1 House + 7 Guys + 1 Girl = A LONG Collage Year

Okay my name is Bri.....for Brianna. Anyway im 18, I took my dad Mustange and im going off the Collage to be an actress!! I'm so exitced beside th fact I gotta share a house with other people. Not bad right?? WRONG!! Im in house with 7 guys...not bad either right WRONG AGAIN!! Im sharing it with 1D and my gay friends JJ and Jimmy. Again not bad?? Uh...WRONG!! Each guy beside Jimmy and Jj will not let me do anything...ANYTHING without them around me....wanna know why?? Well it's because Louis, Liam, Harry and Niall has a crush on me. Zayn?? Zayn dating my best friend Anna so ya. But upside is Anna is in the house next to us so I don't feel AS bad but anyway....How long will this take me to jump out a window to kill myself or kill the guys?? Who knows but we'll that out soon.


2. Truth....or Dare??

Brianna stood next to Jimmy looking at the guys. She made her way to Zayn and hugged him smiling slightly. She looked at the other 4 and hugged them one by one. But for some reason Louis hugged her the longest then let go. She was confused....very confused but she didn't mind. She went upstairs to pick a room and she picked one with a couch in the room and threw her stuff into it. Jimmy and Jj shared a room. "Joy my best friends who are gay are gonna share a room to fuck almost every night great" She thought to herself. Louis took the room to the right that was the first room, Harry was across from him, Liam was on her left, and Niall was across form him and Zayn was next to Niall. She sat on my bed playing with her phone waiting for it to be 7 PM by now. The second it turned 7 she ran downstairs, out the door and next door with Zayn. When they got  to Anna's house they walked in seeing decorations up, snacks and drinks out and they both grinned. They sat on the couch as Anna sat on Zayn lap and they all laughed. Anna grinned getting an idea and Bri yelled "TRUTH OR DARE!!" She sat in a circle with about 11 other people. 5 girls and 6 boys and she giggled softly as the others went. It was her turn to pick truth or dare and she thought for a second and grinned softly. "Dare me!!" Brianna laughed softly as the other grinned and Anna thought. 

"I dare you to...to go kiss a pole outside in your bra and undies!!!" Anna grinned.

Brianna laughed, stripped down to her bra and undies, ran outside and kissed a pole and ran it laughing. "Okay Zayn darling truth or dare??"

Zayn thought for a second and grinned "Dare me girly!!"

I dare you to sit on another guys lap till your next turn...in your boxers" Brianna daid happily

Zayn stripped to his boxers and sat on AJ lap till about 20 turns later. By that time Bri and Zayn got dressed and went home and peeked in seeing all the guys asleep...or so they thought. When they walked in Louis and Liam were standing in front of them and they both looked at one another, picked up a bucket up a water and dumped it on them and ran to their rooms.

"Tonight I'm safe but tomorrow...im a goner" Bri thought to herself. She yawned softly and curled up onto her bed and fell asleep...

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