Summer Love

Being the little sister is not always easy...but will she find her one love?


3. Chapter 3

Louis' POV-

I ran and sat on her lap, causing her to groan in pain.

"Im so sorry!" I apologised as I attempted to sit up, but only to be brought back down by her.

"Its not your fault...its other reasons..." she mumbled the last part.

"Other reasons? Like your uh....?" I questioned.

"No....not that...but....shit whats dad gonna do?" she asked herself.

"Wait so he did this to you?" I questioned...getting a nod in responce.

"That little son of a cat." Harry mumbled, causing he would get yelled at for swearing haha.

"Son of a cat? I though it was son of a bit-" Sammi began but only to be cut off by Liam.

"Dont say it." he warned.

"Why? You gonna put me in time out?" Sammi questioned sarcastically.

"Ya. But your gonna stay here with us." Liam replied.

"But he is gonna kill me. Literly." she encountered.

"Thats why we all agreed that Louis is watching you during the night. And you wont be able to go anywhere, so we will be the ones getting you clothes and that stuff." Niall said. I had no idea that, thats what we came up not complaining either.

"So...what will happen when you guys go on tour?" Sammi asked.

"You will be with us. We already sorted things out with mum and the police." Harry stated.

" is a police officer." she claimed, as fear struck her face.

"Ya we know that," harry began "thats why he is getting a suprise visit tonight...he is gonna be dead." Zayn finished.

"DEAD?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!" she exclaimed, as she fell off the couch, landing on me.

"Calm down," I demanded in a whisper "they are just going to be taking him away" I finished, as I wrapped my arms around her.

"But I wanna be the one to kill him." she said.

"But what if you miss and he ends up killing you?" I questioned.

"Thats a risk im willing to take. I have always wanted to die." she responded.

"I dont want you to die. I want you to be we can live happily ever after. Get married, have kids, be grandparents...and most of all spend the rest of our lives together." I whispered.

"I cant. I like somebody else." she responded, standing up and leaving me heartbroken. What just happened?

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