Last First Kiss (Sequel to "This Kiss", COMPLETED!)

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When you go back to school in September (or in our case late August) and people ask you how your summer was. And they except you to tell them that it was great! You went to the beach, met a cute guy blablabla! Well that's partly true for me. Sure my parents died and I was forced to move to California to live with my grandmother. But that could happen to anyone. I nearly died in a surfing accident, met Louis Tomlinson (and fell even more in love with him), broke his heart, watched my friends fall in love with 2 of his friends, forced to have the annoying (but beautiful) Eleanor Calder live with me and drive me completely insane, and on top of all that my ex-boyfriend Jack shows up and kidnaps me. And yes I'm still in his custody. Will I get saved? Who knows? Just read it(:
Cover by InnocentlyBeautiful :) Copyright ©


7. You're Impossible.. but I love you

*A/N Just know that this chapter occurs after Bianca is saved. InnocentlyBeautiful needs to add the chapter where it actually happens. And since she is sadly grounded I don't know when she'll be back on :( But hopefully not long! Anyway... here's chapter 7!*

*1 week later*

Elizabeth's POV

I put my open suitcase on the bed and started folding my newly clean clothes and neatly inside it. Olivia and I were leaving the next day. We were sad but we were just happy that Bianca was ok. Jack recently got arrested and got a lifetime in prison. Hallelujah! We won't be seeing him again. Sadly Bianca is intense care at the hospital. We went by yesterday to see how she was doing and it honestly didn't look good. She has tons of broken bones, bruises and cuts everywhere. They don't know if she's gonna make it and we're super worried. We're gonna go by again later and hope that things are better. We're optimistic but by what the doctor said she had a 50-50 chance. I sighed and put another shirt in my suitcase. Olivia was waiting for her clothes to be dry unless she'd be here with me. I was happy to go home and everything but things being the way that they are I wasn't exactly ecstatic about it. I went in the bathroom and grabbed my shampoo, conditioner, and makeup. I noticed my conditioner bottle was surprisingly light. I know it was a big bottle but I didn't think I'd use that much. Then it occurred to me. Eleanor used my conditioner. If she were here right now I would totally be yelling at her right now. I put them in the plastic zip lock I brought and set them in my suitcase. I walked over to the radio and turned on Spin! 1038. I know it's a British radio but since Bianca's grandma is incredibly rich she has super neato satellite radio thingy. She explained it to me but I got bored and just nodded. "So, tell me girl if everytime we touch! You get this kinda rush! Baby, say yeah yeah yeah! If you don't wanna take it slow, and you just wanna take me home! Baby, say yeah yeah yeah! And let me kiss you!" "And that was "Kiss You" by One Direction!" the radio announcer guy said. 'Super.' I thought. "We have the boys in the studio right now actually..." I froze in place. "OLIVIA!" I yelled. "WHAT?" She yelled back. "THE GUYS ARE ON THE RADIO!" I heard her zip upstairs and seconds later she was next to me. "Hello!" They all said close to the same time. "So boys let's get right to it. Your tour starts in February, your album is number one like everywhere which is great but we gotta ask and we know everyone asks this but... whose single and whose not?" They were silent for a second. "I'm currently with someone" Zayn broke the ice. "Me too" Liam said proudly. "I'm single" Harry said flatly. "Niall?" The radio announcer guy asked. 'If he denies anything I will kill him' I threatened in my mind. "Oh sorry um I'm seeing someone too." I smiled. "Very nice... so Zayn we know you're with Perrie from Little Mix (ZERRIE FOREVER! <3) but Niall and Liam... we haven't heard much about your girlfriends... are they famous?" Olivia and I looked at each other and bit our lip. Liam spoke first. "No they're not actually. We met them when were on holiday in American this month and they're really great." Niall stayed quiet. "Well that's good. So onto.." Suddenly we heard a crash. "For God's sake Niall!" We heard Liam say. Olivia and I busted out laughing. "Aggh!" Niall said. "Well there you have it Niall dropped his tea live on the radio." Harry said next. "We're gonna take a break to help Niall clean up so enjoy another 1D song "Live While We're Young"!" And the song began playing. I couldn't take the pain anymore so I shut the radio off. "Hey! I was listening to that!" Olivia whined. "Sorry I just don't think I can listen to them right now." "Oh that's ok.. the only question I really have is why Louis wasn't there. I mean he can go back now that Jack is gone..." "Maybe he's playing it safe I don't know." I went back to my packing. Seconds later my new iPhone started playing "Summer Love".. Niall's ringtone. He got it for me as another "I'm sorry I'm leaving present" and he had set the ringtone. I would've picked it up in an instant but I guess I was too mad at him for not saying anything about me. "You gonna get that?" Olivia gestured to my still ringing phone. "Nope." I said simply. "Ok then I will" She dived towards my phone and answered it. "NO!" I mouthed. "Hi Niall" She said smiling all cheery. "GIMME THE PHONE!" I mouthed again. But she kept talking. "No she's um... cutting her toe nails." "YOU ARE SO DEAD!" I mouthed for the third time. "No I don't know why... alright alright fine. I lied. She's right here." She paused and let him talk. "Alright, alright chill go clean the tea off yourself." She handed me the phone before he could question and ran out of the room. "Hello" I said flatly. "Hey.. I guess you heard the interview." He practically mumbled. "Yeah I did. Why did you let Liam do all the talking?" I asked. "I was nervous and I-" "Niall are you seriously embarrassed to tell the world you're with a normal girl who isn't famous?" He was quiet. "You are embarrassed aren't you?!" I practically screeched. "Niall James Horan I can't believe you!" And I tapped the screen ending the call before he could protest or say anything else. He tried calling back but I just hit decline. I couldn't believe him. I seriously had a half a mind to dump him. But couples fight sometimes they're not always all lovey dovey so I'll just let this go. But he's going to have to get on his knees if he wants me to forgive him. "I heard yelling what's going on?" Olivia appeared in the doorway, her arms full of clothes. "Please tell me you're still mad at me?" She asked nervously. I waved that subject away like the smell of burnt popcorn. "Naw. I'm more mad at Niall for being embarrassed about being with me." "He said that?!" She asked in shock putting her clothes next to her suitcase on the other side of the bed. "Not exactly but he kinda implied it." "I'm sorry" I waved that subject away too. "It's ok. He'll be begging for my forgiveness soon I'm sure of it." "He'll have to get on his knees if he wants that to happen." "That's exactly what I was thinking!" I said high-fiving her. "Come let's get back to packing we're going to see Bianca at 5." We looked at the clock. It was 3. "We should be done by then." "Yeah probably." She walked over to the iPod dock and stuck my phone in it. "No One Direction please!" I never knew I would be saying that. EVER. "No prob. I'll put on Taylor Swift." "Now seriously let's get this done." I nodded and continued to pack.

Niall's POV

"Li I'm such an idiot" I kept on ranting. "Niall calm down she'll get over it but honestly I think you should've said at least one thing about her." "I would've but I'm not allowed." Harry mumbled. "Don't say a word Harry we're not done being mad at you!" I snapped. "At least I didn't drop my tea live on the radio!" I wanted to punch him the face but Liam held me back. "Niall chill." "When are you guys gonna tell me what happened back in America? I'm so confused!" Zayn said completely clueless. "We'll tell you sometime soon mate." Liam said. "Why don't you and Harry walk ahead. I gotta talk to Niall." He shrugged and dragged Harry ahead us. "How am I gonna fix this Liam? I totally messed up." "Niall you didn't mess up so bad I mean you didn't actually say you were embarrassed.." "I know but she jumped to conclusions before I could say anything." "You need to stick up for yourself mate! You can't always let her win. You're a man! Act like one." "You're calling me a wimp?" I asked raising my eyebrows. "Little bit" He admitted. I could hear Harry laughing a few feet away. "SHUT IT HARRY! YOU'RE THE ONE WHO WEARS THONGS!" Liam and Zayn burst out laughing. Harry turned around and scowled at me. "Thanks for telling the whole world! I'm sure it'll be on the front page tomorrow with you as source!" "No problem" I scowled back. "Guys you gotta stop fighting or the paps will think we're in some in some kinda band feud." Liam reminded us. "I'll stop fighting with him once he stops trying steal my girlfriend!" I snapped and marched ahead of all them.


Olivia's POV

We finished packing by 4:30 and thank goodness because Bianca was in the hospital all the way in LA for intense care and that was at least a half hour away. When we got there we were surprised to see Louis sitting the waiting area texting. "Louis?" We asked shocked. "Oh hey guys" He said sounding just as surprised as we were. "How'd do you know she was here?" "I figured since that bastard had beat her up so bad." We nodded and sat down across from him. "Did the doctor tell you anything new?" He shook his head. "Not really. She's finally outta surgery. But she's in a coma pretty much." I could tell he had been crying because his eyes were bloodshot. "She is ever gonna be able to move her mouth or talk again?" "I hope so." He said. After a few minutes of silence a doctor walked up to us. "You guys here for Bianca Gray?" We all nodded. "Is she awake?" Louis asked hopefully. "Well no but you can go see her." "Really?" "Yes but no craziness." We all nodded and followed him down the hall to a room. We all saw her lying there on the bed. Her brown eyes shut. "Remember no craziness." She reminded us and shut the door. We all stood the sides of her bed staring at our wounded friend in silence. Louis took her hand and just cried. "Louis if you need a moment we can go out in the hall.." I gestured to the door. "Yeah that'd be great thank you." We walked out into the hallway and leaned our ears up against the door. Thank goodness there wasn't a window in the door. "Bianca" We heard him say. "I know you broke up with me and I understand that. But I never stopped loving you. The second I found out that Jack was hurting you.." He paused. "I wanted to do something. I knew to had to save you. Whatever it took. And I hope you can forgive me for whatever I did to cause you break up with me. Because I will do whatever it takes to get you back. You're my carrot princess and I don't want to you lose you." We both "aww'ed" and giggled because he called her "carrot princess". The second we heard him coming out we backed away from the door. "I know you guys were listening." He said when he saw us. Busted. "Sorry we couldn't resist." I said. "It's alright. Hey I'm gonna take off. I'll see you guys later." "Bye!" We called after him. "Alrighty our turn." We walked back in and shut the door. "Hey Bonks" I said. Elizabeth just smiled. "We're glad you're alive. And we miss you. And we're totally kick Jack's ass for being such a douche and hurting you." Elizabeth giggled. "But seriously. We hope you wake up soon. I mean now would be nice because your our friend and we want you to be ok. And our lives are boring and we need to rant to." Elizabeth shot me a 'Seriously you say that?' look. I just shrugged. "We'll be keeping in touch. We're sorry we have to leave tomorrow but take care. Oh and enjoy the Doctor Who box we got you." After saying that we left because honestly it was too painful to see her like that any longer.

Liam's POV

I know he was upset but Niall was really getting on my nerves. I think I'll keep my distance from him for a while. But that was going to be hard since we had 2 more interviews today. It's the price of being famous I guess. But we had some before the next one so once I got home I collapsed onto the couch. I took my phone outta my pocket and speed-dialed Olivia. With Bianca in the hospital and everything I'm sure she was in a tough spot. "Hi Liam!" A sing-songy voice answered. "Elizabeth?" I asked confused. "Yep that's me!" "Where's Olivia? Is she there?" "Um actually she's in the middle of shaving her back right now. It may be a while since it's like a gorilla back there and-" I heard a loud thud seconds later. "Hello?" I asked at least 5 times. "Hey Li what's up?" It was Olivia this time. "What the heck just happened?" I asked. "Well that was Elizabeth getting revenge. And me wrestling her to the ground." "What did I say about the violence?" "It was appropriate!" "But Niall did tell me you answered her phone earlier and said something.." I reminded her. She was quiet for a second. "Fine I guess I deserved it." I just laughed. "So how are you? Bianca alright?" "Yeah she's ok. In a coma but alive. Did you know Louis was down visiting her?" I raised my eyebrows. "I didn't! So that's where he is. Harry went to see him and his mum said he had gone somewhere." "He's all beat up about it." She with trace of sadness in her voice. "It's not his fault. He shouldn't be." "I know but I guess it's just super hard for him to see her like that." "Yeah I guess so-" I was cut off by Niall calling me. "LIAM! We got an interview. Let's go!" 'Thank you Niall for ruining my moment'. "Alright I'm coming!" I yelled back. "I'm sorry babe I gotta go. Call you later?" "Sure! Talk to you later." "Bye I lo-" Before I could I say "I love you" she hung up. Smooth Liam. Note to self: Talk faster. Time for another interview woo!

Niall's POV (again!)

This was like my only chance.. ok that was a little bit dramatic. It wasn't my only chance but it was a good opportunity. And the longer I took the longer she'd be at me. And I absolutely hated that. First I had to make sure she was watching the interview. Hopefully she replied..

Me: Please, please watch this interview. I wanna show how sorry and stupid I am. It's on Pop TV. Channel 899.

Elizabeth<3: Fine.

Short but still a reply. I took a deep breath. So our interviwer asked us the basic questions (our CD, tour, etc.).. then it came to the "big" question. "So Zayn we all know you and Perrie from Little Mix are together correct?" He nodded and smiled proudly as a pic of him and Perrie came up on the screen. The audience "aww'ed". "I am and we're very happy." He said with confidence and a big smile. The interviewer nodded and smiled. "So Niall, you and Liam have a girlfriends too I hear?" Seconds pictures of Liam and Olivia came up on the screen. The audience "aww'ed" again. "We do" Liam said. "That's my lovely Olivia." He smiled the same way Zayn had a moment ago. "And Niall what about you?" And picture of Elizabeth and I came up next. Again the audience "aww'ed". "Yep that's my girlfriend." I smiled. "And is that your clover necklace she's wearing?" They zoomed in on the picture. "Yeah I gave it to her to show her how much I love her." I said blushing. "That's adorable, she's very cute." "Thank you and I know." The interviewer smiled once again. "We'll be right back with One Direction when they perform their new song "Kiss You" for us after this comercial break." My phone buzzed in my pocket as we walked backstage. I opened the text and smiled.

Elizabeth<3: You're impossible... but I love you(: Have a good performace. I'll call you later xx

I smiled satisfied and went off to join the other lads.


*A/N Not extremely long like the last 2 but still good right? Hope you thought so(: InnocentlyBeautiful should be back soon hopefully to write chapter 8! LOL! Elizabethluvs1D xx*


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