Runaway: The Hunger Games/ One Direction

76th annual Huger Games. P.O.V of Millie Tegrine from District Seven. One Direction Crossover.


1. Chapter 1: The Reaping


My palms were sweaty, my breathing heavy, my knees weak, but the whole time I walked through the crowd of the other District Seven teenagers I held my head up high; I wasn't going to let the cameras catch the fear that was creeping up inside me. I clenched my fists and fought back tears as I knew that every step I took up those stairs onto the stage were crucial. The crowd slowly applauded and a few looked from me to my father who stood beside me, just as shocked as I was. The moment Effie called my name over the microphone everyone gasped at the thought of the leader's daughter becoming a tribute. I didn't dare look at him, instead I searched the crowd for my brother, my twin, my other half. There he was surrounded by the other seventeen year olds. Our eyes met, he gave me a small nod and I could tell by the way he was clenching his jaw that he was fighting back the desire to shout.

"Millie Tegrine!" a man shouted and shook my hand, his eyes darted to my father and then back at me.. "No volunteers? Well then, On to the next name"

There was a never ending silence where I begged that my brother would remain safe inside my head. Effie twirled her arm inside the giant glass bowl and finally took out a piece of paper, her fingers fumbled to open it and then smiled up to the microphone. I closed my eyes and held my breath as I awaited for the boy's name.

"Liam Payne!" she said, her voice echoing around the arena. My eyes opened and I looked up, not daring to believe the name I had just heard. I knew him. We had been friends when we were younger. I found him near my brother and watched as he climbed up the stairs, giving me a look that I couldn't really read. They made us shake hands; his grip was so tight yet so soft. He worked in the woods with his brothers, cutting down trees and distributing them to the factories. We had met one time when I had gotten lost during one of my training sessions with my brother. We broke apart from our shake and stood beside each other as the anthem played.

It was that brief moment when you realize that your life means absolutely nothing to the Capitol, you were just another prop in The Hunger Games, they didn't care if you live or died, they just cared about making a point to the rest of us. My stomach squirmed as the anthem stopped and I realized this might be the last time I'm here. I might not come back, ever. I blinked hard trying to fight against my tears again. A hand fell upon my shoulder and I looked up to meet my father's eyes. They were cold. Some Peacekeepers pushed me and Liam down the steps through the back and took us to a building across the street. We said nothing, the cameras were still glued to my every move, my father's expression replayed in my head.

Once they figured we wouldn't run away they set us in individual rooms where we could wait to see if we had visitors. Cameron, my twin, was the first one through the doors. That'd when I broke down; I ran to hug him and felt hot tears slide down my cheeks. He stroked my dark hair and hugged me back. I loved him so much, I couldn't stand the fact that this could be our last moment together. We pulled away and he wiped my tears, giving me a half hearted smile that killed me. He always wanted to seem so strong. I admired that in him.

"Here" Cameron said and slid off his necklace; it had a sharp stone hanging from it. "You're allowed one thing from your district so here you go. To remind you that I'm with you no matter what"

I took the necklace from his grip and thanked him. I pulled it over my head and sighed. One of the Peacekeepers from earlier came in and said our time was up. We hugged one last time and he left. I didn't recieve any more visitors, my father was surely somewhere trying to change my name but it was done. I was about to join other 23 boys and girls who's life had just changed in a matter if seconds. My foot trembled madly as the minutes went by and I sat there by myself. I had calmed down a bit but my stomach was still in knots. Someone knocked on the door and I stood up, hoping to see my father but instead I found myself face to face with a pair of brown eyes, simile to mine. Liam cleared his throat and stood at the doorway.

"We have to leave for the Capitol" he said in a monotone voice. I nodded and stepped behind him as he lead the way to a train where more cameras popped from every direction. To my surprise he took my hand and helped me on.

Some people busied over us and lead us to some rooms. We changed, my brother's necklace never leaving my neck. I took of the dirt covered shorts and shirt and put on a dress that was laying on the silky bed. I picked it up gingerly and felt the soft fabric hug my slim body perfectly. I pulled my hair into a ponytail, removing my bangs from my face. I left the room and walked to where we supposed to be eating. My eyes moved from the food filled table to the people sitting around it until they rested upon Liam. He wasn't wearing his usual work clothes, but a pair of pants and a simple shirt on. He was looking down at his food in surprise, he must have been thinking the same as me; so much food around and we actually have to hunt for it.

We ate and were later dismissed to bed. We would arrive at the Capitol the next morning and we had to be rested so we could spend the day with our stylists. I hoped I got a decent one that wouldn't make me dress up in a tree costume like I had seen in the past games. I shut my eyes and my dreams occupied my busy mind for the rest of the night.

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