The Perks of Being John Watson

Dear friend, This is the most important story of all. The story of how I met, fell in love with and lost my best friend. I hope one day you might see its value too. Love always, John. Johnlock.


3. Chapter 3: November


Dear friend,

Since I talked to Sherlock school is a lot better.

We ran into Anderson and Donovan the other day and before Donovan could say anything at all Sherlock told her that she must be very unhappy. She did not say anything at all for a moment and then she seemed to gather herself up, before she called Sherlock a "freak."

That made me feel angry, but Donovan and Anderson had gone off again, before I could say anything.

Sherlock didn't seem bothered by it though and he started telling me about how he thinks our English teacher is having an affair with another teacher from another school, which made me feel better. Not the thing about the English teacher the fact that Sherlock was all right.

The nice boy from before-Lestrade-and his friend Molly then stopped to talk to us as they had overheard part of Sherlock's suspicions about the English teacher.

Lestrade asked Sherlock to begin his deduction again from the very beginning. I thought Sherlock might be annoyed by this but he actually seemed happy.

Molly though looked a bit nervous about what was being said. I think she was afraid of getting into trouble. So I asked her what lessons she liked best. And she said Chemistry and Biology and added that she wanted to get better in Art.

Sherlock heard her and said that Art isn't something she should want to get better in as it's practically pointless. I could tell Molly was hurt and so I tried to interrupt, but before I could Lestrade gave Sherlock a look and told Molly that they should start to make their way to the next lesson as the bell would be ringing soon.

After they'd gone and before the bell rang I asked Sherlock why he'd said what he had about Art. He said that Art is only of limited use and that something like Chemistry is much more useful in helping to figure things out about people and things in general so she should concentrate on things like that.

I told him that I know he likes to figure things out but that he should be nicer to Molly. He just shrugged. I still like him though.

Love always, John.


Another Anderson and Donovan moment?

I have been called far worse...

Ah, Molly. Not perhaps my most tactful moment with her. But I was only being honest.

I can see the 'caring doctor' in you already.


Dear friend,

I mentioned Sherlock to my parents the other day. It kind of happened accidentally, not that I was trying to keep him a secret or anything. I just said something like how Sherlock and me-sorry Sherlock and I-had been working on our homework together in the libary after school, which was why I hadn't come home straight away and Mum got excited and said that I should invite him over for dinner.

That kind of made me feel both apprehensive and happy all at the same time. I hope that if he does come round they will be able to look past his like of analysing people. Though I hope he does not try to analyse their lives in front of them. That would be awkward for everyone. I told Mum maybe I'd wait a little while until I know him more, before asking him. She said okay, if that was what I wanted and then she went quiet.

And now I feel sad because I know Mum thinks that I should be inviting Sherlock over straight away and be having fun like other people my age.

Sometimes it's hard keeping everyone happy.

Love always, John.


I can't say I would have blamed you if you had wanted to keep me a secret.

I'm glad your English is improving though, that way I won't have to waste energy in correcting you.

Homework...yes I remember. That was the time where you copied my Chemistry homework and then when you wanted to do the same with our Physics homework you were astonished when I didn't know that the Earth goes around the sun. It's hardly anything you should be proud of knowing though.

I shall apologise in advance for the dinner with your parents. I think they may have taken to Mycroft better.

I'm glad you've learnt that at least.


Dear friend,

Something odd happened in school today. At break Sherlock and I noticed that someone had scrawled, 'You have a fan,' on Sherlock's locker. He asked me if I'd done it as a joke and I told him I hadn't. Lestrade and Molly had noticed it too, but they hadn't done it either and they didn't have any idea who could have done it. I said that maybe it was someone trying to be funny or that maybe Anderson and Donovan had done it in a mocking kind of way but Sherlock just said that he didn't think it was either of those, before he fell quiet once more.

Then Sherlock and I were walking around after school, just walking, and he was telling me about all the people that passed by, or that we saw through the windows, and I was listening. And then he pulled out a pack of cigarettes, which he has never done before and offered me one.

I didn't know what to do at first so I just shook my head. And then I said, "I didn't know you smoked."

I think I must have sounded disappointed because he looked at me and then he said, "My father used to, I stole his pipe once, but then he caught me"-

And this sounded oddly exciting so I asked, "What happened?"

He gave me a small smile as if he were amused and then he replied, "He told me that I should not do it again and then said that I should not tell my mother about it under any circumstances."

I thought for a moment, then, "Why did you steal it in the first place?" I asked.

"For research," he began sounding oddly grown up, before he sounded more like himself as he said, "I wanted to see how it would make me feel. Father always looked so relaxed when he used it."

"And did you feel relaxed?" I asked.

"Yes I did," he said, before he offered me one again.

I was still in two minds but I decided that one couldn't hurt so I took it. I'm not sure if I'd take one again though. It didn't make me feel especially relaxed but it seemed to make Sherlock happy.

When I got home though that day Mum passed me and then stopped. I think she could smell the smoke on me. So she asked me very quietly if I'd been smoking. I told her no and that it must have been the smell from when I'd been in Chemistry because there had been an accident in class that day.

Of course we hadn't really had Chemistry that day.

Love always, John.


Ah, I was wondering if you might bring this up. But honestly cigarettes-hardly shocking! And besides they help me to think better. Yes I know you're saying, "No, they don't," as you read this but you haven't tried them enough to really know any different.

As for that story it was all true. I'd never told anyone about it before but I knew it would help you be more relaxed about the whole idea and so it finally became useful. I thought it would. That's why I didn't delete it from my mind.

And 'oddly grown up?' I can do grown up!

And lying to your Mum? You are making progress.


Dear friend,

Sherlock and I were walking around again after school. He was smoking but I wasn't. That must have been one of the times when it happened I think.

I'll try and explain it all properly. A few days after that had taken place I went to school and Sherlock was in an incredibly dark mood. I asked him what was wrong. And whether his brother had annoyed him again.

But Sherlock said that his brother wasn't to blame this time. At least he didn't think so.

But before he could continue the bell rang and I had to wait until break to find out what had happened. It was really frustrating. But Sherlock refused to tell me until we could speak properly at break so I had to wait.

Then at break he said that his mother had received an envelope yesterday afternoon and inside it had been several photos of Sherlock and I walking.

It took me a moment to realise the problem-that Sherlock had been smoking in each of the photographs.

He said that his mother had been upset, angry and worried all at once and that Mycroft had been furious. And Sherlock said that for the first time he had felt glad that his father had died because then he couldn't yell at him too. And then his mother had asked for the packet of cigarettes and Sherlock had said that he'd used them all. He hadn't really he just didn't want her to have them. And then she took his violin from his room as a punishment and he got really angry but Mycroft got angrier. And then he said about how he is supposed to come home straight away every day now so he wouldn't be able to walk with me or smoke so openly and suddenly I felt very sad. Though Sherlock seemed to think the worst thing of all was that Mycroft had been instructed to walk him home each day. And he then got really mad in a quiet sort of way and said that he wanted to find out who had taken the photographs.

I suggested that maybe it was Donovan or Anderson because they are perhaps the nastiest people in our entire year and they certainly dislike both of us. But Sherlock said that he didn't think it was them and that he had ruled out it being Mycroft because of all the effort involved and then he just muttered something, before he went very quiet.

I thought that was it as far as the matter was concerned for now, but when I got home from school my Mum and Dad and sister were all there and they didn't look very happy.

I asked them what had happened and my Dad said, "As if you don't know," and my sister frowned and my Mum looked upset as she showed some photos of me. They were of Sherlock and I and in one of them I was smoking so whoever it was must have taken the photographs on more than one occassion.

And then I felt really upset because I knew they'd got it wrong and I said, "I only did it once," but Mum still looked upset and Dad looked cross and my sister shook her head in an annoying way as if she didn't believe me.

So I tried to tell them again but my Mum said I was silly for risking my health even if it was only one time and my Dad was so angry that he just sent me to my room and then I started crying.

A while later my Mum came to my room and sat on my bed. She still looked a bit upset and pale but her face was a little calmer than it had been and she explained all the dangers from smoking to me. And I promised her I wouldn't do it again and she said, "I hope so," and I told her that I was very sorry. She then patted my hand and then asked me if I had any other friends I could hang out with and I told her that it wasn't Sherlock's fault. That he hadn't forced it on me and that I would tell him of the dangers too and hopefully then he wouldn't do it anymore. She still didn't look sure but she didn't say anything else.

I felt very bad about it all and I told Sherlock what had happened the next day and I told him about the dangers but he just shrugged and went quiet. I still like him though.

So he still smokes but he's more careful about it now. I hope he won't do it forever though and I hope that he doesn't get ill like my Mum warned me you might from smoking. I don't want anything bad to happen to him.

Love always, John.


You are right. Mycroft is often to blame for my bad moods.

I had to wait to tell you. There was no point even trying to in class with everyone being able to listen in. Otherwise I would have been reading another Donovan and Anderson story from you.

You were a little slow on the uptake.

Yes I sensed that my violin might be taken away so I wasn't about to let the rest of the cigarettes be taken away too. Though reading about my violin being taken reminds me that it is still in 221B, whilst I write this. I hope Mrs Hudson hasn't got rid of it. Perhaps you are looking after it. If you are and if you somehow get this, before I can come back to you take good care of it and if you do try and play it don't break the strings or the bow or anything. Please.

Your family, are they the typical response then of hearing that their child has been smoking? How odd. Or maybe it is my family that are the odd ones. Perhaps you can explain it to me one day.

And I'm sorry. But I can't help what happens, I really can't. I had no idea you would idea that you would have...I'm sorry John.


Dear friend,

It has been a little lonely since I last wrote to you.

Mycroft's been walking Sherlock home each day and when Sherlock protests Mycroft pokes him in the back with his umbrella. It's quite funny to watch.

Mum's been expecting me home earlier too and she smells my hair for any sign of smoke. She tries to do it in an affectionate way, like she is just pulling me close for a hug or to ask me how my day was but I know what she's really doing. It annoys me a bit sometimes but I know she's only doing it because she cares so I let her.

I hope both Sherlock's mother and mine will forget about all this soon though and let us go back to the way things were, even if it is without the smoking part so much for Sherlock.

Love always, John.


You would not find Mycroft poking me with his umbrella quite so funny if you were the one at the receiving end. are the only person I can tell but I do miss mine a bit now. A lot actually. I doesn't matter.

Though the thought of her does not make me want to stop smoking. I still have to live after all.


Dear friend,

It's almost the end of the month now and I'm not doing as badly with school as I'd been afraid of. At the moment I'm middle but near the top. That is a lot better than being middle near the bottom. Thar's what my parents found out when they had to go in for parents evening anyway. And Sherlock of course is doing even better, though I don't think he was best pleased when Mycroft went with their mother to parents evening as well.

Another good thing is that this seems to have made things a lot better and Mum has stopped sniffing my hair so much. This is good because it must mean that she trusts me more again. And also Mycroft doesn't have to walk Sherlock home anymore. We both have to be back home by a decent time and definitely in time for dinner but at least now we have a little time to walk around again after school.

I hope nothing bad happens again so that we can continue like this for a long time. Maybe even for the rest of our school days.

Love always, John.


You would not be pleased if you had Mycroft interfering and comparing myself to him at that age in front of your mother and all of your teachers. What a pain he can be!

As for your last wish, I can't make any promises.


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