Last First Kiss (Sequel to "This Kiss", COMPLETED!)

*You must read the first one to understand this*
When you go back to school in September (or in our case late August) and people ask you how your summer was. And they except you to tell them that it was great! You went to the beach, met a cute guy blablabla! Well that's partly true for me. Sure my parents died and I was forced to move to California to live with my grandmother. But that could happen to anyone. I nearly died in a surfing accident, met Louis Tomlinson (and fell even more in love with him), broke his heart, watched my friends fall in love with 2 of his friends, forced to have the annoying (but beautiful) Eleanor Calder live with me and drive me completely insane, and on top of all that my ex-boyfriend Jack shows up and kidnaps me. And yes I'm still in his custody. Will I get saved? Who knows? Just read it(:
Cover by InnocentlyBeautiful :) Copyright ©


28. Note!

Hey guys(: Sorry this isn't a update but I have NO ideas whatsoever and InnocentlyBeautiful (at the time) isn't able to update. Unless you guys have some genius idea you could give me, there won't be an update 'til I get an idea or InnocentlyBeautiful is able to get on. One more thing... after however many chapters this is the end. Of these stories. InnocentlyBeautiful feels she doesn't have time to write a third and I honestly don't wanna write another one without her so it's the end. Like I said I don't know how many more chapters there will be but once I know I will tell you. Alright well if you have ideas (that go along with the storyline so far and that don't involve Louis and Bianca being the main plot line because that's InnocentlyBeautiful's job) leave a comment below. Other than that... that's it! I'll be back when I have a idea!

<3 Elizabethuvs1D xx

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