Last First Kiss (Sequel to "This Kiss", COMPLETED!)

*You must read the first one to understand this*
When you go back to school in September (or in our case late August) and people ask you how your summer was. And they except you to tell them that it was great! You went to the beach, met a cute guy blablabla! Well that's partly true for me. Sure my parents died and I was forced to move to California to live with my grandmother. But that could happen to anyone. I nearly died in a surfing accident, met Louis Tomlinson (and fell even more in love with him), broke his heart, watched my friends fall in love with 2 of his friends, forced to have the annoying (but beautiful) Eleanor Calder live with me and drive me completely insane, and on top of all that my ex-boyfriend Jack shows up and kidnaps me. And yes I'm still in his custody. Will I get saved? Who knows? Just read it(:
Cover by InnocentlyBeautiful :) Copyright ©


38. Busted?

Olivia's POV

I went back downstairs and joined the others, where everyone was pretty much fallen asleep. Elizabeth had her head in Niall's lap and she was asleep and weirdly Harry and Zayn were asleep with their heads together. I couldn't help but laugh. "Is Bianca all right?" Louis asked looking worried. "Yeah but I have a feeling she's hiding something." Louis now looked confused. "I honestly have no clue" I said holding up my hands in innocence. He shrugged and headed upstairs, "Night everyone!". "Liam" I snapped taking him from his world of Toy Story. "Wha?" "Bedtime" I pointed to the stairs. "Right. Night Niall!" He said as he followed me upstairs. "Night!" He shouted back. Liam went into the bathroom to brush his teeth while I put on my pajamas. I wanted to go in and see how Bianca was but I'm sure Louis had it. I started giggling when I heard Elizabeth talking to Niall in the hallway, "Niall! Screaming in someone's ear isn't the proper way to wake someone up!" "I'm sorry babe but it was really funny. And it wasn't meant for you it was for Harry and Zayn." "Well it still woke me up!" 'Those two are hilarious!', I thought to myself as I slipped into bed and buried myself amongst the covers. Liam climbed in beside me minutes later. I turned towards him with a worried look on my face, "What's wrong?" He asked. "Something's up with Bianca. I just know it." "Yeah what happened while you were up here?" "She was sick." "She ok?" "I think so, but she didn't say much. "I don't know babe. But I know everything will work out." "You think?" "Yes." He kissed my head. "Good night" "Night".

-Next Day-

Elizabeth's POV

I woke up beside Niall the next morning. He looked so adorable when he slept! I crept out of bed and into the bathroom. I showered, got dressed, did my hair and makeup in under 30 minutes. By the time I got out Niall was just waking up. "Morning lazy" "Hey, you're mean in the morning" "No I'm not" I sat down on the end of the bed. "Go get ready, I'll make you breakfast." "Yay! Eggs?" I nodded. "You're the best" He said pecking me on the lips. "I know" I said pulling away and going downstairs. Everyone was one down there expect Bianca, even Zayn was up before noon. "Where's Bianca?" I asked aloud. "Still asleep" Louis explained. "I don't know what's wrong with her. She told me she just has a stomach virus but I'm really not so sure." "It better be just that Louis" I said giving him the stink eye. "Harry! Make Niall eggs." He looked up from the TV, "Why?" "Because I have no clue how and you're the good cook around here. And I promised him." "Fine" He said getting up. "Thank you" I said batting my eyes. "Yeah, yeah." "Oh and put them on a sandwich with some ham or something. He likes that." Harry rolled his eyes, "Anything for your fiance." "Please and thank you" I said going to sit by Olivia. "What's up with Bianca?" I whispered in her ear. "I have no clue! She's been acting super weird since you know... she did the deed." She turned and glared at Louis. "What?" He asked putting a carrot in his mouth. "You know what." She said turning back to me. "I'll go check it out in a little bit. After Niall eats." "Why after he eats?" "I don't know, I feel like I need to watch him. To make sure he doesn't eat too much. He's going on a diet you know." "What? He's probably like a hundred pounds!" "Well from the way he eats he could probably be like two hundred." "Are you calling me fat?" Niall asked coming up behind me. "No! I was saying you could be if didn't start eating better." "Anything for you" He said rolling his eyes. Harry set a plate in front of him minutes later, "Here." "Harry cooked for me? That never happens.." "Your fiance made me" Harry pointed to me, smirking. I stuck out my tongue at him, "You're so sweet Harry." "Whatever." He said as he went back to the couch and sat beside Louis. After Niall ate, all the boys decided to have a 'who can chug the most Mountain Dew' contest. And since I wanted nothing to do with it.. I went upstairs to check on Bianca. I went to her room first but there was no answer. I even opened the door to see if she was in there. Still nothing. Finally I checked the bathroom, "Bianca are you in there?" I could've sworn I heard crying. "Bianca open up I know you're in there." "I'm fine! Just go on with your day!" "Bianca. Open. The. Door."

*A/N I know you're all probably wondering where the third book went but Bianca and I both agreed that since none of you were into it very that we should end it. Sorry but it was you guys' decision. Nothing we can do about it! Hope you can understand :) <333 Elizabethluvs1D xx* 

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