CIA Girl

Imagine you Dad work for the CIA. Do you know what this means? I don't think so... I was train as a agent since I can think. Now I'm seventeen and my Dad sent me to England to finish school, like a normal teenager.
Sorry for the mistakes that I might made. I'm no native speaker.


9. Working with One Direction :o

The flight wasn’t good for me. Sure, it was first class and everything, but I just felt sick. I lost my father. I lost my whole family. No one was left. At the airport I was ordered to a special room from a stewardess. A Secret Service man shook my hand: “I’m sorry for your father. He was a good man.” I followed him to the exit and he drove me to the white house. I was there a few time ago with my father, but I never met the President, so I was really nervous. He was a nice man and he felt really sorry about my father. He gave me an opportunity. I could finish school in Ireland or America, weather I like, and then starting to work for the CIA or Secret Service etc. My idea was different: “Thank you for this possibility, but I don’t know, if I really want to work for the CIA. I want to finish school first of all, but there isn’t even a half year left… I have a boyfriend and I think you know him, because it’s Niall Horan from One Direction and I just want to be with him, might work with him or something… But if America ever needs me, I will be there for my home.” Barack Obama smiled: “Well, then you should work with them. You father and I got really close in the last weeks and he told me about your great voice and your dancing skills, so could speak with their management. They might need someone like you. Hmm, just give me a few minutes.” He went into another room and I just sat there. And wait. And wait. And wait. Until he came back with a big smile on his face: “Good news! You better take your baggage and take the next flight to Alabama, because you are Opening act for One Direction. They had one a boy, but we agreed when you both sing tighter.” I was totally happy and a bit freaking out, so I just jumped towards him and gave him a big hug: “THANK YOU!” Then I remembered that he is the President and I stepped away from him: “Ops, sorry, I…” He interrupted me: “No problem, really, I am the President. It is my job to help American and I also like the One Direction boys. They are really great and they are nice young gentleman. The funeral of your father will be in two days. I arranged everything and after the funeral there is a press conference and I want you to be there. Is that possible?” I nodded: “Sure and if there is everything else I can ever do for you just tell me.” He nodded: “Yes, same to you. Just call me!“ The Secret Service men drove me back to the airport and gave me my ticket to Alabama: “The other tickets will be send tomorrow.” In the plane I opened a box, which I got from the President. He said the things were my fathers. They were two letters, a necklace, a ring and a photo inside. The photo showed my parents and me. I opened the first letter. It was from my father.
My little lovely angel, if you got this letter, then I’m dead. Sorry for leaving you alone. I think you can handle all this and your friends will help you. Finding friends was exactly the thing, why I sent you away. You ever told me everything and so I know you got Niall and the other boys back. there are your family. Real friends are family. Then he wrote about me and how I should go on. In the end some tears run down my face. Darling, I am so proud of you and what ever you will do with your future you will do it big. The ring is from my grandmother and I wanted to give it to you at your eighteenth birthday, so see it as a present. The necklace is from you mother like the other letter. It is time to say goodbye. I love you, sweetie. Never give up, because I will always believe in you. I opened the other letter and read it. My mum wrote it one day after my birth and it was so amazing to read the words she wrote about me that I couldn’t stop smiling. I directly took a taxi to their hotel, but there were so many Directioners that I couldn’t get inside through the front door. I just went to the next building and got inside. Nobody really regonized me and so I just walked up to the roof. Nobody saw me and so I just throw all my stuff over to the hotel roof. Then I jumped over to the other roof. The distance wasn’t really far and so nothing happened. I checked twitter, because I wanted to know their room number. 23/24. Easy. Really this fandom is a bit crazy, but the fans are like the CIA. There were some security men in front of that door. They stopped me: “What are you doing here? And how did you get inside?” I smiled: “I am working with the boys and they are also my friends, so why shouldn’t I be here?” One of them laugh: “Yeah, you are friends with them and let me guess, you’re also dating one of them.” I nodded: “Yes, you could say dating, but I would prefer to say, that I am his girlfriend.” Another man laugh: “And your father is the President and he send you here to spent more time with your boyfriend?” They all laugh and I gave them an icy look: “Well no, my father died yesterday, but he was working for the president and Barack Obama sent me here. More jokes? Just let me get inside?!” They didn’t let me: “Go away, just let them boys alone they are tiered and they are sick of all this lying fans.” I took my phone out. One of them asked: “What are you doing?” I smiled: “I am calling the President.” In this moment Barack picked up: “Hey, Palia, is there a problem?” I answered: “Well, it is not really a big problem, but the security don’t let me go to the boys, so…” He understand: “Just turn the loudspeaker on.” I did what he said and one of the man said: “Hello, who ever you are. We are not interested to talk with you and we put this girl right now out of the hotel.” The President answered: “Well, I won’t do this. Here is the President Barack Obama and this girl is Palia Clarkson. She is working with the boys, they are friends and she is the girlfriend of Niall Horan. There are also other special things about here. So you might let her go her way. It is just a hint from me, but she might be a better fighter than you.” The man really recognize the voice: “I am so sorry, Mister President. I didn’t know. Sorry, we will let her pass.” I turned the loudspeaker off: “Thank you.” He laugh: “Oh, I would love to see their faces right know. So see you in two days.” I hung up: “Yes, I will be there. Bye.” No one of them said a word and so I just knocked on the door. Josh opened it: “Palia! Gosh! What are you doing here?!” He hugs me and called the other boys. They all hug me and Zayn said: “Oh, I am happy that you are here. Niall is like, aww, I miss her so much, the whole time.” I looked to Niall and he smiled while he grabbed my hand: “I just missed you. One day without you is so… I don’t know.” I hug him: “Aww, you’re so cute.” Then I kissed him. We all went inside and I gave the security man a last look. They all looked shocked, but I just started and tell them about my visit at the white house. My last words were: “So I guess we’re now working together.” Someone knocked on the door and Harry opened. The tour manager came in: “Hey, guys, I see, you already met your new opening act. Josh I hope it’s okay, if you’re singing together.” He smiled: “Yeah, sure.”


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