the eye? Still blind as ever?” she asked and they all broke into laughter, although Rahos seemed rather embarrassed by the mention of it.

“It was an accident! Come on guys...” he rubbed the back of his neck.

But those two weren't the only ones she had to greet.

Leton was the newest Hunter in their group, yet that didn't beat his arrogance.

“Greetings Venator Artemis, I've heard quite a lot about you, although I don't believe you'll be needed with my assistance.” He smirked and bowed to her before kissing her hand.

“Aren't you quite the Virgo,” she said and the others tried not to laugh too loudly, where as Leton just gave her a growl.

Artemis already thought he was more about the appearance of the Hunters than the actual physical work of it.

She then turned towards one that was very much like Leton; all about the appearance. Ilies was Artemis' younger sister, being born as a Hunter was something genetic.

“Artemis!” Ilies almost shouted in her excitement, as she shot up from her seat and flew, literally, into the arms of her sister. When they last had seen each other was unknown.

“Oh Ilies! Such a long time since last! How are you?” Artemis asked with a smile on her lips; she mostly only gave sincere smiles around these people.

“I'm fine sister! And yes, it has been too long! We got to go hunting sometime!”

They both sat down by the table with Rahos and Bozom, where Leton was left out.

“Well that wont be too long now! We all know what the comet meant,” Bozom said and emptied his tankard once again.

“Maybe we should wait with this talk till the last one arrives?” Artemis asked and they all agreed to it, and got served another round of alcohol.

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