Last First Kiss (Sequel to "This Kiss", COMPLETED!)

*You must read the first one to understand this*
When you go back to school in September (or in our case late August) and people ask you how your summer was. And they except you to tell them that it was great! You went to the beach, met a cute guy blablabla! Well that's partly true for me. Sure my parents died and I was forced to move to California to live with my grandmother. But that could happen to anyone. I nearly died in a surfing accident, met Louis Tomlinson (and fell even more in love with him), broke his heart, watched my friends fall in love with 2 of his friends, forced to have the annoying (but beautiful) Eleanor Calder live with me and drive me completely insane, and on top of all that my ex-boyfriend Jack shows up and kidnaps me. And yes I'm still in his custody. Will I get saved? Who knows? Just read it(:
Cover by InnocentlyBeautiful :) Copyright ©


8. London Calling?

*A/N Hello readers! Bianca (InnocentlyBeautiful) won't be on for quite a while. She's grounded. Too bad right? :( Oh well. But the show must go on right? Right. This chapter mostly revolves around me (yes Elizabeth is based on me) and Niall but the others are of course involved too. Alright enjoy! :)* PS: This chapter is gonna be in 2 parts but have different names. Just to let you know

*2 and half months later*

Harry's POV

Weeks of rehearsals and preparations for the tour have flown by! Our tour is only two months away. The lads and I were so pumped up for it! But sadly Niall has been down in the dumps pretty much the entire time. And even though we all knew why I understood the most. In my mind I've grown up lately. I realized Elizabeth and I were NEVER meant to be (finally). And decided to do something to help Niall. First... I had to go to America. Second... I needed someone to be in on my little surprise. Who better than Liam? I would've asked Louis but since he's in California still with Bianca and dealing with the heartbreak of seeing her in a coma (which at this point she's been in for 2 and half months) I didn't want to add something else to his huge pile of problems. That reminds me I need to visit him while I'm there. Alright time to call Liam. "Hello?" He said when he answered when picked up. "Hey Li I need your help with something.." "What kind of help?" He asked sounding skeptical. "Well I wanna do something nice for Niall.." "You know Niall still hates you right?" He reminded me for the billionth time. I sighed dramatically. "I know Liam this is to make up for that." "For all the crap and grief you caused him?" "Yes. And need you to be in on this plan I have." "What kind of plan?" He sounded bored. "Liam seriously work with me here" He sighed. "Sorry go on." "I wanna bring Elizabeth out here to be with Niall. At least for a little while." He was silent for a few seconds. "Wow Harry that's big of you. I-I-I don't know what to say." I smiled proudly. "I know I'm a genius." "You just gonna send her the plane ticket?" "No since I gotta go see how Louis is I'm just gonna give it to her. And before you ask I got one of Olivia too." "Well good because I was actually gonna ask that... wow looks like you've thought of pretty much everything. Alright well good luck with this Harry." He was about to hang up when I said "Don't tell Niall ok? I wanna surprise him." "Promise. Talk to you later mate." "Bye" and we hung up. Now off to America!

Elizabeth's POV

Another day at school. Woo. But one more day 'til winter break. Thank goodness because even though I've only been back at school for like 4 months it's already getting old and boring. And the "Directioners" here aren't happy with Olivia and I. They claimed we "stole" Niall and Liam from them. What and ever. They're just jealous b!tches. Anywho off to chorus. At least I get to go to my favorite class. I was walking with Olivia when someone pulled me into an area near the auditorium and the main hallway I was in. "What the heck?" I looked at the person who had grabbed me. My eyes nearly fell out of my skull. "Harry!? What the heck are you doing  here?!" I said a little too loudly. "Shh!" He said covering my mouth with his hand. I suddenly felt queezy. 'No. You're in love with Niall. Not Curly'. "Elizabeth?" I heard Olivia calling my name. Harry moved his hand to let me talk. Olivia popped her head into the area. "Harry. What are you doing here? And how are you not getting mobbed? And don't pull anything. And Elizabeth I'll see you later." I waved goodbye. "Anyway... I got something for you.." He said pulling something out of his pocket. "Ok first... what the heck are you doing here? And how did you know what school I went to?" "I called Olivia and asked her. And also... Niall really misses you. And he's been super down lately." 'AWWW OHMYGOSH POOR NIALLER'.. is what I wanted to say but instead I said "Aww really? He texts me everyday and we Skype almost everyday.." "Well I think he misses like actually seeing you." 'Duh Elizabeth'. "Ah. Anyway back to why you're here?" "Oh right" He pulled an envelope out of his pocket and handed it to me. "What's this?" I asked opening it. "You're sending me to London?" I asked shocked. "Yeah. You leave tomorrow." "Sweet! Thank you!" I hugged him. "Niall is gonna be so excited" I took my phone out to text him when Harry grabbed it. "Hey! Gimme my phone!" I whined. "It's a surprise. You can't tell him." "Oooh gotcha. Ok well I gotta get to class.. what are you gonna do?" I asked curious. "I'm off to LA to see Louis. He's been there with Bianca for a while." "He's still there?" "Yep." "Ok well plane leaves in like 4 hours so bye.. oh give this to Olivia." He said handing me another plane ticket and rushing off. "Oook.. bye!" I called after him. 'What's the return date on this thing?' I wondered looking at the ticket. 'Wow! I'm gonna be there all break. Sweet!' I tucked the ticket in my purse and got to class minutes before the bell rang.

*1 day later- On the way to London*

Olivia's POV

"I can't believe Harry would do this!" I exclaimed. "I know we're on 1D's private jet. Never thought about that." Elizabeth looked around, a huge smile on her face. "No not that. Do something for you and Niall." "I mean maybe he's changed." "This is Harry we're talking about. He's gotta want something. Some kinda catch." "Come on seriously. Don't think about that. Think about all the fun we're gonna have! We're going to London!" She squealed. "You know I've been before though." I pointed out. "Yeah but that was with your mom and school and Ms. Levy." She reminded me. "Very true... I can't believe how brave my mom was to share a room with her." "I know right!" "What else do you think this jet has?" I wondered a loud. "Probably a ton of food. Knowing Niall." I laughed. "Yeah.. and tons of carrots for Louis." "And a mirror for Zayn! Because all know he has to check his hair every 2 seconds." We laughed. "Alright we got 5 hours until we get there. We good?" I asked. "Yep" She took her complimentary 1D neck pillow and sleeping mask set them in place. "Really all 1D stuff?" I asked slightly annoyed. "It came with the plane ok?" She protested. I shrugged the same thing. "Talk to you in 5 hours or at least until my phone dies." She told me putting her ear buds in. "Talk to you then."

*5 hours later..*

"Wake up Olivia we're here" Elizabeth shook me awake. I took my sleeping mask, sat up and rubbed my tired eyes. "Already? What time is it?" I checked my iPhone. "It's 7:00 already? Dang. It's only noon back home." "The power of time change. Come on let's go, I know you're eager to see Liam." Suddenly I was wide awake. "LIAM!" I sprang to life. "Yes.. now let's goooo." She hurried me along. We thanked the pilot and get off the plane and into a waiting cab to the guys' flat. 'Wow talk about VIP'. Elizabeth looked at me like she could read my mind and nodded in agreement. "So get me this straight" I said once we got there and were walking up the walkway. "Liam knows I'm coming but Niall has NO idea you're coming? Does he know I'm coming too?" "Nope. Niall is completely clueless." "Wow" I was impressed. "Yep I'm impressed too." She said pulling up the handle on her Vera Bradley wheelie suitcase. "Cute suitcase! When did you get it?" I asked opening the door. "Last week. And we can't just waltz in like we own the place! Don't worry. Niall's not home yet. I texted Liam while you were asleep. He's the only one home right now." I said shutting the door. We set out suitcases by the door and looked around. Typical boys home. Thank goodness Liam was the sensible one and picked up. I knew I made the choice by going for him. I smiled to myself. "You just gonna stand there or what?"


Liam's POV

'Geez Harry pick up your side of the room once in a while'. I looked over at Louis' side and sighed. I really wish he'd come back. Now that Jack is gone shouldn't he be able to? My thought trailed off when I heard the door shut and voices downstairs. 'Finally they're here! Where was Niall? He better get back soon... chill Liam.' I walked over to the mirror to make sure my hair looked ok. 'Wow I'm turning into Zayn'. 'Alright Liam show time.' They didn't even notice I was down there until I spoke up. "You just gonna stand there or what?" I asked. "Liam!" Olivia nearly tackled me. "Nice to see you too babe" I smiled. "Flight went well?" "Yeah but a little too much 1D stuff." "That's what you get for dating me." I shrugged. "Yeah whatever. How are you?" I pulled her over the sofa. "Elizabeth when Niall gets here you should hide." She looked confused. "What is this a surprise party?" She asked. "No but-" Olivia cut me off. "Shouldn't I be hiding too? And shouldn't you be hiding suitcases upstairs?" I gave her a 'Seriously the sass now?' look. She returned it with a nod. "Alright anything for you love". "Wow you guys ever heard of packing light?" They looked down at their phones and didn't respond. 'Guess not'. "I'm gonna put these in the guest room. It's right across from mine and Niall's room but yours has it's own bathroom." They gave me up a thumbs up and returned to their phones. I set the suitcases down and happened to see Niall arriving home out the window. 'Show time.. again!' I hurried back downstairs. "Guys go to the other room. Niall's here." Their heads shot up and scurried into the dining room. Seconds later he walked in. "Hey mate" I said trying to sound casual. "Hey.." "How was Nando's?" "Amazing as usual. You alright?" "Never better..." "You sure...?" He questioned again. "Yep." "Guys come on out!" He looked confused. The second they came out his jaw dropped.


Niall's POV

My mouth fell open and tears fell from my eyes. 'Pull it together Niall!' I scolded myself. Elizabeth walked up and hugged my tightly. "Niall.. are you crying?" I quickly wiped my eyes. "Nope." I lied. She asked me again. I looked around to see that Liam and Olivia had walked away. 'Thank you Liam!' I silently thanked him. "Yes. I'm crying but I haven't seen you in months." I smiled tears still in my eyes. She hugged me again. I missed her hugs but most of all... she practically read my mind. Our lips collided. Her kisses. We kissed 'til breath was needed (keeping it PG). Yep this was worth it. Eventually we pulled away; our faces flushed. "You ever seen London babe?" I asked. "Nope first time I've been here." "Well good because I have a ton to show you and since Liam and Olivia are watching Dr. Who or something I thought I would show you where we filmed "One Thing"." "Sounds good" She agreed. "But wait.." "What?" "What about.. the paparazzi?" "Who cares about them?" I said waving the subject away. She gave me a serious look. "Alright what about them? You knew this was gonna happen at some point right?" "Well yeah but I know how they like to mob you..." "Fans usually do that. And speaking of them.." I grabbed my sunglasses and put on my hood. "So I don't get mobbed." "Aw seriously? I haate the whole hat/hood thing!" She whined. "Too bad" I smiled and dragging her out the door. "Bye Liam!" I called and shut the door. "So where we goin'?" She asked. "Battersea Park stairs." "Ok.. explanation?" "We filmed part of "One Thing" there." I explained. She nodded. "Ooooh" "Yep." "How's school?" I asked. She rolled her eyes. "Ugh must we talk about that? I haate school. You're so lucky you're done with it." "I know" I smiled proudly. She playfully punched my shoulder. "Ow!" I faked cried. "That's what you get for bragging." She smiled and ignored my (fake) cries of pain. "You're mean.." I faked sulked. She side hugged me and kissed my cheek. "Better?" I smile-nodded. We got to the park a few minutes later. "Wow this is so cool!" "Yeah it was fun to film here. I remember when Liam rode around in that car. That was so funny." "Yeah it was way too small for him." She laugh-agreed. I took my phone out and started snapping pictures. "What are you doing?" "Making memories." She shook her head and smiled. "This place is beautiful" I decided to be cheesy and say back "Not as beauitful as you" I smiled. "You're so adorable and cheesy at the same time ya know that?" "I do now" I was leaning in to kiss her again when I was two guys coming our way. They didn't look friendly. "Run" I whispered in her ear. "What? Why?" She whispered back until she followed my gaze and looked. "Oh my go-" "Go" I urged. "What about yo-?" "Go!" I said again. And she ran. "Hey you're from that gay boyband!" One of them smirked. "He's probably loaded. Perfect." One grabbed me and the other started punching and kicking me. Great.

Elizabeth's POV

I couldn't believe I was running. I never ran. Oh well first time for everything right? I could hear punching, kicking and groaning from behind me. I turned around to Niall getting beat up. I gasped. I quickly ran behind a tree and called the police. Once they were on their way I looked back to see Niall unconscious on the ground. "Niall! Please wake up, please!" Tears flowing from my eyes. I pulled his head into my lap and examined his bloody face. I took off my coat, wiped some of the blood away, and gently kissed his forehead. "Please be ok Niall, please be ok." I prayed silently. The police arrived minutes later and saw us. "What happened here?" One of the officers asked. "Is that Niall Horan?" Another asked. "He was beat up. His wallet was stolen and he's out cold. And yes this is Niall Horan." 'Moron' I thought in my head. "Did you see who attacked him?" "No not really, they were just two guys. I couldn't see their faces because they were wearing ski masks. But they were tall." "Hmm tall with ski masks. Alright he needs a doctor." 'Obviously.. what's with London and stupid police officers?' "We'll take you to the hospital." "Thank you". One of the officers carried Niall to the car. I sat in the back seat with him. "Please be ok Niall. Please." I said running my fingers though his blonde hair.

Liam's POV

"I'm really starting to like Dr. Who" I said to Olivia. "See! I knew you would." She smiled with pride. I shut off the TV and looked into her green eyes. "I really like what you've done with your hair." "Yeah I dyed it red because I was sick of the brown." "Well the brown was beautiful but I really do like this." "Thank you" She smiled again. "So what do you want to do now?" I asked leaning in. "I think you know.." Our lips almost touched until my phone rang. 'Great timing.' It was Elizabeth. She like never called me. "Hello?" "You guys gotta get to the hopsital now!" She sounded worried. "Whoa, whoa slow down. Why are you in the hospital?" "Niall and I were in Battersea Park and he was showing me where you guys filmed "One Thing" and two morons attacked him. He's in surgery right now." "Oh my gosh." Olivia looked at me mouthing 'What?' every second. I held up my finger and mouthed 'One sec' back. "Yeah you guys gotta here and like now!" She continued to speak fast. "Alright we'll be there a few minutes. Bye." And I hung up. "What happened?" Olivia asked as we raced up the stairs. "Niall was attacked in the park and now he's in the hospital." "What!?" "Yeah we gotta go." We found Elizabeth in the waiting room with a box of tissues when we got there. Olivia went and sat by her while I took the seat next to her (Olivia, didn't wanna say Olivia again). "Is he ok?" I asked. Elizabeth sniffled. "I have no idea. They took him back as soon as they saw his condition." "Do you what those guys did to him?" "I just saw punching and kicking." "Alright well I gotta tell Zayn and Harry so I'll be right back" I told mostly to Olivia. She nodded and I walked outside.

Olivia's POV

"He's gonna be ok" I handed her another tissue. She blew her nose. "I hope so! I should've been there to help him. This is all my fault." She started bawling. "No it's not. He told you to run away right?" She nodded. "Well see? He wanted to make you were safe." "But what about him? He matters too." "When you love someone you put the one you love before yourself." Wow lame cereal box quote much? "I knoow but I still wish I could've done something." "You did. You called the police." "Yeah but that was after I saw him on the ground bleeding." "You still did it. You got him to the hospital in time right?" "Yeah that's true. I did that. And I got blood on my jacket too." "See? You did help." She nod-sniffled. "I guess so." "Hey I'm gonna go clean my face off. I'll be back." And she got up and walked away. Liam walked back in a few minutes later. "Hey" I said when he sat down again. "Hey babe. Zayn would be here but he's with Perrie and family, but he sends Niall his hope. And Harry's in America with Louis." "Ah well guess it's just us then." "Yep. Now where were we?" I thought for a second. "Kissing?" We leaned in again until Elizabeth came back and the doctor walked up to us. 'Again seriously?' "You guys here for Niall Horan?" He asked us. We all nodded. "Well he's alive but he's in a coma." Elizabeth started crying again. I put my hand on her shoulder. "When do you think he'll wake up?" Liam asked. "That's up to him. But until then he can't move until he wakes up. And that could take anything from a couple days to a couple months." The doctor explained. "Can we at least see him?" Elizabeth spoke up. "Yes but no craziness." We all nodded and followed him down the hall to room. Niall laid asleep in the bed creepily still. Elizabeth cried harder. "No craziness." The doctor repeated and left shutting the door behind him. Elizabeth stood on his right and held his hand tightly. Liam put his arms around me, tears forming in his eyes as well. "You alright?" I asked him. "Yeah." I kissed his cheek. He smiled a little. "Hey you wanna second alone with him?" I asked Elizabeth. She nodded. "Yeah thanks." I took Liam's hand and took him out the hall. "What up with that?" I gave a sly smile. "Oooh" "Uh  huh" And our lips collided. Finally.

Elizabeth's POV

I looked at my adorable Irish boyfriend laying below me. Tears flooded my eyes. I squeezed his hand and dropped to my knees. I prayed silently to myself again. Suddenly I felt his fingers move. I opened my eyes. "Niall?" I asked when I saw his blue eyes open. "Niall? Who's Niall? Who are you?" I gasped.

To be continued... :)

*A/N Don, don, don! Look's like little Nialler lost his memory. Poor baby :( Part 2 will be up after you guys like, favorite, and comment more :) And the sooner you do the faster the next one will be up. Hope you enjoyed! LOL! Elizabethluvs1D xx*

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