Last First Kiss (Sequel to "This Kiss", COMPLETED!)

*You must read the first one to understand this*
When you go back to school in September (or in our case late August) and people ask you how your summer was. And they except you to tell them that it was great! You went to the beach, met a cute guy blablabla! Well that's partly true for me. Sure my parents died and I was forced to move to California to live with my grandmother. But that could happen to anyone. I nearly died in a surfing accident, met Louis Tomlinson (and fell even more in love with him), broke his heart, watched my friends fall in love with 2 of his friends, forced to have the annoying (but beautiful) Eleanor Calder live with me and drive me completely insane, and on top of all that my ex-boyfriend Jack shows up and kidnaps me. And yes I'm still in his custody. Will I get saved? Who knows? Just read it(:
Cover by InnocentlyBeautiful :) Copyright ©


16. Taking Sides

Elizabeth's POV

I was in the middle of kissing Niall when my phone started singing "Wings" by Little Mix. Bianca's ringtone. I pulled away from Niall. "Aw are you kidding me?" He whined like a 5 year old. "Calm down. Go get some food, I'll tell you when I'm done." He shrugged and walked out. "Helllooo?" I said when I picked up. "Hey.." She sounded hesitate. "What's up? How are you? You like your new school?" "Nothing much. And I've been better. And no I miss Loudoun County so much!" "What's wrong? You sound sad." "Well... I don't know what to do about Louis! He won't talk to me! I think he hates me." "He doesn't hate you! I hear him and Harry talking about you ALL the time." "You do?" "Either that or... never mind. I'm sorry, starting at a new school can be hard. You'll make friends in no time." I tried to be positive she did break Louis' heart and Directioners can be extreme when it comes to this stuff. "I've made enemies if that counts." "Oh no what happened?" "Well there's this slutty looking girl in my Physics class named Belle who's a real bitch. She looks like a Barbie doll. Anyway she hates me for breaking Louis' heart and claims he's "her's"." "That is when you say "Bitch please!" and just not let her get to you. She's obviously not worth it." "Thanks... I think. Anyway I read this article about you cheating on Niall..." 'Oh dear Lord NOT that again.' "It's not true! I would never cheat on Niall! Especially with Harry who's only been a real jerk this entire time. I love Niall. You know that." "Yeah I do I'm sorry. I wanted to talk to Louis about it but knowing me I chickened out and hung up." "Aw sorry... and I understand you needing to know. It's alright." "Anyway Eleanor wants to know what kind of conditioner you use." 'Are you kidding me... eh Eleanor Calder wants to know what kind of conditioner I use... score!' "Oh just store brand. I typically get scented family size bottles." "Oh alright I'll tell her that. You guys having fun? You minus the whole getting stitches and Olivia being a wheelchair and everything.." "Oh yeah um I finally used tongue! It's so much fun you should try it!" She was quiet. I knew she would but seriously I was so proud of myself for finally being woman enough so I had to brag. "Um.. that's great! And I can't really right now but I will experiment sometime I guess.." She sounded freaked out. "Sorry for freaking you out but I'm just so proud of myself." "You're not doing anymore than that are you?" "Of course not! I'm only 17." "Yeah I should know that. Silly me! Alrighty my grandma is calling me so I gotta go. Tell Olivia and everyone hello for me!" "Alrighty talk to you later!" And right on queue Niall walked back in eating a sandwich. "Ni-Ni no eating in here!" I complained taking the sandwich from him and throwing it out the window. "Hey! I was eating that!" He pouted. "Now birds will be eating it." He continued to pout. Then I had an idea... I leaned in and kissed the pout  right off his face. 'Genius I know!'

Olivia's POV

I've been sitting here like a lug for over an hour and I was seriously bored. I reached over and picked up my phone and opened up Tumblr. 'Oh how I love Tumblr, if you have to be addicted to something it might as well be Tumblr.' Being a wheelchair seriously sucks. I'm constantly having to ask Liam or someone else for help. I hate inconveniencing people... ok when it comes to getting me food then it's ok but other than that... not at all. "Hey Liv" Liam walked into the room. "Hey" I said with a smile. "We gotta another interview this afternoon you gonna be ok?" "Yeah I should be. Is Elizabeth sticking around with me?" "Actually... the interviewer asked if she could tag along. So.." "So I'll be here alone? That's what your telling me?" "Pretty much. You think you'll be ok?" "Oh sure I just have two broken legs no biggie!" I said sarcastically. "I'm sorry babe. Are you sure she can't stay home?" "She wants to but Niall is literally making her come." "Thanks a lot Niall" I mumbled. "And they wanna talk to her about her cheating on him. We all know she's not but the press don't believe that until they hear from the source." He rolled his eyes. "Yeah whatever." Speak of the devil... Elizabeth and Niall walked down the stairs laughing about something. "What's with all the laughter?" "Oh you had to be there" Elizabeth kept laughing. Liam rolled his eyes again and mouthed "Ignore them". I nodded and went back to my phone but Elizabeth and Niall continued to giggle. "Guys get a room or get a mute button!" I snapped. Elizabeth glared at me. "What's your problem?" "What's my problem? What's MY problem? I broke BOTH my legs and I'm stuck in a wheelchair for 3 months." "Oh please you have Liam to help you. You're not really in that much pain." "Don't talk to her like that! You think her life is bad? Look at you! Have seen your face lately?" Liam defended me. I smiled in appreciation. Elizabeth gasped. "Have seen your hair lately? You look like you're bald!" And she stormed out. Niall just sat there looking confused. His confusion quickly changed to anger. "Don't ever talk to her like that again Liam!" He snapped and ran after Elizabeth. "Ugh" I groaned. "Forget about them. They just need to cool off." Liam patted my shoulder. I sighed this time. "You're right." "I always am, anyway I got you a little something to say "I'm sorry" for getting you hurt in the first place.." He walked out of the room for a second and came back in cradling the most adorable puppy in the world in his arms. "Oh my gosh Li!" It was an Australian Shepard. "He's adorable!" He passed him to me. "Hi little guy!" Liam smiled. "I love him! Thank you!" I side hugged him. "You're welcome, what are you going to call him?" I thought about it. "Teddy!" I announced. "Teddy it is." Teddy barked his approval. Liam and I laughed.

Niall's POV

"I'm so sorry he yelled at you like that" Elizabeth was crying into my chest. She sniffled and looked up at me. Her green eyes bloodshot. "It's not your fault. He was just standing up for her. I'm really upset because I fought with my best friend and I feel bad about I said. She's in pain and I shouldn't have said anything." "She was in a bad mood though. And she shouldn't have reacted that way." "It's alright Niall. I'll get over it." She sighed. "No it's not alright. Liam was rude to you." "Niall please don't take sides. It's not worth it." But I was in too much of a rage. She must have sensed that because she put her hands on my shoulders trying to calm me down. "Niall please. Forget it please!" But I honestly I was acting on my impulse at this point. "Niall please don't!" Elizabeth pleaded with me. But it was too late. I was already running into the living room. "Are you alright Niall?" Liam asked. "You upset her! That's not ok." I was literally fuming. Before he could react I punched him right in the face knocking him out. "NIALL!" Olivia cried. Elizabeth came running in and saw Liam on the ground. "NIALL! What did you do?!!" She knelt down next to Liam. His nose was gushing with blood. Seconds later Louis, Harry and Zayn were in the room crowding around Liam. 'What have I done? I punched my best mate in the nose and now it's probably broken'. "What the hell happened?" Harry asked. "I-I-I just I-" I couldn't take it so I just ran out of the room. 'Nice going Niall. Nice going.'

*A/N Naughty, naughty Niall now. I love that boy but I swear he needs anger management. Anyway hope you enjoyed! Bianca should be back on sooner or later to write 17 for you! LOL! Elizabethluvs1D xx*


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