1 House + 7 Guys + 1 Girl = A LONG Collage Year

Okay my name is Bri.....for Brianna. Anyway im 18, I took my dad Mustange and im going off the Collage to be an actress!! I'm so exitced beside th fact I gotta share a house with other people. Not bad right?? WRONG!! Im in house with 7 guys...not bad either right WRONG AGAIN!! Im sharing it with 1D and my gay friends JJ and Jimmy. Again not bad?? Uh...WRONG!! Each guy beside Jimmy and Jj will not let me do anything...ANYTHING without them around me....wanna know why?? Well it's because Louis, Liam, Harry and Niall has a crush on me. Zayn?? Zayn dating my best friend Anna so ya. But upside is Anna is in the house next to us so I don't feel AS bad but anyway....How long will this take me to jump out a window to kill myself or kill the guys?? Who knows but we'll that out soon.


1. The trip



Brianna got up and slammed her alarm clock and swung her legs to the side of her bed and sat up. She went to the bathroom and closed the door.

****15 MINS LATER!!!****

Brianna stepped out of the bathroom wrapped up in a towel and went to her room. She brushed her hair out, put on jeans, jordans, a t-shirt and a snapback, and walked downstairs to get a quick breakfast. She ate her breakfast and saw her dad up and hugged her dad and saw her friends outside. She kissed her dad bye and grabbed her things for Collage and walked outside and put her things in the trunk and closed the trunk. She waved bye to her dad seeing her mom stand next to hi and smiled and got in the back. She sat in the back between Anna and Megan. Michael and Jason were in the front and Michael was driving. She looked forward and put her ipod in and listen to One Direction all the way to Florid. When they got there she got our and grabbed her bags and walked to the Collage to find her room. But some lady stopped her..

"All the room's got destroyed for some reason so you guys are living in house's near the campus, Your house in 810."She nodded and walked to the house because the first number was 801 down the street. She stopped and walked to the house and knocked on the door and saw Jimmy answer and she grinned. She hugged him tightly and saw JJ and grinned running to him dropping her bags and hugged Jj tightly. She grinned and spun around and saw One Direction in the doorway and dropped her phone.

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