Last First Kiss (Sequel to "This Kiss", COMPLETED!)

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When you go back to school in September (or in our case late August) and people ask you how your summer was. And they except you to tell them that it was great! You went to the beach, met a cute guy blablabla! Well that's partly true for me. Sure my parents died and I was forced to move to California to live with my grandmother. But that could happen to anyone. I nearly died in a surfing accident, met Louis Tomlinson (and fell even more in love with him), broke his heart, watched my friends fall in love with 2 of his friends, forced to have the annoying (but beautiful) Eleanor Calder live with me and drive me completely insane, and on top of all that my ex-boyfriend Jack shows up and kidnaps me. And yes I'm still in his custody. Will I get saved? Who knows? Just read it(:
Cover by InnocentlyBeautiful :) Copyright ©


33. Secrets



"C'mon, Bianca, just right over here!" called Eleanor, her grip like iron clasping around my wrist. She dragged me to her favorite Nail Salon and made me stare into it for a few minutes as she talked about the glory of it. Then she dragged me into the building.

"You're paying for this right?" I asked. 

"Yeah yeah yeah--Two mani and pedi's please," smiled Eleanor at the lady. She had very voluminous platinum dyed hair and her face was really dark. Dark eyeliner was ringed around her blue colored circle lens. I shuddered in fear, just by looking at her. 

"Pick a color!" said Eleanor. She picked a dark red. I scrutinized the colors and finally decided on a champagne color. It was light and it wasn't too distracting... Kind of like my personality. Ha. Ha. Ha. Funny.

"You want a design on that, love?" asked the scary lady. I felt myself stiffen and look at her with big eyes. I nodded quickly. 

"Okay, then, hop on the chair sweetie. How old are you? 14?" asked the lady as she started the bath thing.

"I'm 17," I said, slightly offended. The lady looked me over real slowly.

"Mhmmmmmmm," she said, drawing it out as she arched an eyebrow. I got into the chair.

"I am..." I whispered to myself.



I sat down next to Harry as he watched Downton Abbey. He was stuffing popcorn into his mouth faster than you could say...anything really. But he noticed me sitting there right away.

"Heeeyyyyy there, Lou," he said, casually elbowing me in the side.

"Heeeyyyyy Harry," I said back, elbowing him, slightly confused as to why he was smiling like a goofball.

"Sooooo, you and Bianca huh?" 

"What about us?" I asked.

"I mean, you and her... last night... Big night...huh?" asked Harry, continually jabbing me in the side. I felt myself involuntarily blush.

"Shut up, Harry," I mumbled. 

"Why are we shutting up Harry?" asked Olivia, using her crutches to navigate her way towards us. She fell into the couch and then looked at me as if saying "Thanks for helping you dumb-wad." 

"Nothing," Harry and I both said a little too quickly. She narrowed her green eyes slightly and stared at the both of us. 

"What did you guys do?" she asked. I felt myself freeze up. I could usually think of up excuses pretty quickly. 

"We ate Niall's Nandos, don't tell," said Harry, leaning across from me to talk to Olivia. I felt myself relax and I shrugged nonchalantly. Olivia shook her head and stole the remote, changing the channel to Doctor Who, giggling a little to herself.

"HEY! WHO STOLE MY NANDO'S???" Niall yelled from the kitchen. 

"Poor Niall," said Olivia. I turned to look at Harry and whispered a "Thank You" to him. If Olivia found out what Bianca and I did, she'd kill me and then trap Bianca up in a cage so she wouldn't be able to do it again. Not that we would do it again. It was a one time thing. Just one time. I wouldn't make Bianca do that again. I shouldn't have pushed the issue anyway. She was in a very emotional state, vulnerable. She sure as heck wouldn't let that happen again. 



A/N: Short and sweet. Sorry about the short chapter. I didn't really have any ideas buuuut, yeah. Okay. Bye.




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