Summer Love

Being the little sister is not always easy...but will she find her one love?


1. Chapter 1

I hate my dad. Lets start with that. My dad, he took custody over me as my mum left with my older brother. She tried everything she could to have me with her, but then my dad threatened her life along with my older brothers'. So I was stuck with the decision, either have them both dead and I can do whatever I want...or...stay with dad and they survive. I couldnt live, knowing that they were dead so I decided that I would stay with him.

I kinda talked to my older brother, but not alot. The last time I talked to him it was like...wait...7 months ago. You are probably wondering who my brother is...and well...he is Harry Styles.

"Sammi!" I heard my dad yell. I rushed out of my room and went into the living room where he was.

"Yes dad?" I asked.

"Can you go get me a beer at the place downtown?" he asked. Yes, he is sweet and nice, but he has his days. Trust me, I have so many scars to prove it.

"Ya, I will." I said as I got my jacket and purse, then walked outside. I am 18 years old, old enough to buy him beer and what not.

I walked inside the store, getting greetings all over the place. Everyone knows me along with my story. I then greeted them back, being the nice person I am.

"Uhm...may I ask what your name is?" I heard a voice behind me ask. I turned around and faced him.

"I am Sammi." I responded, suddenly I was being dragged out of the store by him. I have no idea who he is and yet he drags me out of the store, without anyone noticing me. Great...just great.

*Yawn* im feeling sleepy....goodnight world.


~* A/N: Hey guys, tell me what you think! I had to change the whole thing up cause it wasnt getting anywhere. Anyway you can contact me anywhere...

facebook: Sammy Mitchell  (pic of Harry) 

twitter: @Sam_Mitchell98

email: or

I am always available to talk to you if you need someone to. x Sammi*~

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