Summer Love

Being the little sister is not always easy...but will she find her one love?


2. Chapter 2

Sammi's POV-

I woke up with a massive headache. Where am I? What happened? How long have I been out for? I felt someone adjust themself aroundm wait was I on someone's lap?

"Where am I?" I asked as I sat up bumping heads with someone.

"OW!" we both screeched as we held out heads.

"You alright?" someone asked, I faced him and screamed.

"What did he do?" a guy with jet black hair asked.

"He kidnapped me. Now who are you guys?" I asked.

"I am Zayn." the guy responded.

"I am Niall." the blonde one who kidnapped me replied.

"Im Liam, nice to meet you." the guy holding a turtle said, I nodded showing him a 'nice to meet you too' look.

"Im Louis, do you like carrots?" a guy with a sorta bed head look asked. I did the so-so hand motion.

"Im Harry." the guy with curly hair replied.

"OH MY GOSH! I MISSED YOU!" I yelled as I hugged him.

"I missed you too." he whispered in my ear as he let a tear escape.

"How do you guys know each other?" Louis asked us.

"Maybe she was his ex or something." Niall mumbled.

"Ew!" I screeched.

"What?" Harry asked.

"I was not his ex! I am his sister." I clarified.

"Haha I like her reaction 'ew'!" Louis mimicked.

"Shut it." me and Harry said.

"Awe! Thats so cute! You are like a girl version of Harry!" Niall said.

"Maybe thats cause im his twin." I said as I rolled my eyes.

"I call dibs!" Louis shouted as he ran and sat on my lap.

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