The Champion: The Legend of the White Magnolia

(("I love good and pleasure, I hate evil and pain, I want to be happy and I am not mistaken in believing, that people, angels and even demons have those same inclinations."
- Nicolas Malebrance))

Demons and Angels have always fought each other, ever since the first sun rose up, they have sought to kill one another. In every single history book, they will be mentioned shedding the opposites blood. It is inevitable.

But also, in such history books, a single person is mentioned. A Hero. A Savior. A Champion.


9. Chapter 2 - Uriel







There was a saying in the wars: “As long as one man still stands in the end, the war is won.”

He was so exhausted.

His armor was bloody and bruised; some of it was his own blood, but most of it weren't.

He had wounds that would probably never close and turn into scars without proper medical care. His hair clung together in smaller groups from all the dried and sticky blood that had been shed. Pearls of sweat caresses his face as he removed his helmet.

He looked at the city of Dockmoore with mixed feelings. They might have won this battle, but the war was far from over.

With remorseful steps, Uriel walked towards the city in the rain that tried to wash away his worries along with the blood. All in vain. He knew that no matter what he did, the Humans wouldn't like him. They had no rights in kicking him out or mistreating him, as Dockmoore now belonged to the Angels, but he still didn't want to be the one to take the victorious steps into the city.

All around him were whispers and unwanted glares burning into him, as he walked in the usually proud armor, that now only seemed like a curse. No one was happy with the end of the battle that had been fought.

But the further in he walked, the less attention he seemed to get. Everyone had their backs turned at him, but not for the reasons as he thought. They were screaming and yelling things, cruel things.

He heard sirens and a few laser blasts, and it all began sounding like a big fight.

Then he saw something peculiar; someone hastily flew by with a pair of white wings, and here he thought he was alone. Yet this person seemed in distress, as if he was chased. Was the situation here really that bad?

He quickly spread his strong wings and gave into the air, although he felt a bit slowed down with the heavy armor.

“Wait!” He called out for his fellow Angel as he followed wherever this person fled to, not caring much as to why they were fleeing.

As he turned a corner to follow, he saw what the other person was fleeing from: a rather large and angry mob.

Uriel remained confused, but decided to follow his Angel fellow. He saw him or her fly into a building full of broken windows and didn't think twice before he followed and landed inside in the dangerous floor, and he could feel it warning him by his every step. He slowly walked towards the Angel that was sitting with his back turned to him, and he saw that this was clearly a male as the body type was large and broad. It wasn't until he got rather close that he saw that this man wasn't an Angel. His wings was large and feathered and white, but his skin was dark.

“Excuse me?” he cautiously asked and stopped walking.

He began getting goosebumps from this place as he felt it run coldly down his back, as if someone was watching him.

“Fuck. Why can't you just leave me alone! I'm not hurting anyone! I'm just here for my friend and I'll leave again!” The Abomination shouted and was clearly anxious.

Uriel felt slightly repulsed by this Abomination, yet he had always been of the curious and benevolent kind. He leaned over to see what the Abomination was kneeling by. As he looked over the dark shoulders, he saw a rather pale girl lying in a pool of what must be her own blood.

“You said that she's your... friend?” Uriel said with hesitation and kept his place behind the Abomination.

“Yes. Even Abominations can have a friend! Not all Humans are the same judgmental and cruel minded beings!” The Abomination growled at Uriel, and lowly began repeat the unconscious female's name.

“Livi... Livi are you okay?”

Uriel stepped up front so that the Abomination could see him, and the darker males jaw dropped.

“Oh... You-You're a-an...” he stuttered and didn't really wish to say the last word out loud.

“I'm guessing you're here to try to kill me? Well go ahead, you wouldn't be the first! But just let me help my friend. She's the only person alive that have ever bothered to help me, the only one that have never given me any doubt nor treated me any different.” His voice was shaking.

Uriel felt sorry for the creature, and knelt down to his height and looked him straight in the eyes.

“I'm not here to kill you...” he said softly and it was obvious to him, that the Abomination didn't believe him.

“I don't believe you... why wouldn't you do that? You're all the same, you Angels. Arrogant and selfish!” He said with a mocking tone, and picked up Livi.

“Just like you said, Mortalis aren't all the same; neither are us Angelus. Let me help you, I am just as much in distress as you are,” Uriel said and stepped closer up to Dominic.

He believed him, for some reason he could feel the truth in what he said. And from what he knew about the situation between Angels and Demons, the Humans had decided upon the Demons side for this war.

“At least let me help you with her,” Uriel said and hinted at Livi.

Dominic looked at her in his arms. She was bleeding and full of glass.

“What's your name, Angel?” he then suddenly looked up and even though he send a hardened look, the Angel only looked sympathetic.

“Uriel,” he said short.


Dominic saw the opportunity that Uriel was. As he figured the Angels had won the battle over the city, he knew that he was untouchable to any Human, within certain standards.


The police had put up a barricade outside of The Broken Mirror, and as Dominic walked out, everyone aimed at him.

“Put down the girl, and slowly step away! We are not hesitant to perform violence on you!” A female officer shouted at him.

He didn't do as she had commanded and just stood still with a straight face and looked at them.

With a threatening stance, they kept a firm a grip on their guns, and Dominic felt victorious when he saw them all slowly lower their weapons, and he had to fight back a smile.

Uriel stepped out with his wings spread wide in pride and superiority. A deep silence fell on everyone, and only the red and blue lights from the police cars moved. The rain had stopped and everyone held their breaths.

Dominic was under Uriel's custody, so he was therefore “untouchable” by the other Humans within the city's borders.

Where Dominic had his wings hidden, Uriel kept his spread as they walked through the crowd that stepped aside before them.


Home at Livi and Dominic's place, her mother gasped when she saw the state of her daughter. Luckily she was a nurse, and could therefore treat her daughters wounds to a certain extend.

As Livi was tended to, Dominic and Uriel sat down in the basement of the house.

“What happens now?” Dominic asked.

Uriel was sitting on a chair with his hands folded and his gaze turned downwards.

“I don't know,” he replied. “I have to stay in Dockmoore until more Angelus come. Thereafter I have to leave for Landhall. A battle is being fought there.”

“So... you're going to stay here with us?” Dominic hoped he would say yes, since his influence would grant them a certain immunity.

“I guess I could, if you think it'll be okay with Livi's mother,” Uriel said and they looked at each other as a silence fell upon them.

For a few hours, they sat in the dark silence of the basement, when the door to it was opened. Dominic quickly jumped to his feet and looked at Livi's mother.

“How is she?” he asked and saw a smile on the older lady's lips.

“She's going to be all right, although she is weak at the moment,” the mother said and walked over to Uriel. “Thank you. For helping my daughter and her friend.” Kindness was a thing that ran in the family.

Uriel gave a sweet smile. “It's my duty to protect and serve, ma'am.”

“I mean it though! If it hadn't been for you, Dominic had never gotten home in time! Please, stay as long as you need!” She said before turning towards Dominic, but he had left them.


Upstairs in a rather empty and broken room, was Livi lying on her bed.

“Dominic...” she whispered weakly when she noticed him in the doorway.

By the mention of his name, he quickly walked to sit by her on her bed. Her wounds had been tended to, and luckily, she hadn't needed stitches. A bottle of pain killers and a large glass of water was standing on her nightstand.

“Livi, are you okay?” he asked and removed a few white locks from her face.

She gave a faint smile and her eyes were barely open.

“I'm... I'm good...” she held his hand. “Thank you... for saving me.”

“Well...” Dominic puffed with a smile. “I did get help...”

As much as this surprised her, she didn't have the energy to jump up. “Oh?... W-who?” she stuttered faintly.

Uriel stood in the doorway, and looked at the two of them holding hands in the bed, and he smiled at the lovely, yet depressing, sight.

“Livi, this is Uriel... He found us in The Broken Mirror.”

She slowly and painfully turned her head to look, and couldn't believe her own eyes.

“Hah, The Broken Mirror? I didn't know anyone sane was willing to step in there,” she laughed.

“Maybe I'm not that sane then,” Uriel said, and kept the smile as he entered the bedroom and walked up next to Dominic. “How are you?”

“Ah, ahah. Painful. Exhausted. Happy.” She grunted whenever she moved a muscle, but kept up a serene smile.

“Happy?” Uriel asked curiously. He couldn't see why she would be.

“Yes. Happy. The fact that you're here means... that the Angels won. Right?” she had closed her eyes as she spoke.

“Yes, we won. But with big casualties. I was the only one to survive...”

They grew silent for a moment in the memory of the deaths, when a voice spoke from the doorway.

“Livi needs to rest. Sir Angel, can I have a look at your wounds?” Livi's mother said.

“Please, ma'am, call me Uriel,” he said with a smile and walked over to her, where they both then looked at Dominic.

“I'll be right downstairs if you need anything...” he said and gave Livi's hand a squeeze. All she replied with was a small “mhm”, as she had already begun to fall asleep.


“So, both you and your daughter supports the Angelus?” Uriel asked as he and the mother sat down by a table in the kitchen. He had his right arm on the table, and the older woman was stitching a wound of his.

Over by the stove stood Dominic and stirred in a soup that was to be served for dinner.

“Yes, we all support you. Although I believe Livi would also show kindness to a Demon, if she thought he deserved it.”

“Wait... you said 'we all'. Does this mean there's more than just the two of you? Ah!” He asked and gave a groan when the needle went through his skin again.

“Oops, sorry. And yes, I have a second daughter, but she's only 16 years old, so she's not all that involved with any of this,” the mother said and closed yet another wound.

Before anyone could get to say anything else, a shorter Human walked into the room and threw her bag at the floor.

“Finally I'm home! Ugh! School was so-” she froze in her sentence when she saw who was sitting by the table. An Angel.

“Oh Merrill! This is Uriel, he helped Dominic saving your sister earlier!” Their mother said with a big smile and pierced his skin again with the needle, which made Uriel jump in his seat.

Merrill stood completely still, she barely breathed as she was too excited with the presence of the Angel. Everyone seemed to be at a loss of words.

When Dominic then broke the silence. “Your sister is fine, by the way.” He said and removed the boiling soup from the heated plate.

“A-Are you... a real live Angel?” she asked and one could hear how her excitement build up.

Uriel gave a laugh and smiled. “Yes, I am. A pleasure to meet you.”

Again she seemed speechless as she slowly moved around in one place, in her uncertainty how to behave and act.

“I'm just going to take this bowl of soup up to Livi,” Dominic said and picked up a spoon.

“No! No, I mean... No, let me do it. I need to see my sister...” it suddenly came from Merrill, and everyone looked surprised at her.

She dropped her shoes before taking another step, and in the silence that had befallen them, she grabbed the bowl and a spoon before taking quick steps upstairs and into her sisters bedroom.

She placed the bowl and the spoon on the nightstand, whereafter she ran to close the door, and pressed her back against it.

“Oh Merrill... I'm so happy to see you...” Livi said with a frail voice and sat up in the bed.

“Are you aware that you have an incredibly hot Angel guy sitting in our kitchen?” Merrill spoke with an excited and speedy tone.

“Wha-what?” her sister asked confused as she began stirring the soup.

“Haven't you seen him? Uriel?” Merrill sat down in the bed next to her sister.

“Merrill, I don't-”

“Aah isn't he just dreamy!” Merrill suddenly burst out with and fell back onto the bed.

Livi chuckled slightly before taking the first sip.

“C'mon, admit it sis! He's good-looking! Even you can see that!” The younger sister nudged her bigger sister slightly, and Livi winced at the pain from her arm.

“Ah! Careful!” She said with the spoon in her mouth and rubbed her sore spot. Although that didn't mean she could get around the question.

“Well...” she started off with, and her sister scooted closer. “He IS an Angel after all!”

Her sister then threw a loud and very delighted giggle. “I know! A real live Angel! In our house! I can't believe it!” 

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